A month of two Youth icons

via Amithabh Tripathi published on January 19, 2007

Month of January provide us a golden opportunity to pay our tributes to two greatest person of their time. These two luminaries could be none other than Swami vivekanand and Netaji Subhash chandra Bose, whose date of birth fall in month of January.


  These two great personalities has their own qualities but both of them has immense impact on Indian soiciety in general and youth in particular.  Life and thoughts of Swami Vivekanand had so much impact on Subhash Bose and Shubhash Bose still lives in hearts of  millions of millions Indians.


  Life , teaching and writings of Swami Vivekanand are still relevant and would be in same relevance for coming years also, because those teachings are not lectures but his experience of life. Life of Swami Vivekanand was a journey of a person towards truth and Moksha, the way in which Swamiji lived his life and gave the direction to his generation was more than extra ordinary.


  Before becoming Swami Vivekanand Narendranath was also a common and simple youth who was trying to decipher the means of his life. Bookish knowledge in no way was able to satisfy him. Like Gautam Buddha he was receiving some hidden message from his inside making him uneasy. He had everything around him but he was searching for something else.


   The era in which Narendranath grown was a transition phase not only in Berngal but in rest of India as well. New education system of Britishers had explored new horizons before youths of that period. During period of Muslim slavery Hindu society became defensive to save their society and values from Muslim invaders. In this process few customs and traditions were evolved to make Hindu identity intact as per bar on journey of abroad.  These few customs later became subject of huge controversy.


   When age of Muslim slavery came to an end a new era of Hindu renaissance started with Raja Rammohan Rai came out with a specific plan to strengthen Hindu society by removing its age-old customs. He  emphasised more and more on terachings of Vedas and Upnishads which are  essence of Hindu religion . But at the same time Hindu society has before it some youths who hold Hindu religion responsible as whole for every shortcomings in society and cursed it as Keshav chandra sen. This school of thought was so much filled with sense of inferiority for its culture and religion that they attracted towards Christianity.


    In this transition phase Ramkrishna Paramhansa stopped the flow of Christianity and prosleytisation . Later his pupil Narendra turned Swami Vivekanand proceed with his message of Vedanta and told the whole world about enrichment of Hindu culture and tradition. Swamiji’s lecture in 1893 in Chicago in world religious meet could be easily said as a turning popint in Indian history.  First time people of India filled with sense of self-pride and their point of view for this heritage and culture also changed.  New Vivekanand become icon for every youth of India with a clear vision for its culture and traditions. In this way Swaminji’s contribution is more relevant in every age.


  Subhash chandra Bose was so much influenced with Swami Vivekanand and later his courage proved that his spiritual instinct always guided him provided so much confidence even to escape from the clutches of British intelligence and police force. Subhash chandra Bose had so much confidence in himself that he dared to challenge German officers when they tried to make pressure on Subhash Bose that he would have to live there on wishes of German government.   In his meeting with Hitler Subhash Chandra told furor that he has some misconception about India, which he had, wrote in his biography Meincamf .


Unfortunately it is true that Subhash Chandra Bose could not get equal treatment by his contemporary Congress leaders but he proved his commitment for country as well as his vision , courage and ability of leadership . In 1936 when he took over as congress president his presidential speech was a speech of statesman who had a clear vision on international relations as well economics and social subjects. After independence Indian government of Nehru adopted several policies of Subhash as an idea of planning commission which was floated by Subhash Bose in his presidential address in 1936.


 In Gita lord Krishna has preached Arjuna of Karmayog, which means you have your right on only performing your duty, neither you expect for result nor you bother to it. Subhash chandra Bose lived this principle, during his whole life he struggled to his fortune.


 In our modern history you could not get hero more perfect than Subhash chandra bose, but his death is still a mystery. Latest commission, which was formed to probe his death, clarified that Netaji was not died in plane crash of 1945 but findings of this report was not accepted by Indian government. Lot of stories and rumors are coming out to make death of Subhash Bose more epic than his life. But several stories has something to believe. Under these  heavy clouds of suspicion it is paramount duty of Indian government to clear all doubts regarding death of Subhash Chandra bose . It is  right of  every citizenm of India to know how our iconic dies because it is very much clear that Subhash Chandra was not died in Plane crash in 1945.  


Anyway history and time is best judge on their own and it will evaluate contribution of every person sooner or later. Whether it is so called father of nation or founder of modern India.  


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