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We learnt about  our mind to a  very small  extent. Our Rishies were continuously using their mind, intellect, wisdom for saadhana  for  learning   ourselves  and  everything outside ourselves.  Finally they came to the conclusion that  as is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm. 

 It is  said that   in every 4 seconds or so  one star  is  borne  and  almost  during the same interval of time one  star is  approaching to death.  This is like  the birth and  death of the animals and plants.  Every planet and celestial bodies  does its dharma of rotation and revolutions  every minute.  “We are all rotating  in the samsaara chakra”  says our Rishies. Lord Krishna specifically said, who is not  involved in this rotation of the nature’s rhythmic phenomenon, is  like keeping away from the nature’s rule.  These knowledge  could be  derived by continuous saadhana . 

 According to Indian concept, the  nature is controlled by  paramaathma chaitanya,  the omnipotent omnipresent divine power which can also be said as parabrahma chaitanya.  How the  paramaathma chaitanya does its work.

The explanation is simple. Just like  a manager gets things  done through his employees by giving   different  responsibilities to each and everyone of his colleagues, the  omnipotent omnipresent manager gets the things  done  through its employees ( each and everyone of us).  Now suppose the manager is  the father and the employees  are his children. Then, how  we will explain the manager- employee
relationship.  The  employees are part and parcel of the manager, or the product of the manager itself.  In a similar way, the divine power, paramaathma chaitanya, spares a small part of it ( infinitesimally small) which  can be called  as  Jeevaathma chaitanya.  This Jeevaatma chaitanya is given  a body and  wisdom/intelligence ( like the body of animals, plants, microorganisms).  The body is so shaped  as to undertake the mission bestowed upon it by the  paramaatma chaitanya, for getting its work done.  Here the body  is  the manifestation and manipulation of the jeevaathma chaitanya ( which in turn is  connected with paramaathma chaitanya as has  already been explained). 

 Now the body is ready , the mind, intellect, wisdom,  thinking, analyzing,  estimating, evaluating, extrapolating, intrapolating, justifying, constructing, destructing, surviving….powers are also given to the  mind and body.  This is the way through which the nature gets  its job done as ‘G’eneration,‘O’bservation and ‘D’estruction ( srushti- sthithi-samhaaram).   All the three powers are within us( within each and every cell in the body)  because   we are all built  through ( or for) the three purposes.  

 Each and every animal, plant, micro organism, has  got  specific responsibility ( responsibilities)  bestowed upon it  by the nature  for undertaking its mission, as the manager   gives the responsibilities ( to clerks, peons, accountants, engineers, etc) for undertaking his mission. Nature has given a small responsibility to human beings  also.  Not that all the responsibilities are given to human beings. We think the nature has given all the responsibility of the  nature to  human beings. Wrong !

It is also wrong to say that human being is  a highly developed animal. Different animals have  different type of super qualities  and qualifications, some of which are   far higher than that exist in human beings. A kite can see a small seed from a distance of three kilometers, a cat can see even  in blinding darkness, a dog can hear minutest  sound, a cheetach can run at 160 kilometers per hr and just from one tree to another without slipping its legs, a humming bird can fly from African continent to India without stopping anywhere  in three days over the  Arabian sea. Like this  every animals, plant and micro organisms are given very specific  dharma  and accordingly its body.  None of the capacities given to these  animals/ plants can be seen in human beings.  They are superior in  these  aspects  and many  other  ways  than human beings.

The  limitations and problems with human beings  are  so much, perhaps beyond the level of our imagination which  we will read in the next

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