Why so much importance to Abdul Nasser Madani?

via HK Correspondent published on June 29, 2010

Kollam : Print as well as Electronic media in Kerala has given such an image to Abdul Nasser Madani which in fact has given the government an opportunity to divert public attention from burning issues in the state. It is to any one’s knowledge that a government that spread read carpet for this accused person all the way from Coimbatore to Trivandrum on his date of release from jail cannot allow his arrest and passage to Karnataka for investigation. Because, the political leaders and ministers in the state have helped him out of way. To compete with the wrong doings of the ruling LDF leaders, opposition leader Oomman Chandy traveled to the residence of Madani and had lunch with his father and assured all out support for his release from prison when he was in Coimbatore jail. Apart from all these, the whole number of MLAs in Kerala Assembly presented a memorandum to then president Mr.APJ Abdul Kalam while he addressed the Kerala Assembly during one of his official visits to the state. In that joint memorandum the MLAs requested for the President’s intervention for release from jail. It may be for the first time in the history that the elected members to the assembly disregarding the contents of the oath they have taken as MLAs made a request to the President of the country to intervene in the proceedings of the judiciary. So, what we hear and see today are only a continuation of what our politicians all along have been following to command the support of a section of a community who in fact have a notorious influence on the whole community.

The chain of events does not remain confined to what the politicians are doing with Madani. In fact, it has direct relevance to what all things Madani has been carrying out all along. Any person who has interest to know about Madani should take the trouble to get hold of a cassette or CD having the provocative and venomous speeches that was widely available in Kerala from mid 70s. He first formed an organization by name ISS as a parallel to RSS. When ISS was banned by government due it its continued anti-national activities, a political party by name PDP was formed and to claim its democratic outlook, a few individuals from other communities also were given positions in that party. A bearded man in Saffron attire also in that lot (he is now leading the Satyagraha in front of Madani’s headquarters at Mynagappally to stall any effort from police to arrest him). Observing the mass appeal that Madani commanded in the community, other fire brand Muslim groups like NDF and Popular Front of India also came into existence and the latest in the line is the ultra fire brand political party recently formed by name SDPI. Interestingly, SDPI in its outfit, flag and style of function have semblance to DYFI. If anyone happens to hear the speeches from its leaders, it exactly sounds like what Madani spoke about 25 years ago. They all command the support from the community and latest demand for division of Malappuram District and formation of Tirur District is just an example of their p[political manipulation power the amount of influence they now have with the ruling as well as the opposition parties.

Other than Janmabhumi daily, the news papers in Kerala are hesitant to report much about Madani or his wife. Two days before, Madani held a press conference in his headquarters at Maynagappally. Soon after the press conference, his supporters virtually terrorized the reporters and camera crew of various channels and openly threatened them with dire consequences if they dared to write or telecast any thing against their leader. The reporters could come out from there only when some senior leaders came to their help.

The day when Madani was discharged from Medical college hospital at Trivadrum due to strong opposition from difference corners, he was brought to his headquarters at Mynagappally with the escort of over 100 cars and a large number of motor bike riders. His supporters in the pilot vehicle and the close by escort vehicles virtually terrorized the passengers who happened to be in the highway at that time from Trivandrum to Karunagappally and at some places they even attacked few vehicles and passengers. At all places the police remained at as mute spectators. Later they held a number of protest march in and around Mynagappally and Madani is now under their protection. The police are keeping a safe distance from these activists. In fact, the PDP activists have taken even the traffic control and policing in the area. They challenge passengers at night time and demand their identity. Recently an advocate of Sasthamcotta Bar was terrorized by Madani’s supporters when he was traveling through that area at night. News has already been spread around that Kerala will burn from north to south if there is any effort to arrest Madani and take him to Karnataka. Leaders like Pinarayi Vijayan who leaves no opportunity to pass comments on any activity in the state has not opened his mouth about Madani until now. The opposition leader also is keeping silence. Kollam district is highly infected with different kinds of fever including the H1N1 and over a dozen people have already died by this time. Unfortunately, attention of the public, the government and the media remain focused on issues like Madani and SFIs hooliganism. Undoubtedly, the leftist government remains responsible for the Madani episode and its consequences, if any.

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