Whom You Worship ; Guruvayoorappan or Churidar ???

via Narayana Das published on November 11, 2007

Krishna, Guruvayoorappa ! , Dear Bhakthas ,

Guruvayoorappan has rejected any change to the “Kshethra Acharas” ; and revealed that, the recently changed Dress code has caused violence of Temple Elephants, Falling down of “Thidambu ” ( Festival Deity) from Elephant’s top , etc . If continued , it will lead to deaths inside temple , disasters in the families of the guilty , etc .

As always, “Anti-Hindu Media-Mafia” , started using their media-crazy “Feminists” to create “Controversy “. Comments appeared in the Media are, given below :

By CHURIDAR – Devotees .

1. Sugathakumari ( Poetess & “Freelance” Social Worker) .

“It is sad to hear such things . Should we ask God questions like , do you like Churidar of Saree ? . Entry should be given for all the Women who come to Temple dressed in decent cloths . No other rules are required . I don’t think God is interested in such childish matters . God looks only into the mind and not to anywhere else ” .

2. Sreedevi ( Retired Justice) . .

If anybody says that , God doesn’t like Women wearing Churidar during Guruvayoor darshan , it is superstition . These all are propaganda to establish the authority of Thanthris , etc . Doesn’t God listen , if one prays wearing Churidar ? . Churidar is far more convenient than Saree . When one prays , the body and mind should be pure and the dress be clean . Such unnecessary conditions should not be forcefully imposed on those coming for the darshan of God .

3. K.R.Meera ( Novelist) ..

The Devaprasnam finding that, God disallows Women wearing Churidar inside the Temple , is rubbish . This is proof of misinterpreting Hindu religious philosophy . Those who say this should reveal whether God’s vision is only inside the Temple . Hindu religion allows God to be visualized in pillar and rust . Hindu religion allows God to be worshipped in own mind . So the dress of Man or Woman is not an issue .

4. Sreelekha ( IPS Officer) .

In my view, God blesses anyone who goes to Him with devotion . I recognize the customs and rituals of Temples . I don’t think, the power known as God , will instruct the Women to wear a particular type of dress only for his darshan . If one’s mind is pure, should we prevent her Temple entry citing such outwardly reasons ? .

5. B.Saraswathy Amma ( Writer , daughter of Karoor Neelaknata Pillai) .

These Devaprasnam people who say Women can not enter Temple wearing Churidar , should say which Dress is acceptable to God . They are minimizing the true concept of God.


1. P.T.Usha ( Olympian) .

Only Bhakthas go to the Temples . Therefore , they are obliged to obey the “Kshethra-Aachaaraas” . Thanthri is the authorized person to decide ultimately about any amendment to the “Aachaaras .

2. Navya Nair ( Film Actress)

If the Acharyas advise us not to wear Churidar inside Temple , we must obey it . If Churidar is prohibited inside Guruvayoor Temple , it can’t be opposed . Those , who are opposed to it , should not come to the Temple .

3. O.V.Usha ( Writer . O.V.Vijayan’s sister) .

If Bhagavan does not like Women entering His Temple wearing Churidar , Bhakthas must obey it . Here the question of discrimination to Woman does not arise at all . If a Woman is adamant about wearing Churidar , she should not go to Guruvayoor Temple .

Who is Guruvayoorappan ?

Just before His return to Vaikuntam , Krishna briefed Uddhava , about the forthcoming Dwaraka-annihilation and Kali-yuga . And that, Brihaspathy and Vasy-deva will install His “Upasana-Moorhty” at an appropriate place . Bhagavan decreed that , the “Vigraha-avatara”, will save His Bhakthas . Accordingly , “Guruavayoorappan” came into existence , 5000 years before , as the “Ishta-Deva” of Kerala ( “Parashurama Kshetram” or God’s own country).

Guruvayoorappan lives in the Temple . Necessary “Kshetra-Aacharas” , were established through Adi Shankara . “Krishna-Chaithanyam” in the Temple is linked to “Achara-Shudhi”. Thanthri is it’s custodian and he implements Bhagavan’s will .

Guruvayoorappan has Personal Likes and Dislikes

Reformist Hindus are confused between the `Saguna’ and `Nirguna’ forms of “Brahman”. Guruvayoorappan is manifested “Saguna-Brahman” , having specific attributes. He consumes the Kerala style “Naivedyams” . Foreign originated Cashew nuts , Papaya , etc are forbidden. Some of His requirements are :

* Poojaris to wear “Mundu” tied in “thattu” style , without covering upper torso . Bhaktas to wear “swadesi” ( own land’s ) Dress .
* Dresses of Foreign origin , ( Pants , Churidar , etc) , are forbidden .
* Wakes up hearing “Naryaneeyam” song .
* Needs ablutions .
* Hears the Temple’s income and expense every night, prior to going to sleep .
* Entertainments are hearing “Ashtapadi “and watching ” Krishnanattam” .
* Requires “Thrippuka ” , to sleep peacefully at night .

Reformist Hindus are ignorant about Vedic concepts like ” Vigraha Aradhana ” and “Khsethra-Acahras” . Their atheistic education founded on fake theories like “Aryan-Invasion”, has spoiled their “Atmic wisdom” .

Reform-Fanatics like Churidar-devotees belong to this category . Such people raise funny Questions :

* Why ” Palpayasam” to Guruvayoorappan ? . Why not Sandwiches ? . Is not Meat allowed in some other Indian Temples ?.
* Why don’t we amend the “Kshetra-Acharas” to suit our Taste ? . Thanthri ? ; Who is he ? . Give me the Manthras and see how I chant “Om , Hreem, Kreem”. See, very easy ; You can also chant it . Why we need a Thanthri for it ? .
* Why can’t the Poojari wear Pants and Shirts, and recite the Mantras in English? . Does not Krishna understand English ? .
* Is Krishna a Keralite ? . Wasn’t He born in UP ? . Guruvayoorappan is that North Indian only ; Is it not ? .
* Didn’t Krishna perform “Rasakreeda” with His Girl friends ? . Didn’t Balarama drink Somarasam ? . So , why the fuss about Immorality and Alcoholism inside the Temple ? .
* How could Bhagavan reveal His will in “Devaprasnam” ? . Even Mahatma-Gandhi’s statue doesn’t speak ; Does he ? .
* Vedas ? Were they not created by “Aryans” from Europe ? . Well, we don’t find Sanskrit in European History only because it was dead long back ; isn’t it ? .
* God dwells in every Pillar and dust , is it not ? . Then why we need this expensive Temple in Guruvayoor ? .

Conclusion :

“Devaswom” means Deva’s own Property . Guruvayoorappan , the Owner has revealed that only those having complete faith in “Vigraha-Aradhana” and “Kshethra-Acharas” , shall enter His Temple . The “Jnana-Yogis” , Reformers , Secularists and Marxists , may go elsewhere . Please leave Guruvayoor Temple to Bhagavan Guruavayoorappan and His faithful Bhakthas .

Om Namo Narayanaya !!! Please, protect Guruvayoor Temple by Crushing it’s Enemies, O Guruvayoorappa !!!!

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