Who rules Kerala Now?

via Dr. Babu Suseelan published on August 10, 2009

 Kerala, lands end of India, Parasurama’s own country, the land of Snkaracharya, and Aryabhatta is now ruled by the anti Hindu, atheist Marxist Party. The Marxists have won the election because of public dissatisfaction with the previous Congress government. But the Marxists won on largely on the grounds of the Muslim-Christian power groups. The current government is ruled by the Marxists, but Kerala is really ruled by a relatively fixed group of privileged group of Christians and Muslims. The privileged Christian and Muslim groups dominate the economy, education, agriculture, rural and urban land, financial institutions, estates and the government power centers.

In terms of access and sheer number of appointments in government, corporations, and semi-private organizations, Universities and government controlled industries, the Christian Church and Muslim League involvement in shaping government decision making process is extensive. The Christian-Muslim power elite have the greatest influence with the politicians in the Marxist party and the Congress party.

Generally speaking, the Christian-Muslim power elite determine the outcome of every policy. If the power-elite decide to move in the direction of policy change, it develops plan to enlist the support from Christian-Muslim masses and pressure political parties to defeat any program suggested by the government. Whether the policy is to regulate private colleges, hospitals, schools or estates, urban land use, financial institutions or crime control, the government is forced by the power-elite.


The Christian-Muslim power elite involves in the candidate selection process for the assembly and parliament election through direct and often very subtle means. They operate from within and outside the democratic process. The political parties also collude with the Christian Churches and the Muslim money mafia. As a result, party candidates will endorse policy preferences of the Christian-Muslim power-elite.

The disorganized majority Hindus can only participate in the election process and they have no organized voice in candidate selection or in any policy formulation that affects the majority Hindus. The numerical Hindu majority have no political content whatsoever in determining crucial issues affecting them. Whether it is Devasom Bill, Sabarimala or the management of Hindu Temples, Hindus stand alone on the sidelines. Marxist or Congress MLAS with a Hindu name are very eager to “go along to get along” –and they are available to help the Christian-Muslim power-elite and the phony secular party bosses. They are very enthusiastic and eager to please the Christian-Muslim power elite and their corrupt party bosses than represent Hindu interests. They are Hindu in name only without commitment, conviction or spine. These phony secular MLS with Hindu name are openly betraying our country, culture and tradition. There is not a single MLA in Kerala assembly dares to say in public “I am Hindu”.

The government has confiscated Hindu temple funds, temple land and all temple jewels worth millions of rupees. Rural and urban lands belonging to Hindus are confiscated for Housing colonies and the houses are allocated for Muslims and Christians for changing demography to create vote banks.

The Christian-Muslim power elite have great power in relation to state government, the police, judiciary and the bureaucracy. Hindus are relatively powerless in the face of the atheist-phony secular government. The Marxist government is more responsive to Marxist trade unions, Christian Churches, Muslim money mafia and rich estate owners.

Hindu organizations are harassed by willful and arrogant police, bureaucrats who encroach upon their rights. The Hindu majority participate in the election process. But in reality, evidence suggest there is a privileged upper class of Christian and Muslim groups by virtue of their dominant role control the economy, education, banking, social policy and the government policy formulation in Kerala.

The mass media-newspapers, magazines, television and radio in Kerala are one outlet for Christian-Muslim opinion shaping network. They play a large role in shaping public policies favorable to Christians and Muslims. The mass media in Kerala have a complex relationship to the Church and Muslim money mafia. Their allegiance is to the power-elite and the Christian-Muslim business community and the Church leaders. The privileged elite have the means by which they can ensure that the government fulfills their interests of economic accumulation, control of educational institution, forestland encroachment and political domination.

The turbulent environment in Kerala has thrust up new issues related to the growing perception that there is an unholy nexus among fraudulent political leaders and the Christian-Muslim money mafia. This in turn, created urgency and tension among caste based organizations.  The tension and dilemmas must lead them to redefine their purpose and to reconceptualize their practice. It is time for caste based organizations to reformulate their strategies based upon Hindutva. Through the years they have groped for ways to unite their caste followers. It was not altogether successful. In response to the social-political and economic forces impinging upon Hindus, the caste organization must join together and work for Hindu unity. Hindu unity will definitely enable them to direct their attention to develop effective intervention strategies to complement the sets available to change the current political scene. Hindus have the knowledge and skill for devising strategies for introducing, implementing, and institutionalizing change favorable for them.

Hindus must assert themselves and demand redress from their tormentors. Currently, Hindus are dangerously defensive and protecting themselves by denial, passivity, apathy, and indifference. Instead of trying to make a good impression on their enemies, Hindus must gain self-confidence, esteem and power. Assertive, proud and politically conscious Hindus can become partners in Kerala government, and can articulate the values and ideals of our Hindu tradition.

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