Where are Kerala’s Hindus heading for ? To Ponnani or Potta?

via Sasi Menon published on June 21, 2007

Can Kerala’s Hindus be insulted any further? Is the state’s Hindu society deaf to the abuses heaped on it by an atheistic and mentally deranged minister who behaves like an elephant in rut? Have we lost all ability to react?


Believers in the Hindu Dharma and the Hindu leadership, who seem to have become impotent, are being shown the way to react by humble housewives. Can anything be more shameful for Hindu society?


This atheistic minister has been abusing Hindus from the very next day of taking office. He is bringing the ‘Ecosmart’ tourism project with the aim of destroying the Shabarimala temple. To destroy the Guruvayur temple, he is mobilizing ‘rationalists’ and drunkards opposed to temple worship. He is bringing laws to ‘reform’ Hindu society overnight. He abuses community leaders and claims swamis, Sannyasis and spiritual leaders to be crooks. He is trying to interfere in the customs and day-to-day governance of Hindu temples. He has grabbed crores of rupees of Hindu money lying in the Guruvayur temple. If anyone criticizes this mentally sick man, the reply he gets is nothing but vulgar abuse.


Kerala’s Hindu society had given birth to great souls like Adi Shankaracharya, Chattambi Swamikal, Sree Narayana Guru, Pazhashhi Raja, Veluthambi, Othenan, Kelappan, Mannam, Shankar and K. Sukumaran. Hindus would not have had to swallow any insult if any of these great men were alive today.


Hindu leadership has become part of the establishment. We have leaders and followers, both of whom have lost their capacity to react. Are there no Hindus who have studied law? Let them file suits against this minister in all the courts in Kerala. This minister must not be allowed to come out of his bungalow. Let the police or the army open fire. Let us all sacrifice our lives for our religion!


This society gave birth to Jhansi Rani. Countless Rajputs lost their lives fighting the barbaric Mughals. Even in Kerala, large numbers of Hindus have sacrificed their lives. No Hindu should forget the truth that these people sacrificed their lives for our Dharma. Even Bhagavan Sri Krishna has advised us NOT to show any mercy to evil or un-righteous people.


Was not even India thrown into turmoil when a picture of a leader of a Semitic religion was drawn in a foreign newspaper? For several years, a writer has been living in fear of being murdered. Has any clue been found yet in the case of the murdered Sister Abhaya? When a church in Munnar, built on encroached government land, was marked for demolition, did not even our revolutionary chief minister go down on his knees in front of the bishop and beg for his pardon? That is the power of religious faith and of unity. It is also a mark of manhood.


Let the swamis and sannyasis of Sivagiri, Chinmaya Mission and other Hindu madoms ponder over this — that their ashrams won’t exist without devotees who have faith in the Hindu religion. They must be ready to come down into the midst of ordinary people fighting against adharma (un-righteousness) happening outside their ashrams. Religious and social concerns are mutually fulfilling. 


TV channels belonging to some religious outfits and some newspapers are trying to portray all things Hindu as primitive and conservative. Hindus leaders and spiritual masters are selectively insulted. Those who insult Hindu Gods and Goddesses are being encouraged, they are honoured with awards by the Kerala government. They don’t give any importance at all to the speeches and declarations of Hindu leaders. The media does not bother to publish or broadcast them.


It is part of the hidden agenda of AKG Centre (the headquarters of Kerala’s communists) to destroy temples and temple traditions and insult Hindu leaders. If communism is to spread, the temples, ashrams and madoms that help Hinduism survive must be destroyed. That is the aim of these atheists.


Swami Vivekananda said, “ All sannyasis and devotees must abandon the temples for the next 30 years and come down to the streets. Only then can Sanatana Dharma (or Hinduism) be saved.”


It is time for Sannyasis and Bhaktas to come down to the streets to launch and lead Kerala’s next liberation movement.


Otherwise, ordinary Hindus like me will hate his beloved parents for giving him birth into a Hindu society suffering from impotence. I will then be compelled to tell my Hindu brothers and sisters, “O Hindus! Let us all go to Ponnani to become Muslims or to Potta to convert to Christianity!”


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