Upcoming Kerala Elections – Hindu Discretion advised

via R Sajan published on July 25, 2010

Recently, LDF leaders of Kerala beginning with the Chief Minister have been making anti-Moslem pronouncements. The CM even spoke of a PFI conspiracy to make Kerala a Moslem majority State within 21 years. The credulous sections among the Hindus might now be lulled into a feeling that the LDF is turning pro-Hindu. Nothing is far from the truth.

From the beginning of this government, the UDF has been openly taking a pro-minority stand. They fought for the Catholic Church in ridiculous issue like the Textbook issue. Leaders like Vayalar Ravi said that ‘nobody must touch the Church’. Ramesh Chennithala has been even playing the buffoon in many of his pro-Church statements. All this done to rope in the Church and its lambs to go pro-UDF, and also to please Madam in Delhi. An alliance was stuck with the NDF in the Parliament elections. The endeavors proved useful at the Parliament elections and the UDF had an unanticipated sweep in a turn-round from the Assemblies.

Meanwhile, the pro-Saudi elements in the LDF like EK Ismail, Paloli Mohammed etc had been pushing within the LDF for undeserved benefits to the Moslems. The pension scheme for the Mullahs, full scholarships for Moslem girls etc are examples. All this even as MA Baby was ceding concession after concession to the Christians in the college business sector. Thomas Isaac had been the benefactor of Christian business from his Finance ministry. Despite all these, the Congress clergy succeeded in pushing an Italian slant in the Church and among the lambs. In anticipation of the Panchayath, and later the Assembly elections, the Church has issued pastoral letters expressing opposition to the LDF. The LDF thus will not be getting any support from the minorities in 2010 and 2011.

Left with no option, the LDF now has turned to the Hindus. It is expected that a few anti-minority statements would consolidate a Hindu vote bank against the openly pro-minority UDF in favour of the LDF. Meanwhile, the Ismails and Palolis lie dormant, confident that they can push their agenda again once the Hindus have voted them in.

It might even be that the BJP might try some covert alliance with the LDF in the current environment. If it works to their advantage, well and good. However, past experience has been that they lose advantage to their allies in such transactions.

The Hindus of Kerala must use utmost discretion now. If BJP leaves the field free for the two fronts, with the Hindus having to choose the lesser devil of the two, chances are that the LDF might get through again with a consolidated Hindu support. This will not in any way boost Hindu interests at all. Both the Fronts have time and time again proved that they are anti-Hindu. Their pro-Hindu claims have always been fake. It is their anti-Hindu bias that comes out through their anti-Fascist refrain. That Sonia Gandhi’s legal father was a loyal Fascist soldier perhaps proves the Congress right to claim better knowledge of Fascism.

How far the Hindus in Kerala would fall for the fake anti-minorityism of the LDF, and how far the BJP would afford them a third alternative might decide the local body elections. Hindu discretion is the need of the day.

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