Time for Kerala Hindu Memorial?

published on February 5, 2007



Three major developments in Kerala’s political scenario point to the inevitable and urgent necessity of convening a Kerala Hindu Memorial (in line with the Malayali Memorial, Ezhava Memorial etc., of yesteryears) :-


  • Refusal of CBI (UPA Govt.) to take up the probe into Marad Hindu Massacre


  • Absolute victory of Christian Managements over the Kerala Govt. in Self-Financing Colleges issue


  • Proclamation of Devaswom Ordinance without any major demur or opposition


Marad Massacre is already three years old and the dirty hands behind the scene (IUML,NDF and PDP) know for sure the value of each passing minute in  washing out Hindu blood from their hands. Italian Congress and CPM, who hold the reigns of CBI, are cleverly using the same, with the support of IUML, to maximise the vote returns from Muslims. And just before the next General Elections they will order a mockery investigation by CBI and close the issue. The worldwide campaign initiated by Italians against Capital Punishment must not miss the eye of any Hindu who is the ultimate loser if and when the Indian Nationhood is finished off for ever.


We always knew that the Baby will only play according to the script of Father Powathil. The very inclusion of an unsustainable Minority class in the Self-Financing Bill was a clever ploy to defeat it in a court of law. Baby and Ninan Koshy have taken Hindu retards like Prof. Menons and Thampis for a ride. Once again, Christians in Kerala have proved their cunningness, cleverness and determination to manipulate and win. There is no other community in the world who could match them in the dubious game of appearing to run with the hare and hunting for the hound. Babys and Koshys are worth their weights in gold for the Catholic Church, just as Menons and Thampis are a burden for the Hindu Community.


The new Devaswom Ordinance has once again exposed the deep divisions that a determined enemy could always achieve within the small Kerala Hindu community. As expected, the infamous Nair Sukumar, the latest asuric rulers of Perunna, has gone for backstab with glee. Burning the home for defeating rats seems to be the self-defeating pastime of this terrible duo blissfully unaware of the sacrifices made by legendary Mannam to build up a vibrant NSS. Marxists and atheists will now rule over our temples. If their game plan goes well, the next Sabarimala season will be ‘professionally’ managed by companies like JRG Securities or T.Thomas Consultants or DC Management Institute to ‘develop’ the pilgrimage to its ultimate end. 


The entire season is good for the deadly combination of the self-proclaimed minorities of Kerala. Antony and Hormis, who presided over during the Marad Hindu Massacre, are enjoying their days in Delhi under the protégé of Italian mama. Hormis, who could add further feathers to his cap by shutting eyes during Delhi and Mumbai blasts, is eagerly waiting for his posting as a Governor or Ambassador. And Jacob is back again in Delhi waiting for Vice-Presidentship just in case Antony could not make it to Rashtrapathi Bhavan. And while FM is enjoying a thorough medical check-up at govt. expense, the successful go-between Minister for Haj is very busy arranging passport without police verification and cleaning up all blood trails leading to Marad. It has never been so good for the minorities anywhere in the world.


All these point to only one – that it is time for a Kerala Hindu Memorial to be held. Any delay in convening this highly symbolic convention will paint the present generation of Kerala Hindus as a wilful party to the death of Hinduism in Kerala. Until the asuric duo of Nair Sukumar is thrown out, NSS and SNDP will never come together. Hindu Aikya Vedi will remain helpless as an empty platform until these two can come together. We will continue to neglect the Adivasis and SC/STs who are fast getting harvested. In every sense, it is time for a Kerala Hindu Memorial.  

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