The march for National resurgence and the anarchist road show

published on January 17, 2006

Dr. Babu Suseelan


Kerala is changing at a phenomenal speed.  People from all walks of life frequently experience a sense of uncertainty, and even dread. Kerala citizens are not living in the best of possible worlds. They see violence, crime, corruption, political oppression, appeasement of Muslims and Christians, tyranny of sociopath political leaders, coercive religious conversion and fear of Jihadi terrorism everyday. Most Keralites sense a danger of loss of control, an erosion of their culture, a social drift. The rich are getting richer; the poor are getting poorer, special interest groups of Muslims and Christians demanding for even more scarce resources, and power continuous to be consolidated in the hands of Muslims and Christians.


People witness boat and bus burning, kidnapping, beheading, murder and looting by Jihadi terrorists, hawala money transaction, subversive activities of ISI agents and Pakistan sponsored Islamic groups, and coercive religious conversion. We see bombs exploding at bus stations, explosives stored at locker rooms, airports and guns smuggled from abroad. Criminals, miscreants, burglars, bank robbers, purse-snatchers and home invaders are prowling on every street. Far from feeling better about their lives, many are feeling worse.  Throughout Kerala, incidence of suicide has been rising. Perhaps Kerala society has lost its way and people are facing so much stress and pressure that people cannot pursue a peaceful and happy life. Kerala today is worse off than it was few years ago. The view is accompanied by the idea that Kerala is less safe economically and socially before 1960.  Kerala is undergoing a fundamental shift from traditional Hindu culture. Quite frankly, Kerala is heading for a disaster.


The pessimistic observation is supported by several events. The ongoing terrorist campaign being waged by Jihadi groups, corrupt and socially dangerous policies of Omman Chandy government, excessive resource allocation for Muslims and Christians, counterfeit money being circulated by ISI agents, encroachment of forest land by Christian land mafia with the connivance of the government and the inability of the government to address various social and security issues have shaken the foundation of kerala society. And the government treasury is empty. Based on these factors, policy experts hold that Kerala today is much vulnerable than it was before, and therefore much more dangerous. Another widely held belief, especially among social policy experts, is that the present Omman Chandy government act in tandem with Muslim money mafia and the powerful Christian lobby. The majority believes that the occupants of the government secretariat represent nothing more than evangelical Christians and Jihadi Muslims. The government policies encourage terrorists and mafia groups to continue perpetrating their atrocities. The weak response on the Marad massacre, Beypore boat bombing, Kochi bus burning, abduction and beheading of Chekannur maulavi,  and hawala money transaction has encouraged anti-national elements to continue their criminal acts. The Muslim and Christian dominated government has always preferred to look the other way in the false and comfortable belief that Jihadis are reacting to their grievances, rather than for what they are and what they represent. While the media, Communists and the phony secularists promote meaningless root cause theories for the social crisis, terrorists and criminals strike at the heart of every city in kerala.


It is increasingly becoming clear that our cultural continuity, national security and social stability have reached an impasse. Thirty plus years of political misrule, Christian, Muslim appeasement and moral relativism has not made kerala a better state. Politicians in power are not good at recognizing the unintended consequences of their own actions. Communists, phony secularists and the media evade the current reality nor do they have a nationalist point of view. They take an escapist route whereby they deny the dangers we face and dismiss national security as illusory.


In this context, we need to assess two marches taking place in Kerala.


RSS has initiated the RASHTRA RAKSHA SANCHALAN, a Kerala march that started at Bekal Fort, Kasargode, on January 5 and will conclude at Thriuanathapuram on January 26, the Republic Day, as part of the celebrations of the birth centenary of Guru Golvalkar.


The Rashtra Raksha Sanchalan is a part of a month long march to create cultural and national awareness and to empower citizens against anti-national forces bent on destroying our country. The march’s ultimate goal is to transform kerala into a civilized state of India without criminals, and without subversive and terrorists where citizens can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where every one is free to rise to greater heights as productive citizens of our motherland. Rashta Raksha Sanchalan is for cultural, national resurgence, and for socials empowerment. The march is for strengthening institutional structure of society and positive authority for the benefit of society as a whole. The aim is to promote national security, to bring men, women and youth into an effective national movement with the goal of transforming Kerala society with safety, security and nationalism. It is one of the largest marches ever seen in Kerala, where participants are asked to pledge to work for the nation. Sangh Sanchalan has attracted thousands of people at various cities, where the day conclude with public meeting. The sanchalan has brought sufficient understanding of the current situation and provided information for participants to make improvements for national resurgence where they find them necessary. Several national and cultural leaders are participating this national event and are working to create a framework that goes beyond just marching to actually making fundamental changes that will provide citizens an opportunity to do something greater for their country. While it concludes at Thruanathapuram on January 26, the Republic Day, the Sanchalan will infuse a new vigor and national resurgence in Kerala.


There is another Communist road show taking place in kerala. The anarchist march is created as a counter weight to emerging Hindu cultural nationalism. The communist, anarchist street march is to protect Jihadi terrorists, and to brainwash gullible citizens by false propaganda, ethical relativism, and against nationalist, and security infra structure that protect the state.  The communist road show is to instill fear, hopelessness, fill people with fear and distrust and regain political power with the support of Jihadis and anti-national elements.


Rashtra Raksha sanchalan is for national revival and to reinvigorate the community to move forward with vision and cultural commitment. The anarchist march is to lull others into complacency and moral relativism. The communists have both immediate and long-range objectives in kerala. Ultimately, of course, they would like to seize power and, minimizing their differences with the Muslims, playing down their ties with anti-national, subversive groups. The communists intend to lure innocent people including organized labor, student groups, and the media. They then attempt to sow the seeds of chaos, disunity, and other conditions designed to break down the national democratic functions and national integrity. The Communist anarchist use public marches as a Trojan horse of political penetration. It is a deception, the most despicable betrayal of our country. Rashtra Raksha Sanchalan stands for genuine and legitimate love for the nation. It is an ever-legitimate evolving system for genuine concern for national security and resurgence. It calls for the kind of cooperation which will make it possible for each citizen to develop human potential so that the highest national aspirations will be fulfilled. Communists, anarchists and Jihadis are the grave enemies of the national community. Whenever they gain power, they destroy our national ethos, penetrate our social fabric, and disturb, subvert, and destroy our country. What is more, Communist adoration of Jihadis is infectious. Communists are responsible for sustaining it.


We should take a dim view of the Communist road show since they have not cornered the market on civility. The anarchists are not in favor of national security, cultural nationalism, peace and prosperity. In deed, they are hell bet on inciting anarchist revolution here in kerala. They snatch the well meaning into their grasping clutches by misrepresenting their true agenda and hoodwinking innocent public with false social conscience into participating their road shows.


In view of the two marches, it is easy to recognize that the Communists march for anarchy and conspiracy. The Rashtra Raksha Sanchalan is for cultural, national resurgence and for total self-improvement. Wake up kerala. It is time to choose-Anarchy or National Empowerment

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