The Death of Naxalite Varghese

published on October 29, 2010
Visharad Sharma

In the state of Kerala, a celebration is going on, especially among the so called intellectuals who are predominantly Communists and nonconformists. This is about a court verdict that came out, punishing a former Police officer for killing a Naxalite some forty years ago. Obviously, the officer must have acted under strict instructions from above, otherwise he had no reason to kill some whom he hardly ever knew; simply by firing a bullet from the service rifle deliberately. If the source of such strict instructions is to be traced, it shall naturally lead to political authority, and certainly not to officers in the government, and most likely, like any senior government officer, this police officer also was simply carrying out his duty, that had been bestowed upon him. The court suggests that punishing is not the duty of police, and sentenced this given officer to a life time. Prima facie, the officer in question becomes the scape goat here, and the “andha kanun” washes its hands off legally, from both human as well as moral questions concerning the burocracy risking themselves at political decisions. Just getting the officer concerned punished is yet another blind escapism from the real and actual situation through illusory and spurious logic.

Society of Kerala seems to operate on spurious logic, with the premises turned upside down. Punishing an officer seems to create the impression of justice done in that society. The feeling predominant here shall be one that of dislike, or even stronger, hate, and who may ever venture to think in terms of denied rights and justice of the scape goat officer? Perhaps, as it appears to me, there seem to be none among the intelligentsia to look for the real reason, they rather appear to take out some kind of revenge on any one who happens to be the victim. An existential situation, especially that used to happen in Howdah, is akin to this. Should a pick pocketer is caught, he at once becomes the beating drum for any one and every one; all passersby becomes custodians of morals instantly and engages themselves in beating up the culprit, who instantly becomes a victim, and subject to all imaginable things. His explanation is hardly heard, and no one ever gives him any chance to utter any words: the drumming simply goes on until some one of the law and order ‘rescues’ this hapless thief to custody. The Kerala society has similar tenets, they get someone for something, and then the media, intellectuals and all, start pouring in to him, and no one shall hear what he has to say. The spy scandal that went on in Kerala is just an example only.

Suddenly the intellectuals become champions of human rights and justice, hardly ever venturing to realise that human rights is essentially a moral concept. Duties performed morally shall never create a situation of human right violation, and in the international arena, many nations use the notion of human rights to intervene into the affairs of the others. Kerala intellectuals are more concerned about the human rights of terrorists and anti nationals, typically in the Communist paradigm, and the non-Communists also go on repeating the Communist slogans to this effect without knowing what they are.  Separatists and anti-nationals now champion on human rights and justice for their nefarious ends. Let us investigate into the anti-nationals within India.
The anti-nationals

Among the list of anti-Indians, (for that matter anti-nationals anywhere), the Communists comes first. They still dream of internationalism and given their theories, “state is necessarily an instrument of oppression in the hands of the bourgeoisie”. They want nationalism to come to an end, they want the state to wither away, they want all national cultures to come to an end, to prepare for anarchy and statelessness as madly imagined by Marx.  Hence, they would oppose anything national, whether in India, US or in UK, and would go against any national culture, which for them is specific and particular, and thus meaningless. In Kerala, it seems that only those nitwits lead by such Communist thoughts gets rated among the intellectuals, and the media, whether written or visual keep suffering from this ‘opium’ of Communism. This is evident from the stands they take in the national arena, from the speeches they make in the parliament, and the kind of write up they do in the national media. What they write in English simply shall reflect what gets written in Malyalam, one need not to know that language to make this assessment.  The Communists had been tearing their throats for the rights of the antinationals in Kashmir, for the antinationals within Kerala who recruits agents for Pakistan, against Gujarat and so on.  Then comes another lot, both from Muslims and Christians, who are influenced by the theory of separatism. Irrespective of religion or faith, people who get separatist ideas are instantly anti-nationals. There could be many media through which separatism can influence young minds. One is the medium of religion, irrespective of what the religion is, though it remains a matter of fact that Muslims are mostly the victims in this. Another media may be one that of language, mother tongue, as it happens to the Tamils in Srilanka, who go against Srilankan nationalism. Then this spurious questions of regionalism, whether that of the south, north, east or west. All of them could be effective instruments of separatism that can put venom into the minds of some few people, who could sufficiently become trouble makers of the society.

Nation society and individual citizens

The strength of any nation comes from the solidarity of its citizens. Once the people of a nation society are united and together, the nation shall automatically progress and become developed. Hence any nation must maintain the unity and togetherness of the nation society at any cost. If the unity and solidarity is disturbed, that nation shall become weak and suffer from many untold internal problems.

Whosoever, standing in the way of nation’s unity needs to be destroyed for common good. A person who mentally does not belong to a nation society shall not have the right of a citizen of that nation. Citizens who wish that they do not want to belong to the given nation must be treated as non-citizens, and must be removed from the privileges of a rightful citizen. They must be de-citizenised, with all rights and privileges’ removed unconditionally. This is the only manner in which any nation state can meaningfully exist in the world today.

All separatist do fall into this category. Terrorists, Communists, and people who feel that their religion is above the nation state ought to be de-citizenised and treated separately. They shall not have any rights, not even human rights, as human rights are a moral concept which cannot be extended to non-moral people.

Naxalites belong to this category. They are internal viruses for any nation state, and they must be stopped at any cost. Terrorists belong to this category, and they also must be eliminated. Fanatics who feel that their religion is above the nation state must also be eliminated. Such people do not have any rights, and it is self stultifying to think in terms of human rights of such elements.  Those who are not needed in a nation state are those who are not needed; and how to get rid of them, which theory of punishment for them shall be effective, Deterrent, Retributive or Reformative, shall be decided by the wisdom of the state. Did people like Naxalite Varghese, if through time there was no opportunity for them to be reformed, deserve any rights at all? Was the state guilty of eliminating him? And is it at all justified, of making an officer victim of these things? Above all, how do you judge the so called intellectuals who celebrate the punishment given to a government officer who just obeyed his orders?

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