The Cult of Bomb in Kerala: Is it an emerging religion of the god’s own country?

via Prof. C. I. Issac published on November 24, 2010

Let me quote a line from The New Indian Express daily, “Pushed back in the competition with the CPM [Marxist Party] in bomb-making, the IUML [Muslim League] in Nadapuram is forced to seek the help of professional bomb-makers, who are making hay while the sun shines”. [The New Indian Express, Kochi, 23 November 2010]. Almost all professionally trained bomb makers of Northern Kerala are hailing from CPM cadre. That is why IUML in Kerala is in a sticky situation. Hence now they are forced to pay Rs. 600/- to Rs. 1000/- for a country bomb. Its actual cost of production is less than Rs. 50/-. But on the other hand to the CPM it is a homemade product and so cheap. To the ideologically committed youths who underwent training in bomb manufacturing from the Party’s weaponry colleges of Kannur district, manufacturing of bombs is no more a delicate job; they are doing it with the delicacy of country-cigar [beedi] manufacturing at the Dinesh Beedi sheds.

In the sustaining meticulous political climate of Kerala, bomb manufacture exclusively to CPM cadre is only permitted self-employment project of youth comrades while they are in power. It is the customary practice of the CPM that when the Party is out of power they use these little comrade-monkeys for obstructing the social life of Kerala and creating fresh batch of martyrs. That is why a few months back the fingers of the son of a CPM leader-cum-Minister of Kerala from Thalassery were lost while he was in busy with the assignment of manufacturing bombs to wipe out RSS from Thalassery of Kannur district. The extra loyal comedians of the Kerala police arrived at a ridiculous conclusion that little-comrade’s finger was lost due to the crash of a “Diwali Cracker of Siviakasi made”. The CPM is successful in retaining a sizable number of “dog squad of police – without tail-” ranging from officer to constable loyal to the party helps the bomb manufacturing of CPM as an industry even after the change in the State’s administration.

To the extremist faction who migrated to the IUML, the price factor of bomb is not at all a problem so far the hawala money and Islamic Banking led parallel economy is running smoothly in Kerala. Muslim community’s general economic prosperity is the headache of the IUML leadership. The youths from economically well-off Muslim community of Kerala is reluctant to involve in the dangerous profession of bomb making. That is why the IUML leadership who are in search of bomb, depending either on those bomb experts who were kicked out of the CPM cadre or remotely connected to the CPM. Recently a Malayalam TV Channel had lively telecasted the process of Bomb making in Kannur district. The loyal police authorities of Kerala shutoff their TV sets while this programme was airing. The main target of the CPM bomb is the RSS youths of the Northern Districts of Kerala. Only on unavoidable circumstances the CPM bombs targets Muslims. Muslim community being a decisive vote-bank of Kerala, before throwing bomb over them CPM think over and then decide. On the other hand, in the case of an unorganized Hindu, first throw bomb on him and then think to justify CPM’s venomous designs over their prey. In short the first target of the bomb of CPM and IUML is the unorganized Hindus of Kerala then only others.

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