Stop Mutilation of Kerala

via Dr Babu Suseelan published on October 19, 2009

For centuries, India and Hindutva had always an element of fascination and mystery and allurement for foreigners. Foreign travelers, scholars and historians found in India that was a wonder to the world,  that there is something different, something inexplicable, within our Vedas and our ethos.

Lured by the wealth, waves of foreigners attacked India, looted our wealth, destroyed our country, murdered our citizens and colonized us for centuries. In spite of invasion, plunder, looting and mass murder, India was kept as a nation by our Hindu tradition, superb culture and national ethos.

Now the empire builders, Islamo fascists, Marxist anarchists and colonialists have made an unholy alliance against India and Hindutva with the active support of phony secularists from within.

In this context, I am reminded of an African Proverb, “THE BEST WAY TO EAT THE ELEPHANT STANDING IN YOUR PATH IS TO CUT IT UP INTO LITTLE PIECES”. This is what our enemies have been doing for years. India was stretched from Afghanistan to Myanmar for centuries and our culture had spread all mover Asia and beyond. Now Afghanistan is gone. North West is gone, Kashmir is under Jihadi terrorists, Christen rebels control Nagaland, Missioram, Assam and the North east are in turmoil.  Recently the momentum to bifurcate India into pieces has intensified under the Italian Catholic Sonia Maino. Now our enemies are targeting Kerala, the land of Parasuram, and Sankaracharya.Top of Form

The trouble with Kerala started the day the Christians overtook the Hindus with the help of the European colonial rulers who made the spineless local kings to give them acres and acres of prime land and our beautiful hillocks to set up Christian schools, churches, nunneries, convents and other conversion centers. The Europeans scaled up all our highlands and paved the way for the local Christians to encroach. With the money they made from the expansive mountainous villages where they grew all sorts of cash crops, they came down to the midland and started controlling the agricultural land and the coastal areas too.

The politics was in our mouth but all our wealth and money went into their pockets. Now they sneaked into politics too and the Congress became a Catholic Congress and power soon went their way. The Communists were an anti-dote to this infectious Christians, but the Delhi Congress bosses decided to protect the so-called minorities. Bishops and Mullahs made pressure groups and vote banks. Unfortunately the Communists got scared of the central power of the Congress and so they too started making friends with the Christians and the Moslems thinking that it would make their political muscles larger, firmer and stronger. Instead they were disintegrated, divided and they too went the Congress way of seeking power by hook or crook and their musical chair went on.

In the meanwhile the Christians were patiently and stealthily westernizing the local culture by introducing the western dress, western food, western music and arts and all that looked fashionable. The foolish Indian leaders in Delhi too thought West is great and they forgot all about the East and the countries and cultural centers like Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, and even the neighboring Ceylon. Instead they looked up to the West for political guidance thinking that even now India is part of the British Common or Uncommon wealth. What a fun. Making use of this opportunity, the Christian central brain encroached into all layers of public and private life, with the money they amassed exploiting the opportunities the others thoughtlessly handed over to them.

Now the Moslems with their gulf money, and Pakistan printed and distributed Indian counterfeit currency are creating economic and political havoc in Kerala. Kerala’s very foundations started trembling because of all this. The liquor barons of the first generation were all Christians, although the toddy business was in the hands of the local Hindus. Even today, 80 per cent of the liquor business and the star hotel business are controlled by the Christians. Ninety percent of schools, colleges and educational institutions are controlled by Christians and Muslims.

Now the Marxist government in Kerala and Sonia government in Delhi have approved an Islamic Bank and separate Islamic universities in Kerala. The Goondaraj, and the quotation groups were deliberately brought up by these anti-national Christian groups making use of the tag of minority communities. Soon the others borrowed this and the politicians and their police too found this practice handy. There has been no leader worth the word was available in Kerala while all this happened. Even the newspapers fell asleep. Most of their reporters were bribed and purchased by the mafia which began to grow all around as wild fire. The only way out of this tragedy lies in the hands of people who can organize themselves against this malady, now that the politicians are of no help. Signs are welcome signs from here and there. But the most disappointing factor is that the college campuses and organizations of the youth are not keen as they used to in the past.  The question is that of a proper leadership. Everybody around is a leader and the real leader is nowhere. 

Now Hindus are fast becoming a minority in the land of Parasurama. The latest demography indicates that Hindus have a majority only in two districts of Kerala. If the present trends continue within the next ten years, Hindus will become a minority in Kerala.
We can blame bogus secular politicians to some extent for the social mutilation we witness in Kerala. But the bulk of the blame lies with the caste based leaders and their organizations. They are often doing things to appease fanatic Muslims and Christian pressure groups. The sad truth is Hindus are not united and are not exerting pressure on the politicians to do the right thing to stop mutilation of Kerala.
 It is reasonable to ask our politicians: how could they do social suicide? This present trends pose a challenge for Hindus. It is up to Hindus to wake up, unite, and stand up for the preservation of our culture, protection of our state and our future. Hindus have never shown their inherent power for a long time, but if we are pushed to a garbage pit for rot, we must change things while we still have the freedom to do so.A HIPPOPOTAMES CAN BE MADE INVISIBLE IN DARK WATER (African Proverb). Ignorance can lead to potential danger. It is important to be informed and alert.

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