Sex predator Joseph resigns

via HK Correspondent published on September 5, 2006

Kerala Christian Congress Minister P.J. Joseph was forced to resign from Kerala Ministry due to sex abuse charges. Lekshmi Gopakumar, former Surya TV News Reader complained that Minister Joseph sexually abused her during a flight from Chennai to Kochi few weeks ago. Her sex abuse complaint has resulted in kerala Police IG Sandhya making a thorough investigation on the sex abuse charges. The Police IG’s report substantiated Mrs. Gopakumar’s sex abuse allegation and the police report forced Minister Joseph to resign from the post. Instead of leaving the scene with dignity, admitting his responsibility for his sex offence, showing empathy for the victim, he made wild accusations against political opponents and the media. Minister Joseph has resorted to the criminal game of blaming the victim for his crime.

   Joseph is the fourth Kerala State Minister to resign due to sex abuse incidents. P.T. Chacko, former Home Minster was forced to resign from R. Sankar Ministry due to his car trip with his paramour that resulted in a car accident in Trichur. Neela Lohita Dasan Nadar was forced to resign from the Nayannar Ministery. He was caught in his attempt to sexually molest a female  IAS officer.  He was later sentenced to imprisonment by the Judge. he is still on bail while his appeal for criminal conviction is pending in higher courts.  Kunjali Kutty, the veteran Muslim League leader was forced to resign
from the Ministry due to his involvement with a prostitute. Joseph was the forth in line.

Sex abuse of political leaders, and flesh trade in Kerala has become a common phenomenon. Several Middle aged, Middle Class men, political leaders and bureaucrats and community leaders were accused of indulging in sex scandals and involvement with flesh trade. These increasing sex abuse and dealing with pornography may be social and pathological, warranting criminal investigation and psychological analysis to find its etiology.

When cabinet ministers are involved in sex offences, the state needs to ascertain what is causing it, and try to do something about it. Sex offences are serious and it should not be dismissed it out of hand. It may not be  due simply to bad manners. Human beings, whether a political leader or businessman may be tempted and sexually aroused at the sight of a beautiful woman. But  unlike animals, human beings have mediating processes such as judgment and choice that interrupt sexual urges and responses.

Be that that as it may, a lot of things make sex appeal and sex arousal. But sane, civilized people, as a practical matter will not reach out touch the body parts of a travelling woman and inflict psychological damage. The sex offence, whether it is benign or serious, the offence damages the self- of the victim. The sex offender wilfully reaches the victim and inflicts immediate psychical and social damage. The sex offender, whether he is a minister or
political leader has criminal needs and risky behavior traits. Unless arrested and sentenced and forced to undergo lengthy sex offender therapy, the offender may  commit other sex offences.

The probability of committing another sex offence increases with each time the perpetrator escapes from his crime through political influence or power play. Given the influence of the Church lobby and the increasing number of Christian priests involved in sex crime were successful in evading arrest and prosecution, Christian Congress leader P.J. Joseph may escape punishment for his sex offense leaving his victim in permant psychological damage.

To prevent such sex offences, P.J. Joseph should be arrested, prosecuted and punished for his sex offense to prevent further recurring of his offence. He should be forced to under go effective sex offender treatment for his severe, uncontrolled sexual urges and behaviour problems.

Previous Christian/Muslim dominated Omman Chandy government was reluctant to even to admit that sexual abuse is a widespread occurrence. It is hoped that the Acuthandan government should not be content with “knee-jerk” reactions to the emotionally charged sex abuse charges levelled against P.J. Joseph. The victim and the citizens will not be satisfied with quick fixes for this serious social problem.

This serious sex allegation against Christian Congress Minister should result in legislation to identify and restrict known sexual offenders. Whether one is a political leader or cabinet minister, sex offenders should be arrested, prosecuted and punished to the extent of law. If the law is non existent or lenient, the government has an obligation and responsibility to issue new statutes to allow the government  for civil and criminal commitment of sex offenders. New era demands it.

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