Ravana will Never Taste Victory in Bharat: M Radhakrishnan

published on August 19, 2014
Lord Rama will always emerge victorious in Bharat- Ravana will never get a taste of victory in this holy land, said M Radhakrishnan, RSS Pranthasahakaryavah and Managing Director of Janmabhumi, at the recently conducted Ramayana Satram, held under the aegis of International Ramayana Study Centre.

“Ravana should have actually won the war in his combat with Lord Rama. He had a formidable army, which Lord Rama never possessed. The Lord never had material wealth or power with him. And from the warfare strategy, Lord Rama was just a young lad. On the other hand, Ravana had a Brahmin ancestry, was formidable and powerful and possessed a tough army. He was also in custody of the most modern weapons, which had the capacity of annihilation in a fraction of a second. A man of unfathomable spiritual prowess, he was an expansive scholar, who was one of the most renowned musicians of his times. And Lord Rama’s confrontation of such a Ravan, with an army of simians, was labeled as an act of lunacy,” explained Radhakrishnan.

“Mathematical calculations proved that Lord Rama could not win. But, Ravana was used to a life of comforts and luxury. He was also a man who held on to the staunch notion that he alone should enjoy the comforts of life. Ravana was a person who could never bring to practice, his spiritual knowledge. He could go to the extent of wrecking the happiness of any other person, just for gaining opulence for himself. He would even proclaim that his name meant ‘those who made others cry’. For this sheer reason, cosmic force stood with Lord Rama, whose mind represented the spiritual psyche of Bharat. The seers had long recognized that Lord Rama possessed a mind, which would sacrifice anything for the upkeep of Dharma,” said Radhakrishnan, adding that Lord Rama had the prayers of an entire nation with him, which took him on the path of victory.

Pointing out that Ramayana has the perennial strength to uphold Bharat’s Sanatana Dharmic values, he said that at a time “when social values reach a point of stagnation, Ramayana becomes a tool for resuscitation in the hands of reformers. Ramayana has all facets of Bharat’s social life. The prime peril Bharat faced was the bitter truth that all those in power were Ravanas. However Ramayana is the story of the triumph of virtue over vice. In fact, Ramayana was propagated maximum in various Indian languages, at a time when foreign powers chose to ransack and obliterate our temples. In fact, the cultural revival was possible only through Ramayana. In fact it is only because of Ramayana that Bharat is being elevated to levels worthy of international respect, being an account of how virtue and dharma were restored after subjugating rakshasas. This can in fact, be imbibed in day to day life.”

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