Questions to the NSS

via Keralam Now Blog Spot published on December 20, 2007

1. Historically what are the changes in the Nair community after the NSS was formed, they have progressed or fallen. Compare with the SNDP in the sister community of Ezhavas. Having been a leader community the NSS has affected the whole state.

2. At whose behest did the NSS jump in to the Vimochana Samaram, when almost all the leaders of the Communist movement in Kerala were humanist Nairs. What did they gain from that league.

3. The Malayala Manorama and the Church are later exposed as having received money from the CIA for this anti-communist move, did NSS too get a share. What happened to that.

4. Why has the NSS always kept the pro-Hindu movements away, instead embraced the Christian agendas through out, this includes promoting the Kerala Congress politics, disallowing BJP leaders of the Nair community from entering the NSS campus.

5. When there was a major popular move aimed at Hindu consolidation initiated with the SNDP taking a proactive role why did the NSS sabotage it. For whose interests they did it.

6. Why did the NSS ruin the Hindu temples using their hold on Devaswom Board and make it a mess through time. Thereby demoralising the whole Hindu clan, native culture of Kerala.

7. Why are they claiming to represent the Nairs, a warrior people who fought for the land and people of Kerala through centuries but the NSS is disowning their own people now.

8. NSS was one single force that gave undue leverage to the Church operators in Kerala how the public sector education in Kerala is now rotten and the Church has thousands of institutions.

9. Why is the NSS with less than 50 institutions, these stagnant with dated courses and dilapidated buildings, always seen protecting the interests of the Church with more than 2000 institutions of their own. What kind of Nair service is that, why can’t they change the name as Christian Service Society.

10. Why did the so called leaders of NSS who champion the Nair cause prevent the timely demand for non-Brahmin priests in Kerala temples, that including the Nairs.

11. Why are they stopping any new initiative from unit Karayogams,ages old institutions that existed across Kerala, but later amalgamated in to the NSS fold, whose interests are they serving.These are now eye sores with tiny falling buildings all over the state, some of them selling spurious liquor and many harbouring vices.

12. Why did the NSS spearhead the agitation for fragmenting Nair tharavadu estates, what eventually saw the Nair properties sold off to mostly Christians, at whose behest did they do it.How in the NSS
strongholds in central Kerala the old landed farmer Nairs are now landless, made laborers and maidservants.

13. Almost every day some one or other is heard abusing the NSS and its leaders, in the dirtiest of language and they have no strength to reply. Since they claim to be leaders of the community each individual Nair is demoralised and disgraced by this.

14. There are serious allegations of corruption, unethical deeds and even criminal allegations about leaders and several books have been written. But till today they have not replied, which says that it is
all true.

15. One of the leaders is in his chair for more than 25 years and is aiming to see the end of a great people, the team has side lined and over thrown all eminent people in the organisation. More than 99
percent of the Nayar community is better qualified than these ‘leaders’.

Under this context it is only proper that the NSS stops claiming that they represent the Nayar community. The grace and discipline of an old martial nobility is being stretched to the limits by one or two evil persons, unfortunately supported by some pigmy minded self seekers, where a whole community is suffering, and the new generations shall suffer tomorrow. The majority Nairs condemn the NSS but a small and weak minority with the Karayogams are trapped in poverty and ruin by
the NSS. It will be suicidal for the community members not to act now and each one should come forward and warn them that they stop claiming to represent the Nayars, talking for Nairs, till the dead wood leaders are thrown out and the centralised constitution itself amended. Till such time a new leadership is in place. For the NSS is not the Nayar community, the network of Karayogams are not answerable to the sins of couple of people at the head quarters. They should kindly leave and
make place for competent and worthy people.

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