Political parties operate with Pseudo Secular Facade in Kerala : J. Nandakumar

via HK Correspondent published on January 5, 2007

PARASALA: Political parties in Kerala are functioning with a phony secular façade and Janus face with ulterior motives of eradicating Hindu culture. Political parties are colluding with Islamic terrorists and willing to deceive the public with deliberate and cunning games to promote Islamic terrorism, says Nandakumar, Saha Pranth Pracharak of RSS, Kerala. At a function organized by Parasala RSS District Committee on the Birth Centenary Celebration of Guruji Golwalkar, Sri Nandakumar reiterated that the political parties in Kerala have used Hindutva as an excuse for every problem that was created by Jihadi terrorists and Marxist anarchists. Whether it is Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, Marxist murder mayhem or discrimination of Hindus, the answer is always the same. The divisionary tactics is so deeply ingrained in the double faced politicians and deceptive political culture of pseudo secular political parties in Kerala. The Hindu hatred is repeated not just by the Janus faced political leaders that run roughshod over their own followers but also by their intellectuals. By blaming Hindus and the sacred Hindu culture, the political parties have given themselves as well as their leaders a ready made excuse for Jihadi terrorism and Marxist murder march. Such shocking behavior not only disgraces dysfunctional political leaders, it reflects their antinational character.


In his speech on “Religious terrorism and Cultural nationalism”, Nandakumar reminded that the whole world is under the dark shadow of Islamic terrorism and Islamic terrorism in Kerala is nothing new, it is as old as Islam. Islam has been responsible for more deaths and destruction on the face of the planet than just about anything else since the last asteroid impact. It has spread by predators. It has lived off the deceasing corpses of the civilizations it has destroyed.


Kerala is the only state in the world where the hanging of the mass murderer Sadam Hussein resulted in Marxist and Jihadi inspired hartal. The misguided sympathy for the mass murderer and hartal is part of the vote bank politics of the anti national, Jihadi hugging political parties. Jihadi terrorists have penetrated power centers and policy decision making organizations of the Marxist party. Even during the Kargil war, Pakistan was sending wireless messages to Muslim organizations and hidden ISI agents in Malappuram and Kozhikodu. ISI infiltration, Jihadi terrorism, and subversive activities conclusively prove that political parties in Kerala are in collusion with Pakistan ISI agents and Jihadi terrorist groups.


The Media in Kerala with their conspiracy of silence, attempt to cover up the facts that the Marxists and Jihadis are in collusion. The media is determined not to rock the boat and pretending that they did not know. Instead of exposing Jihadi terrorists and Marxist murderers, media is interested only in slippery slope arguments. It is of course not consistent with ethical principles and the sanctity of professional media.


Nandakumar reminded that there must be public awareness against Islamic terrorism and law must be applied to punish terrorists. When we put our Hindu values on the right track and Hindus are united on the common goal, political corruption, appeasement of Jihadi terrorists and their murder march can be conquered.


At the public meeting, Seva Bharathi has donated RS 25,000 collected from American Hindus. Surendran, Seva Bharathi District President, Dr. Kanthallur Poulose, Prameswaran, RSS Prarasala District Sangh Chalak and Saseendran spoke at the grand function. 

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