Pickpocket Swami

published on May 13, 2008




We have several types of businessmen in Kerala and among Keralites abroad. There are Yousef Alis, Mohammed Alis, Abubakers, Abdul Wahabs, Mathews, Kochousephs, Varkeys, Alukas, Alexanders, Mathais, Krishnan Nairs, Purushotamans, Gopalans etc., etc. who have made their monies in business. There has been no discussion or worry among our media friends, police and law machinery as to how these people have become immensely rich in 10-20 years time. Tatas, Birlas, Chettiars, Iyengars etc., took a minimum three generations to reach where they are. But Ambanis and Mittals took only a fraction of it to overtake the old giants. One thing is absolutely certain in business – all those who have made money in business have atleast one skeleton in their cupboard. It can be a dirty trick, an innocent theft, an illegal deal, a woman or an outright robbery that have given them a break. Santosh Madhavan has done nothing more. He is only a pickpocket among the scores of Veerappan Alis and Thomases in the Kerala.


Money laundering of the looted public money and Islamic money support for weakening India continues to be the reasons for richness of almost all the nouveau riche in present day Kerala. Everyday presence of atleast a few IUML, PDP, INL, Jamat, Kerala Congress, Congress, CPM etc., leaders somewhere in the Gulf is the best evidence for this continuing loot. In this fertile ground for easy money, Santosh Madhavan did not attempt anything new. He only did what he knows and what he could do. 


The Swami Case has become the latest craze for the coloured media of Kerala. Just the title of swami was enough for the likes of Raktha Kairali, Muneer Vision and Manorama Visham to depute their most crooked brains into this story. A mere guest house became Swami’s Ashram in no time. Sandalwood logs, Tiger Skins, Porn CDs etc., came into the story from nowhere. Vincent Pauls, Manoj Abrahams, Kuriakoses, Simons are spearheading the operation with great zest and clarity as to what they really want. If Muringoor Case, Abhaya Case, Maulavi Case etc., are their great achievements so far, we all know where this Swami Case will end up. It is yet another ISRO case where Rev. Siby Mathew ganged up with AK Antony & Malayala Manorama to malign Karunakaran and a few innocent Hindus. This time they might even try to link the Swami with Amrita institutions if the latest defiant stand of the famed ‘Inter Church Council for Education Business’ and its Commander Powathil is any indication.

But the few sensible media personnel must enquire about how an ordinary fisherwoman like Serafin Edwin from TVM became a millionaire in UAE? What is her real electro-mechanical business in Dubai ? It would be much more sleazy than Swami’s rise to richness.

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