Pazhassi Raja: Yet another insult to Hindus

via Shreevalsan ([email protected]) published on October 27, 2009

Like the media, perversity marks India’s prolific film industry. What most films show is usually the exact opposite of commonsense and blatantly against Hindu sensitivities. Indeed, to a keen observer, it would seem that filmmakers take delight in insulting the intelligence
and moral values of their Hindu viewers.
Amazingly, India’s utterly gullible Hindu public not only tolerates this perversity, it sometimes unknowingly takes part in it.The recent high-voltage launch of the Malayalam film Pazhassi Raja is a good example.
Keralavarma Pazhassi Raja was a brave and noble Hindu king of north Malabar about 200 years ago who fought tenaciously for a long time against the rapacious British Christian colonialists to save his people from the white man’s brutal exploitation. He would certainly
have fought the barbarous Islamic hordes of Tipu Sultan too if that Muslim savage had invaded Malabar when he was alive. To him, both the Muslims and the Christians would be like two sides of the same Middle Eastern coin – mlechchas all, (uncivilized people, in Sanskrit), to be
held in the most profound contempt.
Yet, Hariharan, the Hindu director of Pazhassi Raja, and M.T.Vasudevan Nair, the scriptwriter of the film, chose a Muslim ‘actor’ ( an actor who cannot even act to save his life) to play the lead role of the valiant Hindu raja in their recently released film. This intellectually and morally bankrupt duo saw no perversity in allowing an Islamic fanatic to act out the role of a valiant Hindu king who fought to save his people from the tyranny of followers of barbaric
Middle Eastern religions. This is just a small example of the unending perversity that characterizes Indian films, particularly Malayalamfilms.
Unlike this idiotic duo, Mammooty ( who always chooses his characters with great care) understood the symbolism of a Muslim pretending to be a Hindu king. It was as if he was telling Hindu viewers: “Since you cannot find even one from nearly a billion of your co-religionists to play the role of your king, I will show you that I can be your king. I can lord it over you worthless Hindus.” Who knows the shameless MT-Hariharan duo too had the same subtle message to send to us imbecile Hindus!
Most ‘secular’, ‘educated’ and ‘tolerant’ Hindus will fail to see the point I am driving at. They will fail to ask the simple question as to why a Hindu was not chosen to play the role of Pazhassi Raja. They will urge this writer ‘not to be carried away’ by sentiment.
The are two reasons for this attitude of most Hindus: one, of course, is Gandhian cowardice and the other, total lack of knowledge of propaganda, which comes naturally to Muslims, Christians, communists and ‘secular’ intellectual terrorists.
The soft-headed ‘secular’ Hindu will find intellectually dishonest explanations for this insult. “After all, it is only a film. Any actor, Muslim or not, has the right to play any role.” “Is Mammotty not honouring us by playing this role?” These will be the kind of rationalizations. What seems like an obvious insult to Hindu society,will escape the intellectually lazy ‘secular’ Hindu.
If Kerala had a Muslim or Christian majority population, would they have even allowed a Hindu to play the role of one of their rulers? Of course not. With knowledge of propaganda in their blood, followers of these savage desert religions, would have compelled the director to
choose of their own co-religionists.
To the average Hindu, nothing matters except survival of self and family. Propaganda and cultural assaults on Hindu society hardly matters to him. While the average Hindu looks bewildered like dumb-and-deaf cows, the Hindutva forces dig their heads deeper and
deeper into the sand.That is why there was not even a whimper of protest against playing of the role of Pazhassi Raja by a self-declared enemy of Hindu society.
When the film was released, Kerala’s boot-licking TV channels, quickly seeing the propaganda potential, gave extensive publicity to the film. Knowing full well the irony of a Muslim fanatic in real life playing the role of a noble Hindu king in reel life, they kept this obvious fact concealed. Why should they miss an opportunity to crawl in front of Islam?
The most disgusting scene shown by these wretched channels was that of a foolish youth pouring milk (as in temples) over a cutout of Mamootty dressed as Pazhassi Raja. Who was the youth worshipping? Not Pazahassi Raja, of course! Can Hindu idiocy go any further?

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