Parameswarji’s clarion call to Hindus

via HK published on October 4, 2006

Thiruvananthapuram: The Bharatiya vichara kendram director shri P.Parameshwaran urged  the Hindu society to become a  strong and organised force.Otherwise the future is bleak if we sticks on the indifference within ourselves in this era of Islamic fundamantalism. He was addressing the public at the sammelan conducted after the pathasanchlan of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh on the occasion of Vijayadashami at putharikaddam in Thiruvananthapuram.


In India particularly in Kerala, the Hindu society is marginalized  by the organised minorities. The Sabrimala, Guruvayoor and Sivagiri incidents are examples of Hindu oppressions.


News about the conspiracy to tarnish the image of sabarimala are now coming out on a daily basis. Same is the case with Sivagiri mutt where political parties are vying with each other for its chunk of flesh.


When the guru had only one vision, why should there be two groups at Sivagiri? Instead of the black clouds looming over the mutt, white clouds of peace should appear on its horizon. Whether elections are conducted or not at sivagiri, the vision of Sri Narayana Guru should spread throughout the society. In order to destroy the evil designs which are being planned to eliminate the Hindu society, it has to become one single force. This unity is not to destroy others but to spread the message of peace to the whole world.


When the central govt has refused permission to construct Vizhinjam port due to security reasons, the CPM with an eye on the vote bank, is hell bent on going ahead with the project. Karat and Yechuri are putting pressure on the PM to grant work on the Vizhinjam port to a Chinese company with pakistani links. The marxists are showing their obedience to its Chinese masters since several decades. The security of the nation should not be compromised in the name of development, shri Parameshwarji reiterated.


The Pope who had uttered some comments against Islam was made to bend his knees in front of the Islamic leaders. He had only mentioned that a Christian and Islamic discussion will help regain peace among the two religions. The whole world knows the history of these two religions and how they had managed to spread themselves round the globe.After waging war on others for centuries, these two religions are now lamenting for peace which is plain hypocrisy. Both these religions are intolerant towards others. It is a fact that in Europe ,Christians are becoming a minority which has created anxiety among the Christian leaders. It is very intriguing as to why the Hindu society comprising of a massive 100 crores all over the world is not included in the talks between religions.


Peace talks between Islam and Christianity alone will not bring about peace in the world. These two religions who are the torch-bearers of the crusade war and the jihad are enemies of humanity right   from the day they were born.It is the Hindu religion with its tolerance to others due to its Sanatana approach who can bring ever-lasting peace to the world. The Hindu religion which has the Upanishads and Vedas as its basis can be the leader to the whole world.


India as well as the whole world is under threat from Islamic fundamentalism. The secular  Intelligentsia in India is treading a dangerous path. Right from the CM of J & K to the former attorney genral are begging for clemency for the parliament attacker who was sentenced to death.Those arguing in behalf of a terrorist are antinationals themselves.


Shri K.R.Velayudhan chaired the sammelan. The District sanghchalak Prof.Gopikuttan was also present during the function






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