Outrage over Child’s Sexual Abuse inside Theatre, Moideen under Arrest

By HK published on May 13, 2018

A 50 year old Moideen, has been taken into custody for sexually abusing a 10 year old girl inside a theatre, in Malappuram district. Moideen a business man & former  leader of KMCC, a sister organization of Muslim League in Gulf countries.

In this horrifying incident, which took place on 18 April, the victim was abused for over two and a half hours, with police having hushed up the matter, in spite of Childline allegedly informing them of the same. The incident came to light, when the CCTV footage of the incident was leaked to a leading news channel.

According to CCTV footages, the minor girl arrived at the theatre with an older woman and were seen seated on either side of Moideen, a native of Thrithala. He abused the child for nearly two-and-a-half hours, with the victim’s mother who shockingly remaining silent, in spite of being aware of what was happening.

With visuals having been caught on CCTV, theatre owners reportedly informed ChildLine, who then informed the police. However, police remained lax on the matter, with no action ensuing. This forced theatre owners to release the same to media, which forced police into action.

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  1. Raj Puducode Reply

    May 15, 2018 at 6:11 am

    Coordinated suicide bombings carried out by members of the same Jihadi family struck three churches in Indonesia largest city police said, as the worlds most populous Jihadi nation recoiled in horror since the 2002 Bali bombings.
    Nine people died at the churches in Surabaya along with the six family members, were girls 9 &12. Another 51 people were injured. Indonesias president condemned the attacks as “barbaric.” The father detonated a car bomb, two sons used a motorcycle for their attack &the mother & her two daughters wore explosives.
    The family had returned to Indonesia from Syria, where recently the ISIS terror group controlled territory. IS claimed responsibility for the attacks in a statement carried by its news agency. I attackers.
    Indonesias deadliest terrorist attack occurred in 2002, when bombs killed 202 people .

  2. Raj Puducode Reply

    May 26, 2018 at 6:56 am

    Khangress, CPM, IML, TCP and other sickular leaders are calling this arrest against the spirit of sickularism and Moideen was only doing his jihadi duty to humanity. He did not use any explosive belts to harm anyone.

  3. Raj Puducode Reply

    June 9, 2018 at 6:19 am

    Kerala politics is stranger than tfiction Here real political power lies with Muslims & Christians & the splintered Hindus under various caste groups like NSS, SNDP fight among themselves & suffer the most Their temples are under Govt control & are looted continuously by the politicians. But Mosques & Churches are exempt from this type of control. Black money, gold, black currencies are easily brought in by Jihadis & they have built huge Mosques . The state is full of Paki spies & Muslims from Burma. They have Paki IML as their party. They indulge in love-Jihad to convert Hindu girls. Christians also bring in tons of black money from the west for conversion & building mega-churches. They work with Muslims against Hindus mostly in a cunning, fashion & last year chopped the hands of a Christian professor for anti-Jihadi remarks. They buy the loyalty of Khangress & other secular parties to wield real power. Many ministers are criminals who will escape any punishment since they have control over judiciary & Govt.

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