NSS leaders acting as fifth column

via HK Correspondent published on February 9, 2007

Hindus in Kerala have faced serious threats before and serious threats have galvanized Hindus irrespective of castes and creeds. When ever Hindus are united for a common cause, enemies of Hindus have sabotaged Hindu unity and undermined Hindus unity move by working thorough caste based fifth column organizations.

During the Nilkkal issue, Hindus have joined together including SNDP and NSS to wage a relentless protest against evil designs of the Christian Church to construct a Church near sacred Sabarimala Temple. Anti Hindu forces were successful in influencing NSS and NSS leaders backtracked from its original plan. In spite of NSS leader’s double game Hindus were able to defeat cunning games of the Christian Churches.

During the recent Hindu unity wave, NSS, SNDP and all caste based organizations have decided to work together. Anti Hindu political parties and fundamentalist religious organizations again succeeded in influencing self centered NSS leaders and NSS has issued statements sabotaging Hindu unity movement.

The Marxist Devasom Ordinance would not have introduced with out the active endorsement of the NSS leaders. It seems that NSS leaders are working as a subversive organization in Kerala to further Marxist plans. Hindus in Kerala expect NSS to work for the preservation and protection of Hindu culture and temples. But the obscurantist NSS leaders are acting  like traitors supporting the interests and political design of the Marxist/Christian/Muslim alliance.

It is time for Hindus to watch NSS because of concerns that NSS may be acting as a fifth column. NSS leaders at Perunna ranted and raved and are preparing to move into action to attempt to defeat Hindus who are working to save Hindu temples from atheist Marxists and anti Hindu forces. NSS plan is to cause major disruptions in Hindu Aikya Vedi’s efforts to save Hindu temples. NSS sympathy and collaboration with the Marxists is nothing short of absurd and offensive. No matter what the outcome of Devasom Ordinance may be, totalitarianism has already won a complete victory in many NSS minds and conquered all of their life. NSS leaders have helped it to win.

The tragedy of today is that NSS is responsible for the Deavsom Ordinance. NSS leaders may not know their responsibility. NSS would be first to deny the active part they are playing and proclaim that they are not responsible for the calamity befallen on Hindus. It is time for NSS community members to watch NSs leaders because NSS leaders may be acting as fifth column.

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