‘No, Never give in, Never, Never ‘ to impending Taliban Islamic Republic of India

published on August 1, 2010


For the first time, the essentially anti-Hindu and anti-National Kerala Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan FINDS HIMSELF POLITICALLY COMPELLED to speak the harsh truth about the open conspiracy hatched by the terrorist Muslim Parties of Kerala to make the Kerala State “a Muslim-dominated world”. At a recent meeting in New Delhi he stated that: “In 20 years India and Kerala will become a Muslim-dominated world. Youngsters are being given money and are being lured to convert to Islam — marry Muslim women and then give birth to Muslim children so that they can multiply rapidly and become majority.” Achuthanandan came out with these absolutely appropriate and relevant remarks in the context of the radical Islamic outfit Popular Front of India (PFI) activists having taken the Shariat Law into their own hands by chopping off the palm of a college Professor T.J. Joseph in a Taliban manner at Muvattupuzha in Kerala.

Achuthanandan, the veteran CPI-M leader, has alleged that the PFI aims to convert Kerala into a Muslim majority state in the next 20 years. He told the reporters: “For achieving that goal, the outfit is pumping money to attract youth and give them weapons. They also try to convert youth from other communities and persuade them to marry Muslim girls.”

VS Achuthanandan is essentially an anti-Hindu typical Communist wheeler dealer of Kerala like the equally anti-Hindu Firangi Memsahib Sonia Gandhi. In the last week of July 2007, Abdul Nasser Madhani, who was the accused number 14 in the February 14, 1998 serial blast case in Coimbatore city, was acquited, after he was exonerated from all the five charges against him, including criminal conspiracy to trigger the blasts, by the Session Court (Bomb Blast Cases) in Coimbatore. No objective political observer can fail to note that it was the biggest terror attack in South India. Many innocent Hindus lost their lives. The main political aim of these Islamic Terrorists was to assassinate Senior BJP leader L K Advani, the then Union Home Minister, who escaped only because his flight was late on that day. When Madhani was released from jail, the Kerala government heartily welcomed Madhani’s acquittal. Kerala Government would have been happier if only Madhani and his Muslim marauders had succeeded in their main Islamic objective of taking the life of Kafir LK Advani, the then Union Home Minister of India.

The CPM Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan declared: “The Left Front’s stand on Madhani will depend on his position on various issues. I have no doubt that Madhani would carry out his political functions sticking to the principles of secularism and democracy – V S Achuthanandan, Chief Minister, Kerala. ”Our government tried to provide him medical help while in jail. Following our intervention he was provided minimum relief. His release was very important considering his deteriorating health condition.”

In this context it has to be borne in mind that Madhani’s party, the PDP, has always had pockets of influence in southern Kerala quite crucial in the state’s bi-polar politics. The CPI(M) benefited from the alliance with the PDP in the 2006 assembly elections and the UDF in 2001. Thus the political coitus of either CPM or Firangi Memsahib Sonia Congress with Madhani’s PDP has never been continuous or steady. Now it will be political coitus; a little late it will be political coitus interruptus; it will vary from election to election. The gullible Hindus of Kerala have been used as disposable condoms by both CPM and firangi memsahib Sonia Congress Party during the last 15 years.

The POLITICAL HYPOCRISY of VS Achuthanandam and firangi memsahib Sonia Gandhi brings to my mind the following brilliant description of hypocrisy by W.Somerset Maugham (1874-1965) in his famous novel ‘Cakes and Ale’: “Hypocrisy is the most difficult and nerve-wracking vice that any man can pursue; it needs an unceasing vigilance and a rare detachment of spirit. It cannot, like adultery or gluttony, be practiced at spare moments; it is a WHOLE TIME JOB”.

Predictably in the truly twisted anti-kaffir jihadi terrorist style, the Indian Union Muslim League has declared that Achuthanandan’s recent statement is “dangerous” and “insulting to the entire (Muslim) community”. KASHMIRI MUSLIMS (regardless of whether they belong to the Sheikh Abdullah’s Jihadi Brigade or the Mehbooba Mufti’s jihadi Brigade) killing, maiming, raping and driving the Kashmiri Pandits out of the Kashmir Valley (their native land for thousands of years) in a systematic manner is not “insulting” to the Indian Union Muslim League. Making terrorist attacks on Hindu temples with unfailing regularity is not “insulting” to the kaffir-hating Indian Union Muslim League. So much for the Islamic self-respect of the the Indian Union Muslim League.

The United Democratic Front (UDF), the alliance of Opposition parties, has stated with truly Islamic anti-kaffir fervour that Achuthanandan’s comments are “deplorable, dangerous and part of his strategy to play the Hindu card before the civic and Assembly polls in the state.” This essentially Christian and anti-Hindu alliance would have been happy if only Achuthanandan had played the NDF Muslim card of Abdul Nasser MADHANI.

In many of the large Muslim dominated areas in Kerala the Islamic terrorist-turned- demagogue is looked upon as an Islamic saviour. An ardent and zealous Muslim following of the Islamic terrorist MADHANI could be the only reason as to why the Congress-led United Democratic Front has covertly sought the PDP’s help in the earlier Assembly election in Kerala. The ruddy and bloody firangi memsahib Sonia Congress Party is politically capable of taking subterranean financial assistance even from internationally known terrorists like Osama bin Laden to fight elections in India! Having planted a pliable and boneless woman as President of India with criminal antecedents, the firangi memsahib Party has armed itself with “requisite Constitutional” bulwark to indulge in unpardonable, unprecedented, unchallenged acts of national sabotage and treachery without any scruple of conscience.

We can hear this dangerous Islamic terrorist giving his message of “Religion of Terror, not Peace” on the UTube. I have carefully heard his speech in Malayalam. He has the audacity to think or imagine that he can terrorize more than 800 Millions of Hindus in India into meek submission.

I am giving below the English translation of the excerpts of his public speech in Malayalam:

Bin Laden of Kerala

“The sword that we drew out in (the Moplah Rebellion of) 1921, we have not thrown away into the Arabian Sea. Have we?  “The sword that we drew out in 1921, we have not thrown away into the Arabian Sea” is the old Muslim slogan in Kerala! We still have that knife with us!! The rasul-ul-Allah always carried with him a sharp sword!!!”
And what ever is done by the Prophet Mohammad the rasul-ul-Allah is mandatory for the believing Muslim.

I would like to put these straight questions to the Islamic-Terrorism promoting Firangi Memsahib of Sonia Congress UPA II Government of India:

1) Has our super Fuhrer Firangi memsahib heard the inflammatory speech of Abdul Nasser MADHANI?

2) Has our eunuch Prime Minister heard the explosive speech of the Islamic marauder Abdul Nasser MADHANI?

3) Has our double dealing, multiple tongued, layer upon layer somersaulter Union Home Minister Chidambaram heard the treasonable speech of Osama bin Laden of Kerala  Abdul Nasser MADHANI? Does he want to wait till there is another 9/11 act of Islamic compassion and brotherhood in Kerala and other parts of India?

4) Is the Director of the CBI in a state of firangi memsahib induced coma? What explains his Islamic fervour to equate a democratically elected Narendra Modi with Abdul Nasser MADHANI?

5) Is the Director of the Central Intelligence Bureau in a state of Rip van winkle sleep with the treacherous trios consisting of potent worthies listed in 1 to 3 above keeping an hourly watch so as to see that our Intelligence Agencies with a rugged will to lose and  fail all the time every time and everywhere, continue to be in a state of living death?

BJP State President V Muraleedharan has observed: “Achuthanandan’s statements have exposed the “double standard” of his party on communalism and extremism. If Achuthanandan is serious in his concerns on the growth of communal and extremist forces in Kerala, he should be ready to outlaw Popular Front and issue a white paper on the radical outfits working in the State.” Afterall Law and Order is a State Subject under the Indian Constitution and if Chief Minister Achuthanandan means what he says then by one stroke of the pen he can proscribe the Islamic terrorist Popular Front of India (PFI) without much ado.

At any rate the Government of Kerala can immediately recommend the imposition of a ban by the Union Government on this ISLAMIC TERRORIST OUTFIT called PFI. However, the Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram has declared that the Central Government has not received any request from Kerala on banning radical Islamic outfit Popular Front of India (PFI).

In order to confuse the issue and also to cover up the tracks of his own anti-Hindu terrorist activities carried out in close league with MADHANI’s PFI in Malappuram and other Muslim dominated pockets of Kerala, Kerala Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan has brazenly stated that the State Government would take a decision on banning the Muslim group only after getting a report from the National Investigation Agency (NIA), thereby passing the buck. The whole of Kerala knows that Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, the Communist terrorist, is the political brain behind the killings of Nationalist Hindus in northern districts of Kerala.

Even in an Islamic country like Bangladesh, the Supreme Court of Bangladesh has re-instated yesterday (29-July-2010) a ban imposed on Islamic political parties in that country which has given a deathblow to Islamic hardliners in that impoverished country. In a detailed, 184-page verdict, the Supreme Court of Bangladesh has scrapped the bulk of the 1979 Fifth Amendment including provisions that had allowed religious political to flourish and which had legalized military rule. The Bangladeshi Law Minister Shafiq Ahmed has welcomed the ruling of the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, in India, the position is indeed terrible for the peace-loving Hindus of India. Even after the Supreme Court has sentenced Afzal Guru to death a few years ago, for his terrorist attack on the Lok Sabha, our Italian firangi memsahib and her doormat Prime Minister and minion Home Minister are procrastinating on which way to go in favour of all the terrorist Muslims of India in general and Afzal Guru in particular.

Indira Gandhi created the Sikh extremist group of Bhindaranwale in the late 1970’s. Bhindaranwale turned into a Frankenstien monster and ended the life of Indira Gandhi. Achuthanandan’s CPM has been instrumental in creating the terrorist PFI in Kerala. Now the PFI has turned into a Frankenstien monster and very much eroded the electoral prospects of the CPM.

The grim political tragedy for Achuthanandan-ruled Kerala State is that even without the Islamic terrorist Popular Front, Kerala is going to be a Muslim-majority state by 2025. Average number of children in any Muslim family in Kerala is 4, Christian is 3 and Hindu is 2. At the current reproduction rates, in a matter of less than 15 years from today, the Muslims in Kerala will outnumber the Hindus, Christians and Communists as the single biggest community. All the Muslim and Islamic organizations, irrespective of their area of operation, have been pushing their followers to shun the Government sponsored Family Planning methods in order to increase their tribe. IN THIS P0LANNED AND CALCULATED WAR OF TRULY BARBAROUS DEMOGRAPHIC AGGRESSION THE TERRORIST MUSLIMS OF INDIA ARE MILLIONS OF MILES AHEAD OF ALL THE OTHER COMMUNITIES OF INDIA!

Having dealt with the long-term “Compassionate” Islamic political vision of Abdul Nasser Madani, let me now turn to the clairvoyant and revolutionary long-term Islamic vision of Union Cabinet Minority Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid. At a public function held in New Delhi recently, Salman Khurshid released a book in Urdu titled ‘Islam aur Islami Quiz- Ilm ka Khazana’, written by Ikhlas Ahmad Sherwani. The book contains articles on the Islamic message of peace by Islamic renown writers, including Allama Taj Mohammad Khan from the Al Azhar Islamic University of Cairo. The book stresses that Islam does not mean violence and strife, instead it is meant to harmonise the world by spreading the message of peace, brotherhood and oneness.

Salman Khurshid releasing book in Urdu titled ‘Islam aur Islami Quiz- Ilm ka Khazana’, written by Ikhlas Ahmad Sherwani.

Narrating his personal experiences, Sherwani said the true followers of Islam or Hinduism “never indulge in violence or terrorism. It is only a handful of people with distorted minds and a myopic vision that vitiate the atmosphere.”

Let us hear the clairvoyant Islamic AL-TAQQUIYA words of Salman Khurshid spoken at this Urdu book-release function. “Islam has played a great role in shaping the country’s “Indianness” in terms of art, culture and social behaviour. Islam stands for peace, brotherhood and prosperity and in India this religion has played a great role in shaping the art, culture and social behaviour that today typically signifies the ‘Indianness’. We should soak our souls into the idea of secularism. Secularism is the love and respect for all religions, and we should include it in every aspect of our lives. The world today recognises the fact that the path of secularism that India had adopted decades ago is becoming even more relevant today when many people talk of clashes of civilisations or of ways of life. In India all communities are able to live constantly in peace and harmony.”

Salman Khurshid seems to be living in the darkness of ignorance of the Middle Ages. Otherwise how can he openly proclaim thus: “All communities are living constantly in peace and harmony in India.” This is totally untrue. In the Muslim majority Murshidabad District of West Bengal today, the jihadi Muslims are carrying out instruction 6. in the original 23 point (1945-46) Circular issued by the Muslim League of Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Suhrawardy, the then Prime Minister of Undivided Bengal for the total decimation and destruction of the Hindus and their businesses in West Bengal. Let me refer once again to instruction 6. of  the 23 Point Circular referred to above.


In strict compliance with the above instruction 6., the jihadi Muslims in Murshidabad District have been attacking Hindus and their shops. Shops of Khokan Haldar, Haren Haldar and Balai Debnath have been looted and totally destroyed. Khokan Haldar’s wife has been molested. Ransaking is continuing and the Communist Police of West Bengal are taking no action. Muslims have gathered in the towns of Sakherhaat and Fulbagchia for another Islamic orgy of looting, burning and rape.

Fierce clashes started today evening, 30 July 2010, after the Friday Muslim prayers. The jihadi Muslim marauders have again attacked the market (Jiban Mondaler Haat). SIX Hindu shops have been destroyed and looted. Muslim criminals have been brought from outside. They took shelter in the local Al-Amin Educational Insti
ute. Two notorious Muslim criminals Khalek Mollah and Abul Hossein are leading the Muslim criminal gang. Fierce fighting is still going on. This village is under JOYNAGAR Police Station, Dist. South 24 Parganas.

Just as the Muslim Police of Suhrawardy in 1945-47 remained passive and indifferent on Direct Action Day on August 16, 1946, the Communist Police of West Bengal today are allowing the violent jihadi Muslim marauders in Murshidabad District to take the law into their own hands.

According to Union Cabinet Minority Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid (whose only strength in the Sonia Congress UPA II Government stems from the fact that he is a Muslim and therefore non-kaffir!) has glibly stated recently in New Delhi: “In India all communities are able to live constantly in peace and harmony.”

I would give my fitting answer to the totally misleading words of Salman Khurshid in the rapier-like words of Dr Babu Suseelan:

“The Islamist is playing the Islamic game of Al-Taqqia to fool gullible Hindus. What is the real Islamic contribution to India and to the world: Invasion, plunder, looting, beheading, destruction of sacred Hindu culture, oppression of women, polygamy, constant war and Jihadi terrorism.”
“Islam forbids democracy, secularism, coexistence, pluralism, peace and progress. As long as Muslims hiding in India believe that Allah had said the final word on any thing and everything, they will retard our progress and pull India to the path of violence and war.”
“Islamists in India is hiding in our communities enjoying special privileges and breeding fast for the final takeover of India for Allah. Then beheading of Hindus will begin. Make no mistake about it. It is Islamic history and it will repeat again.”

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