NDF : The deadly Islamic terrorist organization

via HK Correspodent published on May 11, 2006

The ‘National Development’ Front (NDF), an Islamic terrorist organization was established in 1993 and soon made use of the rebellion of Muslim hoodlums and social scum. Soon NDF got the reputation of being the nerve-centre of all terrorist activities in the state of Kerala. The organization is becoming increasingly popular among the youth in Muslim-dominated Malappuram and Kozhikode districts. NDF has its roots in terrorist organizations in Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir and the Midde East. NDF takes its inspiration from the terrorist groups in Pakistan and radical Islamic Imams from Iran. Funded by Pakistan ISI and Iran, NDF’s goals are to destroy pluralism, democracy, and the civil society of Kerala and to introduce Islamic dominance and theocracy.                       


NDF carried out several assassinations and bombing in northern districts of Kerala with impunity for several years. NDF has now slowly and surely spread its terrorist reach into southern parts of Kerala. The cold-blooded and ruthless murder of the young Hindu leader Sunil Kumar in Kilimanoor, daylight murder of RSS Kannur Boudhik Pramukh Ashwini Kumar, Hindu Aikya Vedi leaders Sri Prakash of Chavakad, Manikandan, Marad massacre, bombing at the bus station in Kozhikode, burning of a passenger bus in Kochi, arson and riots in various parts of Kerala as well as several clashes by the firebrand NDF jihadi terrorist organization is a new and dangerous escalation of Jihadi terrorism Kerala.


NDF represents a real threat to the future of the democratic Kerala and is threatening peace and security of Hindus in Kerala. Unrestrained, unhindered terrorist operation of NDF is inciting hatred and violence in Kerala.


NDF is now trying to forge alliances with the most radical Islamic terrorist groups in India, in the Middle East, Pakistan, Kashmir and Bangladesh.


According to intelligence agencies, the NDF has stockpiled explosives and maintains a well-oiled intelligence-gathering mechanism. NDF also runs a range of commercial activities, media outlets, and websites. NDF’s infrastructure within Kerala has mostly coming from Muslim business houses, Mosques, and Muslim organizations funded by the Islamic countries of the Middle East. Major financing of NDF comes from Iran and Pakistan. NDF has also relied extensively on funding from the Muslim migrant diaspora in the Middle East.


It is reported that NDF is trying to overtake the authority of several radical Islamic groups in Kerala. NDF has several publication including a newspaper “Tejas”. Tejas, its propaganda machine extols the activities of NDF. Several articles have appeared in Tejas to incite terrorist violence.   


It is patently obvious to observers that NDF is a deadly terrorist organization engaged in bombing, murder, assassination riots and violence, that presumption is far less obvious to the present Kerala government controlled by Christian / Muslim cliques not to mention the communist party. There is a sustained attempt by political and secular leaders to ignore or play down NDF terrorist activities.


Various Hindu organizations in Kerala had already demanded the ban on NDF after gathering sufficient evidence to establish that the organization was indulging in anti-national activities.


There were clear, conclusive evidences to suggest that the NDF is an extremist organization acting against the interests of the nation.  NDF had been supporting many international-level extremist activities even in Kashmir. Intelligence agency officials have also said that they have gathered many evidences about the extremist activities of the NDF and their links with outside forces. Now it is for the Kerala State Government to effectively ban the terrorist organization before it is too late.


Neera Rawat, Senior Superintendent of Police, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh (She was the Police Commissioner of Kozhikode during 1997- 1999) said that she had prepared a report about the NDF’s link with the Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) during her tenure in Kozhikode.. 


Ms. Rawat said that she had constituted a special squad to assist the Special Branch to collect information about the activities of the NDF. The Police had then prepared reports that the ISI and Iran were the fund sponsors of the NDF. The Special Branch had collected reports using its sources and methods. Its reports were confidential and authentic, she said. Instead of taking effective actions, The kerala government did turn a blind eye to the report.


For the past one year NDF activists had killed key RSS leaders in various places of Kerala. The recent killing of Sunil Kumar, an RSS District Seva Pramukh & Taluk Kariyavaha is the latest evidence that establishes the perception that Kerala is becoming a haven for Islamic extremist elements.


Now its time for Hindu organizations, cultural leaders and intellectuals to join together and condemn all terrorist activities carried out by NDF in the name of Islam. They should unite to defeat such dangerous and radical Islam fascist terrorist groups. Otherwise, Kerala could descend into chaos. If this Islamic terrorism and its flagship NDF is not contained, Kerala will become another kashmir where non-Muslims will be either murdered or forced out.

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