Narendran commission report : A blueprint for disaster

via HK Correspondent published on February 1, 2006

Omman Chandy government controlled by Muslim and Christian interest groups has decided to implement the controversial and disastrous Narendran Commission Report. Narendran Commission Report recommends additional hiring quota, job reservation, and preferential college admission for Muslims, Latin and converted Christians. This is in addition to the reservation programs that exist for Muslims, Latin and converted Christians for government jobs and professional college admission.


Social policy experts, professional economists, educational luminaries and nationalist political leaders have criticized the unconvincing, most screwed-up recommendation for preferential treatment for organized Muslim and Latin Christian groups. Its social and economic value would probably be minimal to the majority of citizens. It would certainly serve the dominant Muslims and Latin Christians.


Establishing merit based bureaucracy, equal opportunity, justice, open competition for jobs, and merit based recruitment, effective service system, and economic opportunities for citizens are the goals of any government. But in kerala, psychopathic political leaders believe in things that are not true and can implement policies where nobody knows if they are good or bad. They believe in unprincipled and dangerous social engineering, religion based reservation policies, unequal social justice system, where no one but a moron would ever believe and put into practice. Implementing Narendran Commission report for special privileges for Muslims and Latin Christians is totally a cynical and cunning plan that would involve in the manipulation and distribution of scare resources to the powerful Muslim and Latin Christian communities.


Pseudo secularists, Communists, and vote bank politicians justify this disastrous and discriminatory policy in the name of equality. But expecting equality through special preferences, quota system, and affirmative action plan for Muslims and Latin Christians, at the expense of the majority Hindus is silly, impractical and pernicious. It will not produce equal opportunity, fairness, and equal outcomes. Special hiring practices based on religion is incompatible with equality of opportunity. Pursuing equality of results through special preferences based on religious affiliation can cause the most harm when dealing with education, employment and professional service.


The goal of any civilized state should be to keep all citizens to have the opportunity to live up to their potentials, not to offer them undue advantage because of their religion. It is unfair to deprive unusually talented or intelligent Hindu students of the opportunity they require to become productive citizens.


The Narendran Commission report is against constitutional law, Supreme Court directives, and if implemented, it would be the most widespread form of institutionalized intolerance towards the majority Hindus in Kerala history. Since independence, successive governments have introduced policies and programs in different flavors to appease organized Muslims and Christians at the expense of the majority Hindus. It is a hateful anti-Hindu monocracy. It is a weapon of choice for the Muslims and Christian dominated Kerala government to endanger the state.


The Omman Chandy government and the Congress party has concocted a mental model that is designed to marginalize and intimidate NSS and other caste based organizations that initially opposed the reservation policy for Muslims and Latin Christians. The report was deliberately put into play for political gain prior to the coming election. It is also a toxic strategy to lure innocent Hindus for conversion and change the state that will make it unrecognizable. It is a deliberate attempt to produce “Savage Inequalities” and to corner social, civil, educational and economic institutions in the hands of Muslims and Latin Christians.


It is time for Hindus, irrespective of their caste to join together and to re-evaluate the strength and validity of such ant-Hindu policies. Hindus needs to unite and question the feasibility and validity of the ultimate goal of social engineering and preferential treatment for Muslims and Christians.

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