Muslim League Caught Red Handed with Black Money

By HK via Janam TV published on April 7, 2017

Thiruvananthapuram: The hidden graft investments being indulged in Muslim League has been exposed, while trying to convert black money to white in Punjab National Bank, Kozhikode, under cover of their mouthpiece Chandrika. Sources have revealed that the news paper has admitted to the five crores seized by income tax department, as being black money. A fine of two and a half crores has been paid, says reports.
The major expose done by Janam TV in Kerala, has now blown the mask off Muslim League’s nefarious deeds. “The party which vocalized about nationalism is now trying to save it’s face by paying a mammoth amount as fine,” said sources adding that the organization has not been paying monthly salary to its employees since several months. “But their move in trying to deposit crores inspite of this, caught the attention of income tax officials.”
IT officials are said to have issued a directive, seeking documents for the five crores the party planned to deposit. “The move by the IT department put the party in a fix. They became aware that many, including senior party leaders would end up behind bars if matters were taken light. This is what led Chandrika Daily, into paying the fine of two and a half crores,” said sources. 1.25 crores has been deposited in the bank.
Muslim League, which has been in the forefront in flaying central government over demonetization drive, even went to the extent of labelling hoarding of black money as ‘haraam’, coupled with dramatized emotional outbursts of central government doubting the citizen’s patriotic feelings.
However the fact that Chandrika, which functions under the leadership of Panakkad Hyder Ali Shihab Thangal, has been the mask under which crores of black money was being hoarded, has now been exposed, the party now stands liable to answer a slew of questions, both politically and legally.

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  1. Raju Puducode Reply

    April 9, 2017 at 10:06 am

    Jihadis of the religion of terror always fish in troubled waters because of their twisted brains. .Thrissur: Police and Intelligence agencies have confirmed that the armament used by the Maoists who were slain in the Nilambur attack are the same as those being used by terrorists functioning in Kashmir. This is conclusive evidence to prove that Maoists procure armament from Kashmir terror modules and Pakistan. It was reported earlier that Islamic terrorism has always been hand in glove with Left terror when it comes to activities of dread and separatism. The Pump Action Rifles recovered from the Maoists hideout in Karulayi forest of Nilambur confirm these facts. These rifles are used by Lashkar E Toiba against Indian Army and have the capacity to fire12 bullets in a single shot. The investigative team has unearthed a huge cache of bullets that are used for the specific rifle, which is being manufactured in Pakistan. An investigation into how the rifles reached Maoist camp is currently underway. Apart from armament, Pak manufactured counterfeit Indian currency has been discovered in the hideouts. This, however, could not get merged with the main stream currency circulation owing to the demonetization drive of the central government. Intelligence agencies have revealed that the illegal smuggling of arms and armament are being done via the country’s Eastern border. The armament first reaches Nepal and Bangladesh. There the agents, including a section of villagers aid the transport of ammunition and weaponry, mostly via borders of West Bengal. They then reach Naxal strongholds of Jharkhand and Chhatisgarh. There is no doubt that the brainwave behind the unholy nexus forged between Jihadists and Naxals is ISI, the Pak based spy agency. According to Indian Intelligence, Chinese government has bestowed their silent blessings on the network

  2. Raju Puducode Reply

    April 15, 2017 at 8:34 am

    Very good news for Malayalees on this Friday. Allah is doing a great cleanup job of this world. The news of killing of Murshid Mohammed, one of the 17 missing Kerala youths who had joined Islamic State terror organisation and travelled to Afghanistan was broken to his father by a woman identifying herself as his wife Mughira. Murshid (24), was unmarried when he left for ‘hijra’ to the Islamic State-controlled Nangarhar province of Afghanistan.

    Mughira informed Mohammed Haider, a native of Kasaragod in Kerala, through Whatsapp text messages sent on April 12 from Afghanistan that his son and her husband Murshid was killed. . Murshid’s death, supposedly in a drone strike, came two months after another ‘missing’ youth from Kerala, Hafesudheen, was killed by a drone in Afghanistan.
    Murshid had flown to Teheran where he joined IS. He then joined other fellow youths from Kerala, who had come via the Gulf, to reach Afghanistan.

    Though Murshid was killed a couple of days before the US dropped the MOAB on IS-infested caves in Nangarhar, agencies are trying to ascertain the fate of the other ‘missing’ Keralites, including mastermind Abdul Rashid, based in the same province.
    NSA established that the absconding accused Mohammed Sajid Kuthirrumal was staying at same place as Murshid. It confirmed that Sajid and Murshid, along with other absconding accused Abdul Rashid, Dr Ijas Kallukettiya Purayil, Mohd Marwan Becker Ismail and Shihas Kallukettiya Purayil are with IS and that they have been instigating others to join them.

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