Minority status for powerful Minorities,lead Hindus further into desolute experience and despair.

via HK Correspondent published on April 19, 2007

National Dysfunction Commission Promoting Toxic Faiths


National Minority Education Commission has become a National dysfunction Commission  by  granting Minority status to the most affluent, powerful hyperreligious Christian owned and Managed Pushpagiri Educational Institutions, which includes their Medical, Dental and Nursing Colleges .


National Minority Education Commission is the brain child of the appeasement policies of Pseudo secular Central government. The National Minority Commission was created to promote the toxic faiths of Muslims and Christians and to create a vote bank. In Kerala, Muslims and Christians are economically, socially and politically strong. They control most of the educational institutions, professional colleges, control banking, finance, busness and own majority of the land. Hindus are socially, finacially deprived in Kerala. By providing minority status to socially and economically advanced Christian groups, they are free to manage the Medical Colleges including admission criteria, fee structure and selection of faculty. Christian management need not follow reservation policy for hiring socially deprived Hindu backward classes. The Christian Management will be allowed to hire only Christians of their liking.


Who is a Minority?


Ironically till date Indian Constitution has not defined a Minority.


International law defines ‘minority’ as “a group numerically inferior to the rest of the population of a state, in a non-dominant position, whose members possess ethnic, religious or linguistic characteristics differing from the rest of the population”.


What Court says?


The question of determining the majority-minority status of a community was raised before the Supreme Court in the Kerala Education Bill reference case of 1958 but was not answered by the court.


In the DAV College case of 1971 the apex court ruled that the majority-minority status would be determinable at the national level for the purposes of central laws and on a state-to-state basis for the purposes of state laws.


Finally, in the celebrated T M A Pai case in 2001, the court decided that the minority status of both religious communities and linguistic groups has to be determined at the state level.


Although court has made its position clear in various cases and slammed Governments many times for coming up with dirty tricks of Minority Appeasement, National Minority Education Commission Act of UPA haven’t paid any attention to these Court warnings.


Minority in one state Majority in other State


At the state level, Hindus are actually a minority in Jammu & Kashmir, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Punjab and in the Union territory of Lakshadweep .


The majority-minority status of various religious communities at the national level and in various states is by no means uniform but still UPA wants to consider Christians and Muslims as Minorities irrespective of this issue.


Situation in Kerala


In Kerala already 90% of the professional colleges are controlled by Christians and Muslims and now this new policy of special status of Minority status will destroy the social and economic condition of Hindus. Christians or Muslims in Kerala are educationally, socially ,economically and politicaly advanced and they are politically organized compared to Hindus.It is the Hindus in Kerala now facing threat from these so called toxic Christiand and Muslim groups. . Former Chief Minister A.K.Antony rightly said that Minority is ruling and exploiting the Majority in Kerala.That statement finally led to the removal of him from Chief Ministership! That is the power of Minority groups in Kerala!


What Benefit are awaiting?  


With this status these institutions will get all grants, benefits and allowances for Church, above that they are free to collect lakhs of Rupees as donation and fees from students.


They can appoint any person as they like as Lecturers and Professors from their own religion and the Tax payer has to pay for their salary as well!


Apart from all this, Minority  status absolve  them from the obligation of admitting  SC/ST Students and faculty. 



What the LDF Government is doing?


LDF Government and Educational Minister M.A.Baby is only a part of the bigger agenda to wipe out Hindus from the state. The Role of LDF in this drama is to act their best as the saviour of social justice in the state when ever a issue comes and forget about it once the public attention is diverted.


The much proclaimed self finance Bill was formed with enough clauses and loop holes for Minority institutions and in effect it is only applicable to one or two institutions controlled by Hindus.


Within  a year already 16 institutions in Kerala got minority status and every time M.A.Baby boasts that they will question it in court. Nothing happened for last one year and now again he sings the same tune, that Government will question this!


The public in Kerala is well aware that the Questions has been asked  and  answered inside Church Guest Houses and Muslim Bunglows.


It seems that the unscrupulous leaders of the Marxist party and the misguided  Congress party have determined to promote toxic faiths of Christianity and Islam at the cost of Hindus.


Special Minority status for powerful Churches will lead Hindus further into desolute experience and despair. 

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