Meaning of India MUST change, George too!

published on March 23, 2008

Open Letter to TJS George
, Ref Article  Should the meaning of India change?

1) From Haran. B.R

Hi George, Welcome back! First of all, you must be appreciated for terming the Karnataka Election as “Kurukshetra” war. The BJP Paandavaas and Congress Kauravaas have already sacrificed the “Aravaan” the Nabumsaka called
JD(S). While The BJP Charioteer Arun Jaitely has a phenomenal track
record like original Krishna in working strategies and winning wars,
the Congress Charioteer resembles the original only in name and nothing
else. The BJP charioteer has a solid Arjuna in Yediyurappa and alas, the Congress charioteer doesn’t have anybody and he is left to drive a chariot without any Dhuryodhana or Karna! Probably he has to wage a war for the blind Drutharaashtra of 7, Race Course and cunning female Shakuni of 10 Janpath! And how sad for the Congress Kauravas, the Bishma Pithaamaha is also identified with the BJP by none other than Drutharaashtra himself!


George! It is clear that, being a Bengaluru based p-sec media man; you are worried about the imminent, that is, the state of Karnataka
opening the southern gateway for Hindutva. Even if you write hundreds
of articles of P-sec rants against Hindutva, you cannot stop that. The
religious minded Kannadigas would love to see a Modi or a Vasundara or
a Naveen or a Nitish from the Paandava camp, but, can the Kauravas show
their Karuna or Pawar or Samuel or Buddha or Achutha to them? Don’t worry George, you have your Kaurava “Baby” from Delhi
who is going to have his “open & secret days out” in Karnataka and
you can be rest assured that he would produce the same remarkable
result, which he has produced during his recent outings!


the eyes, which are used to cowardice and negative politics, astuteness
and aggression will not be visible and they will see only arrogance.
Modi was a product of RSS and he took the BJP central command in to
confidence and the RSS & BJP gave him the liberty to plan his
strategies and supported him. Such an ‘internal democracy’ is alien to
your alien headed Congress, as admitted by the alien’s baby himself!
You cannot sell the p-sec story that Modi won on his own by sidelining
BJP/RSS and all that. You need not bother if Karnataka BJP has a Modi
or not, but it can get the help of Modi whenever required. But, what is
the fate of Karnataka Congress? Do they have someone at the level of at
least 10% stature of Modi to help them? Extremist eyes will see
everything as extremist only. Having used to extremisms like Jihad, evangelization, Maoism and communism, it is quite natural for p-sec men like you to view Hindutva as extremism.


You have quoted a wrong notion of an IIM-A Professor, which will not cut much ice with the readers. You
must understand that, as far as Gujarat is concerned, the ‘majority’
have understood the strength of Unity & power of Hindutva as per
Sanatana Dharma and the ‘minority’ have realized that they must respect
the aspirations of the majority and live amicably without creating any
turbulence. Hence, the state remains in peace and marches towards
development for the last five years and there is absolutely no takers
from both majority and minority for the Machiavellian preaching of the
p-sec brigade. Modiism is the answer for your third rate minorityism
& pseudo-secularism and
India must change its meaning from “Secularism” to “Hindu Nationalism” and ultimately its name itself from “India” to “Bharat”.


no mistake George! The rest of the country has watched Gujarat and they
will follow suit and convey their decision when their opportunity
comes! So, stop your sickening sermons and behave like a minority from Gujarat, for Karnataka is the next Gujarat in line!


2) From H. Balakrishnan

He ‘shifts stands’ faster than the ‘shifting sands’. He changes colour faster than a ‘chameleon’.He epitomises the ‘unprincipled’. In short he is a ‘hypocrite’ of the highest order.And, lest we forget,he is ‘secular’!! I refer to TJS George and his ‘Sabbath Pontifications’!! This Sunday‘s infliction- “Should the meaning of India change?” – (TNSE-23Mar).
A month ago, in another piece of ‘secular hogwash’ entitled “God, Karunanidhi  —and pre-Brahmin glory” (TNSE-24 FEB),
he wrote:”After all, the far more powerful Jaina-Buddhist philosophies
were overwhelmed too.These highly evolved philosophies nurtured
egalitarianism while the Vedic tradition insisted on segregation. One
sought to elevate common people to higher social-spiritual levels
through education; the other prescribed that the lower orders should
not be exposed to learning. As it happened, it was the
discriminationist school that prevailed over the equality line “. Sanatana Dharma damned all the way.
And yet, in his current Sabbath message he writes: “We are talking about
moving away from what has made us what we are – Sanatana Dharma ‘. In
one breath ‘damn Sanatana Dharma’. In the other write an eulogy. If
that ain’t unprincipled to the core, pray tell me whatever it is in
your ‘secular’ journalistic lingo?
The Editor of Chennai daily, had probably the likes of the Georges of this world in his crosshair when he wrote in his column recently:
In reality a writer’s ego is larger than even the politician’s. Most
writings are ego trips concealed in verbal sophistry or camouglaged by
plain piffle. The very act of writing about others pre-supposes a
superiority, that is often assumed than conferred.Armed with the
supposedly mighty pen … or the keyboard … the writer is an
autocrat, an unabashed dictator, obsessed with himself and his
make-believe world of words “
. How very true in this instant case?!!
In the Introduction, to an intellectually stimulating book-

” Understanding India: Relevance of Hinduism”, the former Secretary General of the Lok Sabha, Dr. Subhash C Kashyap wrote: ” The purpose of drawing attention to Huntington’s
seminal work (Who are we? What is the substance of American national
identity as contra-distinguished from other people?) and his idea about
American national identity is to pose a similar question to ourselves:
‘Who are we?’ What is India’s national identity? If the logic of Huntington’s argument is followed and applied to India, the thesis that emerges would perhaps be immediately frowned upon as diabolical
Hindu chauvinism.
All that is necessary is to substitute ‘American’ with ‘ Indian ‘, and ‘Anglo-Protestant’ by ‘ Hindu ‘ or ‘Hinduism’. Anyone who attempts it would be at once denounced by the pseudoliberal intellectual as being anti-secular Hindu fundamentalist”.


3)From Vijayan.K

War between the forces of Evil and Sanathana Dharma has been going on
unabated for a thousand years now, but Christo-communist Georges and
Nawabs of Islamic Bunkum  will not see it nor let anyone
else see it if they can. As the Bengalees used say (pre-3 Bs Era) “Alor
thaaley andhukaar”. Lit., darkness at the foot of the lamp.

Whoever wins it is not going to do the Aam Aadmis  any
good. Georgieporgies, Nawabs and Dynastic Heads may get money in their
Off-shore accounts and take Dual Nationality. They have always being
doing that anyway.

one who can talk of Hinduthva Extremism and Sanathana Dharma in the
same breath can only belong to the forked-tongue, mutated breed – and George of the Jungle
Raj has indecently exposed himself often enough, and readers of Express
will generally be quite unrepentant and un-remorse filled if and when
he gets it in the neck.

have quite a few George’s encouraging and egging on MC_BC Hussains,
Vanniar Catholic Archbishops and their Parishes of Dullwits, Omalur
rape-murdering Padiris  with collaborating Nuns, Hindu
Jelly-cutters, Body-piercers, bone eaters, baby buriers, circumcisers
of babies, halaal butchers, bomb-throwers, burqah-wearers, Kashmiri
Hitlers, Train burners, Evangelisers, Soul Harvesters, Aurangazeebs,
Jodi-jodaaed Ughburs, Romilla Thuppers, AK47 toting film icons, Nawabs
buying guns in their minor daughters’ names, Afzal Gurus, Nuke sellers,
Linguistic secessionists . . . . – the list can go on.

chaps have made D&R into a fine Art, and the Meaning of India has
been changed already. Stupidest headline we have seen in years, even
for George.

agree with George that the “. . . the real targets, of the kind Modi
marginalized are too many, too assertive, and too organized to be
simply beaten down”, to the extent there are more Christian
missionaries and vipers around in Curnataka, Kerala, Orissa and Tamil
Naddoo who may side with any treacherous move made by any Divisive

take consolation in the fact that the Trutype Dravidian is more violent
and murderous than Halal Butchering circumcisers, and after the war
there may be more repercussions over dividing the loot – if the war is
won by George-cutwa combos.

Imagine also, Brahmins importing Mayawati into the Dravidian scene in the near future.

thoughts which holds the aam-minority-aadmi back, in spite of Georgian
incentives, Roman Candles, and 75 virgins in Jun-Nut.

4) From Mohan

You are at your favourite pastime again – Modi and Hindu bashing.  Despite taking Indian salt, you continue to behave like an imported Syrian Christian.Why Gujarat riots took place?  Because 55 innocent women and children were roasted alive by muslim goons.
Have your ever written about this incident?. You have not, because, you are secular.  According to the report submitted in the Parliament, nearly 760 people lost their lives in Gujarat, out of which 250 were hindus.  Have you ever written about this?  You have not, because, you are secular.  Have you or that addressless IIM Idiot Shreekan Samparani, discussed about the massacre and ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Kashmir? No, because, you are all secular.  Now lot of human rights materials are available about the genocide , ethnic cleansing, massacre and conversion of hindus in Pakistan and Bangla Desh. In fact, these reports say that the Hindu population in Bangla desh has come down to less than 7% from 34% of the pre-partition days and in Pakistan, the hindu population has come down to less than 1% from the pre-partition days of 19%.Why you and that IIM Idiot, have not written about this unprecedented genocide. Because, you are stupidly secular.

Have you ever condemned MF Hussain for his pornography on Hindu Gods and Goddesses?  How you will react if a hindu painter indulges in pornography on Jesus, Virgin
Mary, Prophet, Ayesha etc?  Tell, me George.

How you will react if a train load of muslim or Christian pilgrims are burnt alive by Hindu mobs? Will you be lecturing about secularism?  Remember Staines – the secularists made such a noise that President Bush was about to send his Stealth aircrafts for bombing Hindus.

You are stupidly remarking that Modi is supposedly free from corruption. For you Bofors- Vockers- Sonia, is a paragon of virtue.And as per your dictionary,3500 sikhs committed mass-suicide, unable to bear the death of Indira Gandhi, in 1984..

You have assumed your readers to be fools. But actually, you have become a laughing stock.  Readers know that for 2 or 3 weeks, you will write about drainage facililty in Bangalore, vegetables in Kerala and Periarism in Tamilnadu, before switching over to
your Modi and Hindu-phobias.  This cycle is getting repeated re gularly. Are you not ashamed that you are misusing the freedom of expression to hurt only Modi and hindus.

One thing is certain George – you are occupying the present position in Express, not because of your journalistic skills or knowledge on matters.  You are planted by forces, inimical to our country, to destroy hindus and Hinduism by your divisive and one-sided writings.  You know one thing George – the following information is doing the rounds in  the internet – two
of the greatest bla, blas,connected with the 24×7 channel were paid 5 million US dollars by a Saudi agency, to report only the muslim side of suffering in Gujarat riots. Eventoday, no media – both electronic and print, have reported about the killing of 250 hindus in Gujarat riots.You can check up the facts to find the truth.

George – you must consult a psychiatrist to cure you Modi-Hindu phobias.

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