Marad Report & Deepak Dharmadam’s investigative reports

via Raghavan Nair published on September 29, 2006

Findings of the Marad Commission and Government’s decision to request the central government for CBI enquiry are only confirming what the Hindu organizations and BJP have been demanding since 2003.


Those  who have read the Investigative Reports compiled by Shri.Deepak Dharmadam and published as a book named `Keralam Bheekararude Swantham Naddu'(Kerala-Terrorists own country) may be surprised with the striking similarity in contents of that book and Thomas P.Joseph Commission’s report. No wonder that NDF General Secretary Nazaruddin Elamaram has lamented about the influence of RSS theories in the commissions report! Deepak Dharmadam deserves all the praise for his daring investigative journalistic work that has no parallel in Malayalam Investigative Literature


It has been the apathy shown by political parties in power to accept the fact about growth of terrorism in the state that brought things to such a deplorable level in Kerala.The concerned citizens are also at fault for their inability in pursuing issues with consistency until we reach desired goals. Except for the courage and steadfastness displayed by those brave ladies of Araya Samajam in Marad, the issue may have been extinct by now.  


Terrorist activities started in the state in early 90’s and if the government had taken the Chekannur Maoulavi murder that occurred on 23 July 1993 seriously, the nexus that had developed between Gangsters (both national and international) and certain groups in the state could have been unearthed. The Kannur city police station in 1999 registered a case against a pro-Madani group that was plotting the assassination of E.K. Nayanar.,last week about 7 people have been arrested in this regard. If the government has taken the Marad massacre seriously as an issue that goes beyond any political consideration, the growth of terrorist activities in the state could have been checked and organizations and political parties that harbour the criminals should have been banned. The crux of this issue is not the danger that looms above the Hindus in the state, but `Gods own country’ has been gradually converted as a safe hideout for national and international criminals and there are influential personnel in the state and centre politics to protect them.


We could hope to find solace with the belief that the CBI enquiry shall unearth the routes through which crores of rupees flow into the state, the connection that a few notorious outfits in the state have with foreign agencies and isolate their planted agents in state and centre politics. It is unfortunate that the commission could not unearth the foreign connection of these groups, but a detailed enquiry by CBI will definitely bring out the facts. Because, the central intelligence have solid proof about things going on in the state, even though the state government did not care for their warnings. A few recent decisions by the Central Intelligence agencies corroborate our views in this regard. The Central Intelligence has decided to open their offices in all the districts of Kerala to closely monitor the activities of different groups.  


Let us hope that action from both Centre and State governments shall put a brake to the terrorist activities spreading in the state under various disguise and help Keralites to lead a peaceful life.

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