Love Jihad Unveiled

published on August 25, 2010

 Heart breaking Love Jihad histories from Kerala
By Mr. Pradeesh –

True case histories of Love-Jihad as told by a prominent member of a Hindu organization of Kerala

Few days back I happened to talk to a girl student of P.A. Aziz Engineering college in Thiruvananthapuram. From her, I came to understand the frightful situation in that college. The most terrifying part is that the first year students who join the college, have to experience ‘ragging of a different kind’ from their seniors. The senior Muslim boys (as the Muslim population is very high) ask the junior Hindu/Christian girls ‘why you do not wear a burkha, wear a burkha and show us’ or tell them to do namaaz in front of others / ‘learn how to do namaz tomorrow and come’. Nobody dares to tell this outside as the college is under Muslim administration and they do not give respect to the Principal too. Here, Hindu/Christian students are lured and threatened into getting converted and no one dares to tell it outside.

While studying in the third year, a student of the college, fell in love with a Muslim boy and later got converted. She tried to convert her parents too and told them that the Hindu beliefs and customs,  going to temples, etc. is wrong. A fourth year student of the same college, has started to wear burkha and do namaz at night at home. When her parents asked her about the same, she ran away with a Muslim boy. We have come to know that 12 Hindu girls of this college have converted to Islam till date. When we went to meet these girls secretively, we came to know that in this college, the girl’s hostel was situated in 3-4 places and no one knows among themeselves about what happens in these places. Thus, the activities of this college are very suspicious. In this college, the pass percentage is only 20%.

Second Incident

One day, a girl called up and said, ‘I want to come back, I am in dangerous situation’. As soon as she told this, we felt as though someone forcefully snatched away the phone from her. After sometime we called on that mobile number, but it was switched off. Again, when we called up after sometime, a person named Shafeeq took up the phone and said, ‘we are married and that she spoke unknowingly like this’. When we told that we would like to meet him, he switched off the mobile phone. With the help of mobile company and cyber cell, we came to know that the girl was taken from Koyilandi, Kerala and is now kept at an institution in Aluva, Ernakulam. Thorugh the help of police and our activists, we found both of them and produced them in the police station. Then the girl told her story – ‘the boy was in love with me for 2 years. Later, he put me in a vehicle in Koyilandi without telling me where he is taking me. He troubled me a lot in the car. Now I want to return to my parents.’ So we contacted her parents and they came and took her away.

Every day we come across 3-4 such cases.

A person Abubacker from Palakkad, Kerala, fraudly identified himself as a Hindu and acquainted with a Hindu girl from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. This girl had only an elder sister. He promised to marry her and arranged a marriage in a temple at Thiruvananthapuram, identifying himself as a Hindu. Also, he brought his friends and made them pretend to be Hindus. Thus, the marriage took place. After that, both of them stayed at Palakkad. After one month of marriage, he told the girl to get converted. She declined. Later she came to realise that he is a Muslim and felt that she is in a dangerous situation. As she declined to convert, he took her to the railway station at night stating that they had to go somewhere and took one train ticket and put her alone into the train and left her. This news was reported to us. Now this person is getting ready to marry a second time and has told that if anybody opposes the marriage, he will kill that girl. Such incidents are increasing daily.

In Palakkad, the sister-in-law (wife’s younger sister) of the district president of a political party with Hindu way of thinking ran away with a Muslim. When we went to investigate, we found that the girl was forced to call this leader’s house and threatened them that if anyone came to search for her, their son’s dead body would lie on the road. Later when we contacted the girl’s family and told that we would bring the girl back, we got the reply that ‘since we are in midst of tension and our family is not in a position to face the Muslims, we need not proceed further’. So what is seen nowadays is that the Muslims are threatening Hindus widely.

Nowadays, in Palakkad, Thiruvananthapuram, Koyilandi, Malappuram, and other places, is that after the girl goes away with the Muslim boy, she is forced to call her home and tell her parents that she is going to convert to Islam and that no one should come searching her. If anybody does so, it will be harmful to them. Such threatening is taking place widely.

In Thiruvananthapuram there in a shopping complex a Hindu girl was working in a company called ‘Arabian Fragrance’. The owner of the shop named Aisha used to give her Quran and tell that Islam is great and that idol worship is bad. She was misguided and lured and taken to ‘Mughadaal conversion’ centre in Kozhikode, Kerala. Police investigated and came to know that the girl was lured and that she was not ready to return. Then the girl’s parents and elder sister gave a complaint to the police and reached the conversion centre at Kozhikode. On reaching there, the authorities were not ready to return the girl. Now the Thiruvananthapuram police commisioner has told the crime branch to investigate. In this Aisha’s shop, in the past 1 year, 3 such girls have got converted. Among that, one girl was married to a Muslim. He took away her ornaments and Rs 1 lakh and left her.

At Thriprayar in Thrissur district of Kerala, a lady named Shakeela was running a computer centre, where a girl from a poor Hindu family was working. She was taken to the Kozhikode Mughadaar conversion centre. Her parents have called us and asked for help.

Now the new trend is to convert the Hindu girls working in shops, shopping malls and computer centres owned by Mulsims. Examples are Baby pride mall, Coingo Bazar, Mithai therivu (in Kozhikode), Maharaja Textiles (Thiruvananthapuram). In these places, only Muslim boys and Hindu girls are employed. This is the new ‘system’ of Love-Jihad – giving job, high salary, mobile phones to girls/ladies working in shopping malls or shops and slowly take them to conversion centres / making them fall in love with Muslim boys and thus cheat them….

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