Lord of Guruvayoor handles the errant Minister !!

via Krishna Daya published on December 28, 2008

Hare Krishna! Dear Devotees ,  

In the recent past , the aggressive  Kerala  Devaswom Minister had been vehemently implementing his party’s (CPI-M) hidden agenda of sabotaging  *Sanatana Dharma* . MilitantCPI-M bosses are seriously concerned at the growing *Bhakti* in the society . This included evenparty cadres  preferring Temples to the  rotten materialistic Communism .  The fanatic Minister conspiring with the Patry leadership was executing the following  Action plan  :

  1. Defame the Tantris , Poojaris and Brahamana-community  .

  2. Reject the existing  *Kshetra-Acharams* ( Temple traditions established by Rishis like Adi Shankara) . And replace with “Secular”( irreligious) working systems  to  desecrate the Temples.

  3. Appoint atheist Party workers as Devaswom Chairmen,  Directors , Administrators , Staff, Tantris and  Poojaris to grab the Temples .

  4. Publicly attack  everything *Vedic* . Rubbish them all as “Fascism” and “Brahmin-conspiracy”  .

An all-out  propaganda war was declared against the most popular Guruvayoor temple . ( It’s  purest Vedic system has been established by Adi Shankaracharya Himself ).

The Minister himself took the initiative  to create controversies such us :


Permission to non-Hindus like Yesudas ( Singer) to enter inside  the Temple .


Change of  dress code .


Divert the Temple-funds for non-religious works outside  . Twist out of context the phrase  “Manava-seva is Madhava-seva” , to convince  that  service must be for Man and not the non-existent God Madhava .

The Communist agents in Devaswom Board quickly approved these “Revolutionary changes” . But they failed to get the mandatory consent from the authorized Guruvayoor Tantri .  Shree Chennas Raman Namboodirippadu firmly  rejected it . The Atheists started an abusive agitation ( Guruvayoor Satyagraha-2) in front of the temple demanding “secularization” of the Temple. However, Guruvayoor-devotees defeated it  . Revolutionaries took the matter   to Court but failed to get a favorable verdict  .

With the full support of the  Minister , Devaswom Board decided to seek the Deity’s will through the astrological  ritual *Ashtamangalya Devaprasnam * (AMD)  . This was to sideline the Tantri and then to seize the Temple .  The Board was sure of a favorable outcome from their chosen Astrologers . ( Being faithless,  the atheist Board didn’t count Bhagavan at all) .  However,
the mighty Bhagavan crushed their day-dreams by completely ratifying
the authority of Tantri and the * Kshetra-Acharams* in place .  Additionally , Bhagavan revealed the sinful activities and the evil intent of the “Revolutionaries” .

This divine intervention immensely inspired and strengthened  the Devotees .  And it derailed  the Revolutionary-gang . The Minister tried to justify in vain  by questioning  the *AMD* .  With increased vigor , he started throwing mud  at Bhagavan Guruvayoorappan and His servants , at every available platform .  It  terribly hurt the faithful Devotees , but they were helpless to rein-in this “Aggressor” in power  .

Finally , Guruvayoorappan taught the Minister the lesson of his life

( Based on feedback from reliable sources in Guruvayoor )

Although the Minister had toured  Guruvayoor town many  times , he never bothered to visit the Temple. A few months back,   he finally entered the Temple premise . It was to inaugurate a new water-plant . However , he totally ignored  Shree Guruvayoorappanand didn’teven look towards Him . The anti-Hindu media sensationalized  this “Open-snubbing ” in bold headlines . Will the super-active Shree Guruvayoorappan tolerate this insult ? :

  NO . Bhagavan HIT him,  immediately !!!

On the way back from Temple ,  the Minister inaugurated a function held at a nearby fake “Ashram” owned by a fraudHuman-God“. Very soon ,  It exploded into  a big controversy harming the Minister’s refutation . Even his comrades questioned his links with fraudHuman Gods” . Many other ill-omens and set backs started troubling . Chronic health problems included a major damage to the  vocal-chord . The shell shocked Minister recognized the divine hand behind these troubles .  He secretly visited the Guruvayoor Tantri ( Chennas Raman Namboothirippadu)  at midnight ( 2AM) to apologize for his “Snubbing of Guruvayoorappan “ . The Tantri refused even an audience . And informed  through an assistant  “I don’t have the authority to overrule Bhagavan Guruvayoorappan . You apologize to Bhagavan directly  and beg for His pardon ” .

Though the Minister did not dare to re-enter the Guruvayoor temple , his attitude has changedtotally . As atonement , he is taking many Temple friendly  administrative measures including the decision to steeply upgrade the class-4 pay scale of TemplePoojaris . Now, he is behaving like a faithful Devotee .


Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya !!!

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