Let Neyyatinkara Decide!

published on May 29, 2012
(Based on Article by BJP leader Adv. Sreedharan Pillai in Janmabhumi)

During his tenure as President of India, there was a question put forth to the general Malayali public by none other than Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, “Which is more important for you: the political party or your state?” The poser was put forth when Dr. Kalam arrived in the state for the inauguration of its Golden Jubilee celebrations. Kerala, unfortunately is a land where much has been mercilessly sacrificed in an aimless competition of petty politics. The query posed to Kerala by Kalam has now gone back in time, but its relevance remains eternal: the answer to the poser has not yet been discovered till date.  

In the backdrop of the by elections of Neyyatinkara, if the same question were put forth to the general voting crowd and the answer generated, it would undoubtedly see the victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Neyyatinkara. Main political parties of India like the Communist Party of India ( Marxist) have time and again tried to establish in Kerala that the establishment and foundation of their party stands more supreme than the Indian constitution! Following the tenets of their party,  they have unleashed violence and have committed political murders. The CPM has, via villages implemented parallel government through party dictates.

Taking into concern the second political party that stands in the picture- Congress: they are a section that have stooped so low, as to do the worst of crimes without a prick in the conscience, for the sole purpose of retaining power. It has become a party that has prostrated low to the dictates of a power wielding minority community. Perhaps, long back, when Gulzarilal Nanda referred to Congress Party from Kerala as “a diseased chapter in mainstream Congress party” would probably be because he was disgusted with the policy of minority appeasement that existed in the state, even from those days. This is now the prime cause because of which the entire administrative machinery stands toppled in Kerala. It is now upto the Bharatiya Janata Party to convey this message effectively to the people and drive home the stark truth into their minds. 

The state of Kerala has now become a mortuary of equal justice since quite some time. The combined minority forces are hell-bent on confiscating even the basic rights of the members of the majority community. This has disrupted the delicate social fabric of Kerala and has put the state in grave danger. Members of the majority community, ie Hindus are now running shelter-skelter, with their basic rights denied to the core. The situation cannot be denied by anyone either. The Bharatiya Janata Party and other organizations that come under the umbrella of Sangh Parivar who have been voicing out this very precise thing have been doing it on the basis of the very necessity that those who deserve justice should never be denied the same.

When Kerala was ruled by the UDF, under Chief Minister AK Antony, there was a blatant statement made by him based on his own decades of experience in the power corridor of Politics. 

“The minority communities of Kerala are united. Taking advantage of this unity, there are allegations of the minority communities entering into contracts and bargaining deals with the state government. This is undoubtedly prevalent in Kerala. Let us not forget that. Anyway, I have been a real witness to this scenario. What I have to request to the members of the minority community is that they must learn to keep a check on their activities. (This is part of an interview given by AK Antony to the press, on 9 July, 2003).

In June 2004, there was a heated debate between AK Antony and Kunjalikutty, in a UDF meet. The moment was captured in a photograph and was splashed all over the print media with a heading running thus in ‘Mangalam’ on 2 June 2004 , “I Will Not Be The Muslim  League’s Servant : Not Keen On Continuing As Chief Minister: AK Antony”. A counter pat from Kunnjalikutty came thus in ‘Mangalam’ on the same day, “Will  Not Succumb To AK Antony’s Hypocrisy”.

Let us not forget that the words and allegations have sprung from the mouth of none other than the Chief Minister of Kerala, who assesses, handles and passes remarks on the most controversial files of the state. He has made public, quite loud and clear, the glaring and terrifying truth that the minority communities are indeed gulping down the rights of those who belong to the majority community.
However, neither did Antony nor his party members nor his successors move a little finger to set the matter right. Antony, an embodiment of truth, who made it clear that he would voice out nothing but the truth, had to finally abdicate his seat. Inspite of all this, there is no one to put an end to this gross injustice and give the majority community their due share. Not only this, it is even more alarming to think that those snatchers and usurpers are now gaining greater confidence and strength to pursue their malignant agenda to take matters into their hands.

In October 2010, there were a couple of unforgettable statements made in the Press Club by the Chief Minister, who held the reigns of Kerala Achuthanandan. In fact, his words were a repeat of what AK Antony had once said about the instances of gross injustice, denial of rights and mass usurping being done against members of the majority community. Achuthanandan in fact made use of the face to face talk, where he lashed out quite openly that Christian and Muslim fundamental forces are now growing at an alarming rate. However, the end of the story remains the same. Not a soul has ever heard of any kind of measures taken by Achuthanandan to put an end to this gross injustice, implement equal justice for all and regain for the majority community the rights they lost. It is therefore vital and important that we discuss at Neyyatinkara, the issues of how justice is being denied, the instances of discrimination being practiced by the ruling roost and the sheer negligence being meted out to the members of Hindu community.

The present condition is that the Congress party has made a donation of the state to Indian Union Muslim League. In a Parliamentary democracy like India, the Chief Minister alone has the rights to decide his colleagues and allot them the respective portfolios. However, the Indian Union Muslim League has proved that things are solely in their hands. They demanded for a 5th Minister from their party and arbitrarily decided his portfolio. They took the ruling Congress and the Chief Minister at knifepoint and succeeded in grabbing the same. This happened, inspite of a meeting held by KPCC. The members of IUML were able to get what they wanted, with a cake walk over the Congress.

The respected General Secretary of NSS is now compelled to place before the High Court a plea concerning the educational package put forth by the Muslim League. The esteemed General Secretary of SNDP has, in their publication ‘Yoganaadam’ brought out clearly and openly, as a mark of protest, the manipulations in the chapters of Kerala History done by the Educational Minister. Drastic changes have been made in the annals of Kerala History to suit the agenda of Muslim League, glorifying only those who belong to the Muslim community.
A brief glance at the election scenario: when the UDF came into power in Kerala, NSS and SNDP are the two organizations that have helped the assisted them stay in power. Neyyatinkara was utilized by the towering leaders of these 2 Hindu organizations to exhort the people to fight tooth and nail against the glaring inequality in society where the rights of the Hindu community were being denied and subsequently usurped by the minorities that held the reins of power. At this juncture, the BJP must seize the golden opportunity and raise their voice loud and clear against the political mayhem let loose by CPM. They must shed the silence they have donned so far and enunciate the reality to the world outside.

This is a golden chance to revive the combined forces of Kochi that joined hands and stood strong against the minority-appeasing Congress, during the early days of the post-independence era (1950-52). The stalwart figures were Mannathu Padmanabhan and R Shankar. During those days the Director Board of NSS had an Ezhava member and the Director Board of SNDP consisted of a Nair member: this was indeed a golden era. However, the amount of injustice that has been heaped now stands in legions. Therefore it is so important that an era of truth and justice is ushered into the minds of the general public.
Apart from Mannam and Shankar, a valiant fight against the atrocities committed by the Congress party was forged ahead by Pattam Thanu Pillai. One of the first places where Congress and its minority appeasement antics first suffered a major blow was the by-elections held at Neyyatinkara and Nedumangadu. The lessons they learnt at these legislative assemblies were at the national level. Nedumangadu under the combined forces of Mannam and Shankar and Neyyatinkara under Pattam thanu Pillai saw sterling performances of victory, where the entire lot of people witnessed the collapse of the Congress bastion.
There is a need for history to repeat itself with the same, if not greater fervor. The voting public of Neyyatinkara should be able to launch their offensive against the recklessness and crimes that have been committed so far. It is therefore vital for the entire period of time that O Rajagopal, the BJP candidate wins and is given a chance, so that we have a leadership that does not bow and surrender to the pressures of the combined forces of minorities.

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