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via A Hindu published on March 30, 2008

Ref TNIE article by  Shri S T Suresh Kumar Martyr of freedom   

Congratulations to Shri.Suresh Kumar for the inspiring article.Indeed Velu Tampi is an unending source of inspiration to all Nationalists.

The tragedy is that we are taught about Cheguvera of Boliwian forests. The guerilla fighter.We all know about Hochimin, Mao and Castro. We are proud of everything foreign!

We do not know Veer Pratapa Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja who valiantly fought against the British for twelve years. Our own guerilla fighter!We do not know his commander in chief Ambu Nair. We do not know Talakkal Chandu.None of us know about Kannavath Nambiar who was hanged by the British.

1793 to 1797 – The first war of Pazhassi Raja with the British. Keralavarma Pazhassi Raja was of the Kottayam ( Near Kuthuparamba in Kannur)royal family, who ruled Wayanad. The British tried to arrest the king in his palace, but Pazhassi Raja escaped to Wayanad hills and continued his fight. Many Englishmen died. The British were forced to withdraw their armies from Wayanad. However they were attacked again while retreating, with the result of further casualties. They finally accepted the demands by the king and a truce was obtained.

1800 to 1805 – Pazhassi Raja revolted against the policies of the British again. The king opposed all efforts by the British to rule Wayanad. By the tactics of guerilla warfare, the British were made to suffer innumerable hardships. Sir Arthur Wellesley was appointed to capture the Raja. The British won critical battles by a combination of treachery, tact and brute force. Finally the revolt was suppressed and Pazhassi Raja was killed in battle.

How many Keralites know this history?

When M.F.Hussain splashed some paint over a canvass, we admire it as great work!Every school child speak about “Monolisa” of west. But none of them are familiar with “Shakunthala” of Raja Ravi Varma.

The trajedy is that we, Keralites do not get an opportunity to take inspiration from our National heroes. Our history lessons are diluted to make it more secular at the cost of truth. Therefore we have got Akbar, the great and Aurangazeb ( Who taxed extra from Hindus) was painted as a person who practiced austerity!.

Our history is written by the British. In free Inida , this job is taken over by leftists from JNU. Our first PM told. “I am a Hindu by accident” How to write history? How to read history? How to take lessons from history?Years back Vir Damodar Savarkar has written on it. Our problem is that , we do not know our proud heritage. We are ignoring the very foundations! Therefore we are paying the price for it!

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