Kerala Home Minister’s inflammatory article against Narendra Modi

published on March 31, 2014


Kerala Home Minister, Ramesh Chennithala has written an inflammatory article in Malayalam daily Matrubhumi comparing Shri Narendra Modi to Hitler. According to Kerala Home Minister, Narendra Modi’s face resembles not of a tea vendor but that of Hitler. In his article his venom and vile is directed not only against Modi but also against the people of Gujarath who elected Modi.

When you were in Delhi, did you see any Kashmiri Pandits who are living the life of refugees in their own motherland? When will you write an emotional article about their plight? Whether you know the numbers of Sikhs brutally killed under the orders of your leaders? With the logic you compared Modi to Hitler, can we compare Rajiv Gandhi to Hitler, the biggest mass murder? 

As usual like any other article emanated from Modi hating club this one also have any substance apart from pure hatred. Ramesh Chennithala have also reiterated the same song sung by AK 49 about Gujarath. Gujarath is facing regular power cuts as electricity is diverted to industrialists, Farmers are loosing jobs, Water in Gujarath is polluted, Cities in Gujarath are of pathetic state, Corruption has become part of daily life, Coastal line of Gujarath has been donated to Adani group, Corporates are having a field day in Gujarath are some of the ‘FACTS’ he compiled.

As none of the Malayalam media published this and as you don’t have enough time nor habit of reading English dailies, we are giving you the point by point by rebuttal given to AK49 .


A Gujarati Replies to the 16 Questions asked by Arvind Kejriwal to Narendra Modi

If you despise Modi this much, why did you welcome Abdullakutty to Congress, who was ousted from CPI(M) for praising Modi when you were KPCC President? What right you and your party have to point fingers against infighting in BJP, when you itself lead one among the numerous faction in Congress ?  When get a chance speak to your friend, Shibu Baby John , who got the chance to relish the hospitality of Gujarath state and Narendra Modi .

Gujarath model development is out there in public and survived the repeated dissection by many pundits in media and finance. Ramesh Chennithala, is not a fool and he certainly knows all these. Then why this inflammatory article now? The reason is as follows.

Congress party in Kerala have completely lost the support of Hindus in the state. Ramesh , knows this than any one else. He cannot see any future for him in Delhi as his Central leaders itself are running for cover. For him the only place to survive is Kerala. Considering the increasing clout of Muslim league and Kerala Conngress in UDF, he only stands a meek chance to survive in his own party. Even now, he got the Home Minister post as a bid by Congress to appease NSS leaders before Loksabha election. Modi heat wave started to affect these small fishes, who earns their livelihood by selling Hindu psyche to his masters in Pala and Pannakkad.

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