Kerala has become the epicenter of crime

published on December 5, 2010
Dr. Babu Suseelan

The Marxist government and the anti national Muslim League, Christian Kerala Congress as well as the phony secular congress alliance has changed drastically the cultural landscape to accommodate the criminal-Jihadi culture in Kerala during the last 40 years.

Crime, violence, murder, home invasion, burglary, purse snatching, car theft, rape, sex abuse of women and children, contract killing, drug abuse and alcoholism are  terrorizing Keralites.
And innocent citizens including women and children are abused, sexually exploited, robbed, raped, assaulted, murdered, attacked, shot, stabbed and maimed. Print and electronic media is replete with stories of Jihadi terrorism, contract killing, road accidents, and murder for hire.
Under the Marxist government alcohol abuse is rampant and more alcohol is sold in Kerala than anywhere in the world.

The average arrest clearance under the Marxist government and punishment for offenders is a shame. Corruption, nepotism, inefficiency and party cell rule are rampant in police, criminal justice administration and in the government. Once the criminal is turned over to the judicial system the punishment is even more shameful.

Under the Marxist government Jihadis trained in Pakistan are roaming the street looking for Kafir victims at will. The Marxist government blind eye and deaf ears have encouraged Pakistani Trained Jihadi terrorists, counterfeiters, mass murderers and criminal gang to take over communities. The Marxist government is very eager to offer parole for Marxist criminals and murderers who are serving long prison terms for their heinous crimes. Recently, the Marxist government has initiated procedures to grand parole to Marxist murders of teacher Jayakrishnan master who was butchered by Marxists in front of his students in the class room. Marxist criminal parolees and Jihadi terrorists are set free without supervision. They are free to continue their criminal life without restrictions.

Gone are the days when Dharma and community life and trust were a trademark of the greatest God’s own country once ruled by Mahabali and Dharma Raja. Human relations, community life and national policies with spiritual roots have been banished by the atheist-secular-anti national political parties. . The qualities of Dharma, love, kindness, trust, art, literature, philosophy, and humanism that had flourished had been dismantled and discredited.
The problem of crime, violence, murder, alcoholism and sex abuse we witness in Kerala is a tragedy created by atheist Marxists and the bogus secular Congress Party, the Jihadi league and the missionary gang. People are forcefully uprooted from their traditional Dharmic culture and enslaved and indoctrinated with alien dogmas. In the name of globalization discarded western values, unneeded western consumer goods and perverted new concepts and dangerous theories are introduced for mental misdirection. Pseudo intellectuals and alienated academicians are busy promoting concepts like deconstruction, sex freedom, feminism, social conflict, Jihadism, coercive religious conversion, dope addiction and alcoholism.
Perhaps in no other states in India have our freedoms, culture and Hindu life style been more jeopardized and threatened than in Kerala. If the present demographic trends continue, Hindus will become a minority in Kerala within the next ten years. Jihadi slaughter by Muslims and coercive conversion by Missionaries will begin.

Bogus secular Hindus have permitted Kerala to become engulfed in social crisis that favor lawbreaking and immorality. They have permitted justice, equity, culture and Dharmic values to be subordinated to a dominant Jihadi-missionary-Marxist culture both politically and socially. The same alien culture, in violation of Indian culture has actually evolved into a dominant valueless culture making life miserable in Kerala. This alien fiasco lends itself to the basic cause of the most dangerous scenario in Kerala.

Sangh Parivar and Hindu organizations have recently awakened to reclaim our culture and values. The fact is clear that we are bogged down in a culture war with atheist Marxists, Jihadis and Missionaries. The Hindu masses who were lulled to sleep by the phony secularists failed to see that our enemies have inflicted perilous damage to our culture, and the nation.        While the enemy continues to inflict heavy casualties and fatalities upon Hindus in record numbers, the only focus of our Marxist-bogus secular politicians is upon affording those criminals and Jihadis the greatest possible convenience and protection.  There is no focus in the war against corruption, and crime in Kerala. In fact while innocent Kerala Hindus are being murdered, raped, robbed, assaulted, maimed and our priceless temple Deities are looted, the Marxist government allows criminals to run wild to resume waging their war upon innocent citizens of Kerala.

An entire nation has been placed at risk by our pseudo secular and atheist Marxist leaders who have chosen to support Jihadi terrorists, apocalyptic murderers and common criminals. There is urgent need for Hindus to organize and declare war against crime and corruption. Hindus have to wage a relentless war against corrupt politicians dominated by anti Hindu leaders who derive a large share of their revenue from the criminal culture. Hindus must regain their self-esteem, assertiveness and must have no hesitation in eliminating our enemies.

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