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The Self-Financing fiasco and Vande Mataram episode must be eye-openers for all Indians, especially Keralites. There will be many eyebrows raised whenever we refer to a fully literate and progressive state like Kerala in any context. But see how cleverly and silently the leaders of the so-called minorities have handled the two issues with the staunch help of Communists in power. Muslims and Christians of Kerala are at the vanguard of their ‘progress’ in India . What is happening with these communities in the state today clearly points to the shape of things in other parts of India tomorrow. They have learned and perfected the art of manipulating events and people in their favour. One thing is very clear – Both these communities can and will get anything they want done in our country. And it will be done using the members of the majority community only. They will just express their wish, finance the ensuing drama and finally enjoy the benefits. And once their joint population crosses the critical threshold, we all know what will happen. It is already very late for Kerala Hindus, but let us at least seek some ‘pleasure’ by foretelling a couple of developments that are very much in the air.  


By 2025 AD, the set up will be as follows:-


Year  : 2025 A.D.

State : Kerala

Capital : Kochi

Population : 45% Hindus, 30% Muslims and 25% Christians

Assembly : NDF/PDP/CPM – 70, Sonia / Kerala Congress – 40, BJP/ShivSena – 30

Chief Minister : Haji Ahmed Mohammed, Dy.CM : Mathew George Thomas

Cabinet  : Muslims-10, Christians-6, Hindus -3


Given the above mix of power, people and politics, the following two developments in Kerala are only pure logical guesses.


Professional Management in Kerala Devaswom Board


Travancore Devaswom Board is already in trouble and it is bound to worsen further in the days to come. Other major devaswoms like Guruvayoor and independent ones in Malabar are no better. Within another 5 years, the Kerala Devaswom Board (KDB) will come into existence with an associated public sector company (KDB Asset Management Company – KAMC) to manage the temple assets. The role of KDB will be limited to matters concerning pooja and rituals with a limited budget channelised from KAMC. All the temple assets including land, buildings, elephants etc., will come under the ‘professional’ management of KAMC. It should not surprise anyone if the Asset Manager of KAMC in Sabarimala in 2025 AD is one Mr.Yohannan or Thomas(MBA) and he will be the final word in all matters relating to the facilities and infrastructure. Almost the entire rubber growing area bordering Sabarimala temple are already in the hands of Evangelists and it will be no surprise if there are tolls imposed on visiting devotees. KAMC will be run like any other public sector company and substantial part of the profit will go into government coffers for public use.


Shifting Kodungaloor Temple for City Development


The importance of Kodungaloor town for the two powerful communities in Indian sub-continent is well known to its leaders but little to the common man. It is almost a ” Jerusalem of the East” for them. Everything started from here and lot of myths & legends can be shoved into history, if and only if they had the town in their hands. For those who are familiar with the geography of Kodungaloor, it is clear that the biggest hurdle for this is the age-old legendary temple right in the middle of the town. It will not be surprising at all, if the Gulf Ali Brothers put together a magnanimously ‘secular’ plan to shift the temple to ‘better‘ premises outside the town. Many more ‘interested’ will pitch in with money and materials to even construct a bigger temple for Kodungaloor Bhagavati.  They will become a model for the ‘secular’ crowd of the country and ‘padma’ awards will be conferred on these paragons of virtuous secularism. And once the hullabaloo has settled, the Grand Mosque and St.Thomas church will come up right in the middle of the town with all the associated ‘ancient artefacts’ and ‘heritage’ sites ‘discovered’ in the excavations. Kodungaloor Bharani will lapse into history and will be replaced by commemoration parades highlighting the arrival of Saint Thomas and Arab Muslims to rescue the undeveloped and uncultured Indians from slavery of Hindu Caste System !!.    


If there are concerned Hindus among Keralites, it is time to think, plan and act in unison. Tomorrow may be too late.

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