Jihadi Terrorism Training School in Alwaye

via HK Correspondent published on February 2, 2006

The Iraq war, Afghanistan conflict, Nuclear weapon development in Iran and Pakistan, Islamic terrorism in Kashmir, and the Sri Lankan conflict has increased the strategic importance of the Kerala sea cost significantly. Smuggling of arms, drugs, explosives and weapons from Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates has created a nightmarish scenario of the security forces in kerala.Jihadi terrorists are using  seacoast from Mangalore to Kanyakumari to smuggle weapons, explosives, drugs and electronic instruments for bombs to kerala.


Recently, Indian National Army Southern Command has issued a statement warning Kerala government on the rise of Islamic terrorists groups, weapons storage and bomb manufacturing in Kerala. Cost Guard Station Commander said “Kerala sea cost is becoming a center for terrorist activities”. Terrorists are spreading their tentacles all over Kerala. Last year the Cost Guard has captured tons of illegal drugs, explosives, high powered guns, electronic equipments for detonators and Swiss knives from Kannur, Beypore, and Chavakad.


Newspaper reports indicate that Alwaye is fast becoming a Jihadi Terrorism Training Center. Manufacturing high power bombs, explosives, rifles, arms and other weapons, packaging gelatin sticks are going on in and around Alwaye. Citizens have complained to the police on accidental explosion at the terrorism training school. Citizens from Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Jihadis from Kashmir and all around kerala attend the Jihadi terrorism training school. It is also reported that hardened terrorism experts from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kashmir provide terrorism training as instructors. Select number of Muslims from Kerala, Bangladesh, north India and Kashmir are attending the Jihadi terrorism training school at Alwaye. Rich Muslim business men host these terrorism trainees at their home.


Intelligence sources say that ISI agents from Pakistan and Jihadi terrorists from Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates and Kashmir are financing, directing the Jihadi terrorism school in Alwaye. ISI and NDF agents carefully screen all Jihadi Muslim participants. It is being reported that terrorist followers of Madani, and Jihadis from Bangladesh, Kashmir and Afghanistan regularly attend the clandestine terrorism training school.


The Kerala government headed by Omman Chandy is increasingly aware of the jihadi terrorism training school. Kerala police is also aware that terrorist incidents in Kerala is alarmingly increasing. Given this fact, it is natural to wonder why the government is indifferent, inactive and colluding with the culprits. Bombing in Kasarkode, Beypore, Kochi, Marad and discovery of explosives in Kozhikode bus station, arms findings at Karipur airport-all point to Jihadi terrorists and Pakistan ISI agents and their kerala co-hosts.


The media, and the politicians support Jihadi terrorists with phony social cause theories while Jihadis enjoy the victory of murdering innocent Hindus. The Muslim League, the Congress party and the Communists have established an unholy alliance among Jihadi groups to garner Muslim votes.Terrorism almost universally abhorred by law abiding citizens has been packaged, perfumed, gift wrapped and promoted by selfish politicians and pseudo intellectuals as though Jihadi terrorism has great value. Law enforcement officials ignore crimes against Hindus, Jihadi terrorism, explosive and bomb smuggling.


In this scenario, vigilance, guarding our sea cost, and counter terrorism shall be one of the highest priorities of the state government. But the government controlled by Muslims and Christians has no resolve to do whatever is necessary to combat jihadi terrorism and arms smuggling.


Confronting terrorists at home and safeguarding our seacoast requires radical rethinking by the government, by the kerala police and intelligence agencies. Kerala police and intelligence agencies do not always make collaboration or share information with defense and Central Intelligence Agencies for political reasons.  Kerala government has a habit of discouraging state intelligence agencies from contributing to national security needs.


If not prevented, such arms smuggling and  Jihadi terrorism training schools, kerala will soon become a terror zone and jihadi battle ground. The relative freedom and security we enjoyed for so long at home will be gone. The Jihadis have blueprinted their objectives. The time is far too late not to recoganize this deadly menace for what it is: A threat to our civilization and to each of us.


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