Jihadi terrorism in Kerala

via Babu Suseelan published on March 4, 2006

Recent bomb explosion in Kozikode, Nadapuram and kasergode, passenger bus burning in Kochi, mass murder of innocent Hindus in Marad, continued violence by Muslims, and arson in Kannur remind us of increased Jihadi terrorist activities in kerala.
Everyday the front pages of major newspapers in Kerala carry incredible news stories about different Jihadi terrorist groups committing crime, violence, bombing, arson, murder and looting. Jihadi terrorists are operating on an unprecedented scale in almost all regions of kerala. Large scale arms smuggling, bomb manufacturing, weapon transportation, and contract killing by Islamic terrorists are striking in their brazenness.
The weak Congress government headed by Omman Chandy, limited law enforcement, heavy handed interference by Muslim League leaders have been enabling for the growth of Jihadi terrorism in kerala. Law abiding citizens have a right to expect that they will be kept safe from Jihadi terrorists. But at present the public do not, and cannot, have that expectation. Kerala government seems to have lost the confidence to defend the society, lost the determination to stand up against Islamic terrorists. And as a result of successive governments have created a society where law-abiding citizens are subjected to violence, crime, intimidation, arson, and looting. The government treats criminals as of no great consequence, and don’t even enforce existing laws. Government regards Islamic terrorism as insignificant when crimes of Jihadis have a devastating impact on our society.
The Congress-Muslim League government has failed miserably to give police the power and tools they need to deal with the Muslim criminal gangs. The government appoints public prosecutors on political basis that allows the seemingly erratic prosecution of Jihadi terrorists. For long, ruling Congress, Communist and Muslim League have gone soft on Muslim criminal gangs, when the public wanted policies to get tougher on crime.
Hindus in Kerala are the biggest victims of Jihad terrorists. Those most at risks are women, young people, elderly and the poor. The universal coalition of Jihadi terrorists, Muslim Money Mafia, members of the Muslim League elite defies any classification.
The Military, Central Intelligence Bureau, state police and the Navy have reported the penetration of Jihadi criminals and Pakistani agents into the state and their secret arms and explosive smuggling.
Kerala politicians, secularists and phony intellectuals are unwilling or unable to peer into the heart of Jihadi darkness. They have banished the word Jihadi Terrorism from their vocabulary. Confronted by Jihadi terrorists who mean to kill innocent infidels and to destroy our society, these phony liberals and corrupt politicians deny the enormity of what is going on in Kerala.
Increased terrorism of Jihadis indicates fundamentalist Muslims choose to follow directives from Pakistan intelligence agents and wanted to place blind faith in Bin Laden brand of Jihadi terrorism. It also indicates the Muslim Madrasas are indoctrinating Muslim youths to fundamentalist Islamic thought instead of advanced evolutions of modern thinking. Mesmerized by the primitive and archaic dogma, Jihaids are constantly seeking to impose their delusional beliefs on non-believers in Kerala. The Jihadis fail to comprehend that Kerala is no longer resembles that of the years of Tipu and Hyder Ali. Citizens are not in need of their primitive Islamic thought and archaic beliefs. Of course, since Jihadis are living in delusion, they cannot see reality, preferring to dwell in fantasy, rather than confronting reality. Kerala citizens have a responsibility and obligation to force these misguided, deluded misfits from their dogma to freedom.
It is time for law-abiding citizens to purge Jihadi terrorists from Kerala, making extinct the sickness that has plagued us for years. Unless checked, in the next few years, Jihadis will decide the future course of kerala. Courageous citizens can decide whether we want to plunge into darkness or continue with progressiveness. Inside each of us and every citizen has the energy that has been imprisoned for years. It is time to make it free allowing it to fly, granting it to the freedom to change the direction of Kerala has taken, giving to life to fill the land with enlightenment.
It is also time for freedom loving citizens to prod pseudo secularists and phony intellectuals on their silence. When we consider the silence of the liberals and intellectuals of Kerala, one is reminded of the statement of the existential novelist Albert Camu. In his novel, The Plague, Camu describes the naïve comments of some Humanists in a time of crisis. The humanists living comfortably believe in utilitarian calculus by which to gauge all human actions including crime, violence and deadly disease. Camu said, “It is essential to condemn what must be condemned, but swiftly and firmly”.

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