Jihadi elements behind attempt to tarnish Amrithanandamayi – Sasikala Teacher

published on September 26, 2012

Karunagapilly: “The vicious Jihadis have struck again: this time, its not the  plotters of Love Jihad. The Jihadi elements have, this time, targeted  none other than Mata Amrithanandamayi. The Hindu society that is now  deeply anguished over the loss of its children through the deadly  tendrils of Love Jihad are now witnessing the Jihadis are targeting  the spiritual Mother,” said State President of Hindu Aikya Vedi  Shashikala Teacher. She was addressing the audience at “Jana Jaagratha  Sammelan” organized at the Town Hall, Karunagappilly.
 “A few Muslim groups and a set of pseudo philosophers have decided to  get together and malign Mata Amritanandamayi. This is obviously a part  of their conspiracy. It is clear that this is nothing short of a  disease: a lethal syndrome which requires immediate handling at its  formative levels. There should also be an enquiry into the group that
 instilled into the deranged mind of the deceased Satnam Singh, a  Brahmin by birth, the words “Bismillahi Rehman,””declared Shashikala  Teacher, adding that “Mata Amritanandamayi is a reverential figure,  whose love has transcended all boundaries. She is venerated all over  the world. Therefore it is no surprise that vicious elements will only  try to thwart her constructive efforts and malign her name.”
 With respect to the Jihadi elements who are trying all antics to  destabilize the deep rooted Hindu society, she said, “The Solidarity  party members exist in minuscule numbers. Its upto you to give a  thought as to whether you should even listen to the cacophony created  by them. This is nothing short of a disease. However, if we are to
 react, it should be in a way to remove this social malady. Satnam  Singh was in an instable state of mind. But behind the scene, the  instigators of Satnam Singh are NDF and Solidarity.”
 “There exist in society, at all time, desperate attention seekers, who  have no special aim in life. These idlers don the mask of high  thinkers in a desperate bid to seek attention. They reach where they  are supposed to reach: the camps of anti-social elements. Maybe, this  is something they do, to overcome their pangs of hunger, as a means of  livelihood. But let them not forget that these people, who also  include people bearing Hindu names, are being watched very closely,”  she stressed.
 “Amonsgt the scores of homes constructed for poor people by Mata
 Amritanandamayi, there are numerous Muslim families too who stand  grateful to her, for having given them a place of shelter. How come  these pseudo thinkers conveniently forgot their cases? The spiritual  Mother never looks at religion, when it comes to the path of service  she renders. She has never clung on to any dictum that harps on the
 sole righteousness of the religious path she follows,” clarified  Shashikala Teacher.
 Harping on the existence of rampant moral policing done in the name of  religion, Shashikala Teacher pointed out that there exists a section  that follows such policies. “The deeds they commit make us even wonder  if the laws and dictum of Indian Administration applies to them. Even  more surprising is that the pseudo thinkers remain blind to their  activities,” she said.
 “Look at the condition of a secular nation like India, where a place  like Ponnani is not granted permission by police to celebrate Ganesh  Utsav. The reason? It is the time of fasting for Muslims and  celebrating Ganesh Utsav will lead to communal violence. The police  insisted on Ganesh Utsav being celebrated in September. The big  question that lies before us is this: who will bell the cat? If this  is the scenario and if it proceeds unbridled, then we will have to  make a new bell. These people are setting the entire world to flames,  all in the name of some movie. Sukumaran Nair and Vellappilly have now  started voicing things out quite boldly. This is indeed a positive  sign. Those murderers who committed gruesome deeds are shielded and  protected by politicians. Where lies justice for the Hindu brethren?  Let the real murderers of Satnam Singh be booked,” she said.

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