Is Hinduthva ideology in threat?

published on October 11, 2012

Proposed brotherhood of saffron and red by Kesari weekly, RSS Malayalam mouthpiece has become one of the latest sensations in both visual and social media. The utopian ideologist who suggested this assumes it’s time to join hands with CPI (m). TG Mohandas, the writer invented the most important thing that RSS has moved far left now while CPI (M) creeps more to left. There is nothing new or wrong in any two organizations working together or one offers cooperation with another. But if we notice such kind of cooperation we could easily find the two reasons usually drive organizations to that state. They are either the similarities in ideology both follow and the inability to proceed without it because of the outdated ideology which is no longer compatible in the changed circumstances.  What would be the one Mohandas and Kesari weekly found which makes such joint hands inevitable?
When we consider the ideological similarities, Marxism is no match to Hinduthva.  One is much outdated and proved a complete failure where ever it came to power. On the other hand still Hinduthva remains as a competitor in modern system (Remember “Ekathmatha manav darshan”).  One has spirituality on center and other is more and more materialistic. Even the writer himself knows this very well that is why he invented the theory of leftist RSS and Right CPI (M) into the picture.  If both cannot be together ideologically, then the possible and remaining option is the incapability of the ideology “Is Hinduthva ideology incapable to handle the situation arising now without such alliance?” The writer and The Kesari magazine is answerable to this question.
Let us consider the situation that makes Kesari weekly to publish such an article. The two reasons mentioned in the article are increased Islamic terrorism and Hindus killed in RSS CPI(M) physical clashes. Both should not be continued, there is no second opinion about this. But the surprising fact is this is not a new situation; both mentioned above existed ever. But ever RSS followed its ideology and believed   contacting people directly and taking them to shakha is the way to make a perfect society. Even if somebody is unwilling to come to shakha he can select an umbrella organization to work. Rashtravaadi Muslim munch is such an organization. Why can’t RSS work more in that direction to reduce Islamic terrorism? When come to the Hindus being killed at both RSS and CPI (M) side, yes it is more and more important. Does the writer or Kesari editorial think running shakha until the last one comes to it is an outdated idea?
To start the cooperation smoothly writer suggest a healthy discussion on the “one nationality “an inevitable part of RSS’s Hinduthva ideology against “multiple nationality” theory of CPI (M). Is Hinduthva ideology in such a threat to seek such an alliance? We can forget the damage communism made to the culture; we can even forget the swayamsevaks slain.  But seeking such a relationship, taking such a shortcut towards a goal will be the supreme insult not just to the swayamsevaks gave up their life to protect the ideology but to the founder who made such a difficult task practically possible.

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