Infamous Kerala Model

via Synonymous published on December 13, 2009

The famed Kerala Model has turned sour and it is becoming absolutely infamous. Kerala has become the breeding and feeding ground for the two major problems that confront civilized India viz. (1) Terrorism and (2) Religious Conversion.

Muslims from Kerala are planning and executing all terrorist activities, while Christians from Kerala are leading the proselytization efforts all over India . Both the communities which were once at the forefront along with Hindus for liberation of Mother India from the clutches of Europeans have slipped into anti-national activities in one way or another. Communities that gave birth to Kunhali Marikkar, Vavaru Swami, Ackamma Cherian, Barrister Thomas etc., have started generating anti-nationals who are bent on destroying Indian nation.

While the attitude of Indian Christians has always been in doubt, ordinary Muslims in India had shown exemplary courage in their fight against the Europeans along with Hindu nationalists. And the sole reason they present for their current anti-national stance is the demolition of Babri Masjid. Little do they realize the simple fact that demolition of hundreds of active places of worship can never justify the killing of even one human being. The Masjid in question was not only lying unused but was a standing monument of insult intended by the invading Mughals. Pakistan ’s Muslim establishment, whose hatred and hate for India is unmatched by anything in this world, was waiting for a chance to trigger problems within India and our own Muslim leaders fell easy prey for their designs. And once the venom spread across India , it is even going beyond the expectations of the Pakistani masters.

PDP, PFI, NDF, SIMI, JIH and even IUML and INL are now busy consolidating their own vote banks by spreading hatred among ordinary Muslims against Hindus in their own neighbourhoods. These mafia groups masquerading as political parties in a secular democracy are now united and guided by only one objective – capturing political power in India by Islamisation of India. It will remain one of biggest tragedies in Indian history that the so-called most literate and progressive state of Kerala has become the fountainhead for their attempts to destroy Indian Nation from within. Misguided Muslim youth and unlimited Gulf money are fuelling these nefarious tendencies to unprecedented heights. The likes of Madani and Nazeer will soon make Malayalees unwelcome not only in other Indian states but foreign countries including some of the Gulf countries.

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