HJS Dharmajagruti Sabha to awaken Hindus in Ponkunnam

published on December 18, 2010


Ponkunnam, Kerala (17th Dec) : Hindu Janajagruti Samiti is organising a Dharmajagruti Sabha at Vyapar Bhavan Hall, Ponkunnam on 19th December 2010 at 4pm. On the occasion of this Dharmasabha, a press conference was organised at GuruMandiram Hall, Ponkunnam on 17th Dec. Reporters from various newspapers and channels attended the press conference.

Speaking on the occasion, Kum. Rashmi Parameshwaran on behalf of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti stated that today our Nation is facing numerous problems like terrorism, corruption, etc. and it is on the verge of increase. Not only corrupt politicians, but also the Hindus, who form majority of the Nation today are responsible for it. Hindus who are still 80% of the population of the country are doing nothing for the nation and dharma.

Today Hindu Dharma is being attacked on all sides –

1. The government is trying to take over temples and funds from temples are diverted for use in mosques, churches, etc. rather than being used for the development of temples or hindus.
2. Love Jihad has become a grave problem today. Young Hindu girls are lured into the trap by the ‘jihadis’ and forced to convert. Hindus are being divided all over on this basis today.
3. Hindu Deities are being used for commercial purposes – in cinema, advertisements, paintings, etc and through the medium of these, they are being denigrated on a large scale.
4. Today Hindus are blindly imitating western culture, forgetting their own traditions and culture.

The fate of the Nation is no different today.

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has studied this present situation of Nation and Dharma and also the psychology of Hindus through the various incidents. Accordingly, the only way to change the present situation is to inculcate pride for Nation and Dharma in Hindus. Keeping this in mind, HJS educates Hindus on various facets of Hindu Dharma, the science behind each ritual and festival in Hindu Dharma.

For this, over 1000 Dharmasatsang classes are conducted all over India. Also, through the medium of Dharmaphalak (black boards giving regular information on various aspects of Dharma) Hindus are given education on Dharma on a mass scale. Various campaigns are conducted to stop insult to National Flag and National Anthem. Thtough these campaigns, pride for Nation is inculcated in Hindus.

To create awareness in Hindus and to awaken them from their stupor, HJS has been organising Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabhas all over India on a mass scale. Over 600 such Sabhas have been organised all over India till date and another 500 have been planned for the current year.

The motto of HJS is – Dharmashikshan (educating Hindus on Dharma), Dharmacharan
(following Dharma) and Dharmarakshan (protecting Dharma). The website of HJS –
www.hindujagruti.org plays a major role in awakening Hindus and educating them all over the world!

Today, there are over 1.50 lakh visitors of the website. Through this medium, Hindus all over can take part in online campaigns and protest against attacks taking place on Dharma.
After this, Kum. Rashmi Parameshwaran showed the website of HJS to all reporters present and explained the various sections in it.

Features of HJS website :

Upto now, HJS has held various campaigns against denigration of Deities taking place today. By uploading the campaign online, Hindus all over can protest against denigration of Deities. For eg. World famous artist M.F.Hussain has denigrated Hindu Deities by drawing naked pictures of Hindu Deities and also of BharatMata. HJS has conducted numerous legal protest campaigns against it and 1250 cases have been registered against him. Also, due to the campaigns conducted by HJS, paintings by Hussain have been removed from various exhibitions all over Bharat. NCERT has distorted the history of Bharat and presented it wrongly in the 7th standard social science textbook. It has glorified Mughal rule and not even mentioned the great Hindu warriors and leaders. HJS has legally protested against it and also conducted an online campaign against it. As a result, the government was forced to make certain changes in the text book. One section of the website is wholly dedicated to explaining the scientific aspects behind each and every ritual in Hindu Dharma. In another section of the website, regular news updates on Hindu Dharma taking place all over the world, are also uploaded.

Reactions/Questions of reporters :

1. One reporter wanted to know as to how HJS plans to start regular activity in Ponkunnam.
2. The press conference was started by reciting Vighnaharta Ganesha’s shloka. So later, a HJS activist asked one of the reporters present, whether any Christians or Muslims were present in the program and if they would mind the way the program was started. He answered that ‘as it is our program (that of Hindus), we have to conduct it in our own way and not abide to them. He also gave us contact of one Dharmabhimani.
3. In the hall where the press conference was conducted, flex posters explaining the correct method to do namaskar to a Deity, how and why should men and women apply Kumkum, etc. were displayed. One reporter suggested to print a Granth containing all these posters, lest people forget thems.
4. One reporter asked if HJS has ay plans to start a channel. He suggested that as it requires lot of funds, we can give our program to other channels so that all these aspects reach people on a mass scale with less expense.
5. A reporter stated that in Saudi Arabia, if any Indian papers publish Hindu Deity’s picture in their newspaper, the authorities completely blackout the picture and then only publish it.

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