Hindu struggle to regain encoroached temple land from Manorama Media Tycoons

published on April 23, 2012

The struggle of Hindus to regain Panthaloor temple  from the clutches of Malayala Manoram family in Malappuram District is not a matter of today or yesterday. The ongoing campaign has been a battle of time immemorial. However, along with this, the callous attitude of those responsible is even more disheartening. There seems to be no soul who is keen on coming forward to hold discussions regarding the matter or take into consideration the sentiments of the people. The episode of fighting for the rights of Panthalloor temple property is just one among the numerous instances in the pages of those constant battles for the rights of Hindu community, which sadly go unheeded.
In Kerala, especially in the region of Malabar, most of the land belonged to temples, which when tallied up to around lakhs of acres. Ironically, these temples that witnessed ownership of vast tracts of land, now stand in very dilapidated conditions, with not much financial prospects for any temple proceedings. But if truth has to be pointed out, the section that stands responsible for the sad plight of temples are the clever land usurpers and the crafty government machinery that stands hand in hand with their shady work.
The fight for the property rights of Panthalloor temple still go on, even though, the current session of campaign comes to a brief pause. The campaign was heralded by Hindu Aikya Vedi, which witnessed a long span of strike in front of the Collectorate building in Malappuram District. The brief pause of the campaigners does not mean a full stop anywhere. It only means that they intend launching an even more powerful campaign where the fight for rights will echo forth fully.
Right towards religious freedom and religious worship, possession of temple and temple property for Hindus are civil liberties granted to Indians by the Constitution of India. The looting and usurping of temple riches and landed property, confiscating what belongs to them and ultimately using the same against the Hindu community is now a recurring pattern in Kerala society. This is the doom and destiny of the Hindu community, which no other community suffers.
Indian social scenario now witnesses the state of affairs where things are being executed at knife point, with the matter of religion being used conveniently. There are ministers who work for their respective religions, to take care of their Christian and Muslim flock. They are the very same people who handle 80% of the revenue income of Kerala Treasury. These people resort to favouritism, promoting those they approve of, to high ranks. They are the ones who steer the government machinery in the direction they please. Those who have come into power should realize that it is not a specific religion that voted for them into power. They have been brought to power by the votes of people who follow many religions.
It is indeed alarming to think of the situation where Hindus are being constantly and craftily being denied of their basic rights. When it comes to the Rights of Hindus or taking care of their grievances, there is no one in the Ministry to raise voice or stand in support. And raising the cry of injustice is considered a grave mistake these days.
The eternal plea of the Hindu community and community leaders is thus: it is always advisable and wise not to entertain any thought of violence or conflict when it comes to the return of property. Taking matters to conflicting levels is no solution. The government should recognize the rights of devotees to the reclamation of temple property for purposes of worship. No more time should be wasted in executing the plan of action proposed by the Chief Minister regarding the issue of land rights of Panthalloor Temple.

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