Hindu Soceity – A Public drum for Judiciary too, to beat when it feels

via HK published on February 9, 2010

Kochi: Kerala high court questioned the rational behind one of the Temple offering common in Kerala in a ridiculous way.

While considering a case on stay for a temple’s request to invite tender for mild explosives for bursting crackers (Vedi Vazhippadu) as part of devotees offerings without taking explosive license , Division bench consisting of Justice C N Ramachandran Nair and Justice P S Gopinathan mocked the offering and made a remark that Instead of bursting crackers, why can’t temples just record the sound of crackers and play it every time one makes the offering. And the bench ordered to submit the reasons why this offering is not in all temples and what is the rational behind this offering.

If the issue was in participating in tender without taking explosive licence – Court can direct the respective temple to take a licence first considering the safety of devotees as well as of the Nation, considering the misuse of explosives. Hindu Society will take it in it’s stride and will stand behind the court order. But why the ridiculing? Will any one dare to question any of the believes of Islam or Christianity? In our Nation still Muslims are not ready to accept uniform civil code and a section of Christians consider Pope as their head and have no scant consideration for Nation’s sovereignity.

Bursting crackers were mainly practiced in olden times in temples near forests to keep away wild animals attacking the devotees and slowly it must have become a practice. (If there is any other significance readers are free to share the knowledge). If this practice of bursting crackers is causing a problem to society and the reasons are genuine provided no other significance, Temples may stop this offering .

Hindu Society had always been very tolerant and accommodative to all changes demanded by time and evolved out of it unlike the semitic religions who still stick on to ideologies made for the societies centuries back. Hindu Society never turned it’s face against reforms but those reforms were made not without any forceful dictation or direction from rulers or judiciary but well within the Hindu Society itself.

But the question is should Hindu Temples be responsible to the Judiciary for what it does and what it does not provided it is not harming the society nor the Nation. Well, if Judiciary do have the right to interfere in religious believes it shouldn’t be only aimed at tolerant Hindus who take all mocking passively but should start asking the rationality behind each every practices of all religions. 

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