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published on December 21, 2011


Kollam District meeting of Hindu Parliament was held at District Co-operative bank auditorium on 17.12.2011. As has been reported in HK on earlier occasions from the time of Hindu Parliament’s inception, the very purpose of the meeting was to create awareness among Hindus in Kerala about Hindu Parliament and how it is different from existing Hindu organizations in the state.

 Sabhavathi of Hindu Parliament Shri.Uthradam Thirunal Mathandavarma Maharaja was expected to inaugurate the meeting, but due to physical inconvenience he could not attend the meet but his message was read out at the onset of the meeting. State General Secretary Shri.P Sugathan explained to the audience about Hindu Parliament and how he happened to be the torch bearer of this federation due to the insistence of late Chenkottukonam Swamikal and Shri.Uthradam Thirunal Marthadavarma who is much pained about the plight of Hindus in the state and the ignorance about the stalemate they are in. Notables among those attended the meeting included Brahmashri Pranavananda Theertha Padar(Panmana Ashram), Swami Satyananda(Paurastya Sastra Niketan),  Sampoorna Swamini Devi Njanabhanishta(Hrishi Njana Sadhanalayam, Pathanamthitta), Sreemathi.Mannadi Ponnama, Sri.Thottam Narayanan Nampoothiri, Mr.Sunil Sahadevan,  Dr.Balashankar Mannathu,  Matra Surendran, Kayikkara Ramakrishna Pillai, Sasthamkotta Harish  and others representing  SNDP Unioons, KPMS, Kerala Cheramar Service Society, Kerala Vadyar Kshema Sabha, Viswakarma Brahmana Society, Kerala Viswakarma Sabha, R.Vasudevan Nair representing the Nairs Forum Worldwide (NFW) and representatives from major temples in the area.

 The General Secretary in his speech made it clear that the Hindu Parliament is not an organization but a Confederation of more than 100 Hindu organizations and there is no need for anyone to join since the concept is coming together of all the groups while remaining in their parent organization.  He emphasized in his speech that the situation in Kerala has changed so much that the minority communities of around 20% are now ruling the majority communities coming closer to 80% and that situation has helped the political parties, both UDF and LDF, to carry on the way things have been happening. In a democratic country, the majority should have been in total control of affairs whereas the real control in the state now rests with the minority communities. It is to anyone’s knowledge that even though every political party including Muslim League claim to be the torch bearers of secularism, the minority communities have been successful in using religion in vote bank politics; thereby have great control on the government with less than 40 MLAs.  They are in a commanding position and the so called MLAs who happened to be Hindus by birth are busy in holding the pillars of secularism in tact.
The Hindu Parliament thereby  wish to bring all the Hindu groups, organizations and  the religious leaders  together while they may remain with their identity. What they aim at is to have Hindu MLAs, or persons who proclaim themselves as Hindus and conduct as Hindus, so that this state could have a Hindu majority party to run the government. There are similar groups already existing with such ideology, but they have not met with desired success because they could not reach out to all the casts/subcasts among the Hindus.  The evening session was devoted for an open debate based on a dissertation presented by R.Vasudevan Nair (NFW) on the subject “Hindu unity – a Must for present time”. The presentation contained the history of Hindus, what exactly is the meaning of Hindu, Hinduism and Hindutua, what are the reasons for the stalemate faced by Hindus now, what are the main issues now happening in the country which has direct relevance to the very existence of Hindus and he summed up the write up with a warning that, if we failed to forge Hindu unity in the state and have maximum Hindu MLAs elected through such a unified group, we shall be doomed. The dissertation was very much appreciated by the audience and the ensuing discussions reiterated the need to strengthen Hindu Parliament.

Rahul Easwar, who was present at he meeting, explained to the audience the gist of the controversy now going on about his entry to the sanctum santome of Sabarimala temple. As per the Court Order in this issue “The members of the Thazhaman Illam are the hereditary Thanthries of the Sabarimala temple. The present Thanthri is Sri Neelakandaru (who was the Thanthri at the time when this judgement came from court) and he is the final authority to take a decision on any issue with regard to the religious practices and customs as well as the rituals and poojas in Sabarimala temple. It is further stated that the Board, being a statutory authority conferred with the power of administration, has no voice in deciding such controversial, religious and ritualistic questions and the Thanthri alons can decide all questions relating to religious rituals and practices. There were instances where Thanthries also were unable to take a decision pertaining to some religious practices and in such cases the Thanthri used to suggest that it can be resolved by a Devaprasnam”.  The Tantrhi is authorized to have `Parikarmees’ (Helping hands) of his choice and Rahul Easwar was being taken along in that capacity only. Since the Dewaswom Board officials objected to the entry of Rahul Easwar, Thanthri Kandararu Maheswararu had sent a letter to the High Court which they have accepted as a case the verdict in this regard is awaited.
This issue was also debated by the delegates present in the session and passed a resolution that the Devaswom Board should desist from behaving like beaurocrats and should care about the concern of the devotees. It also urged the Hindu leaders to refrain from making statement about the issues without properly studying all aspects of the issue. The meeting ended with a solemn promise from all present that they shall strive their best to materialize the Hindu unity that the Parliament is trying to set up.

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