Hindu Parliament- New Move, Old Challenges

published on June 22, 2007

By Ajith Gopal


At last, the cat is out of the bag. SNDP general secretary Vellapally Natesan has finally named Oommen Chandy, Congress leader and former Chief Minister of Kerala, as the main culprit behind the conspiracy and successful implementation of the plan to wreck the much promised NSS-SNDP unity drive.


Everyone suspected it from the beginning. Whatever said, a man like Antony would never do it, as he is not pseudo- secular. On the other hand, Oommen Chandy will go all-out to successfully implement any design to destabilize Hindu society in Kerala, as we all know who his sponsors are. It is the same forces who have for decades tried to create divisions among Hindu communities and reap political harvest out of it; the same forces who with the help of forest mafia tried to repeatedly destroy the Poonkavanam and Sannidhanam of Lord Ayyappa; and the same dark forces who with the support of Vatican and US missionary funds have gone on a mad drive to evangelize the country at any cost.


If this is not a mafia, what else is? Our pseudo-secular netas, media barons and the so-called think tanks talk and warn about all kind of mafias. But no one dares to talk about this Minority mafia. Perhaps the only exception in Kerala, other than Sangh parivar leaders, is Vellappally Natesan.


But even Vellapally may not know that Oommen Chandy is just one of the many pawns in this shadow casino game enacted by this mafia. Let UDF or LDF rule the state, they have their henchmen in every nook and corner in the corridors of power, in the media industry and among the so-called cultural czars ,pseudo intellectuals. Their agenda is simple and direct -Look out for every opportunity to denigrate Hindu society and destabilize it.


 So if Oommen Chandy is out of power, why worry, G Sudhakaran is there.  Chandy, in true Christian spirit, always acted in a much-sophisticated manner, careful to stab only from the back. (The sabotage of proposed Sabari Rail link and prompting of ‘Eco-smart’ for Sabarimala development, at the behest of Sonia lobby, being two recent highlights)


But Minister G. Sudhakaran, though sponsored by the same forces, has a different style.  Sudhakaran and his D (YFI) -Company has embarked on their sinister plan to recreate a Tamil Nadu like situation in Kerala, by first isolating and then continuously lashing out at the Brahmin community in the state. By targeting Brahmins, he dreams of demolishing Hindu traditions and temple rituals.Gripped in the myth of self-importance, Sudhakaran’s tirade has surpassed all known limits of sanity and decency.


Bu he can afford to do this and yet remain honorable. Because his target is Hindus and Hindus alone. After all, Kerala Hindus are today a much-marginalized society – Politically, socially and more importantly economically.


Apart from being socially vulnerable due to economic factors, Kerala Hindus also face physical assault of Muslim fundamentalists and Communists. But the real challenge today is how to face and overcome the wily designs of this Minority mafia.


The only silver line this grim scenario is the news about the proposed Hindu Parliament. It seems that tired of being continuously taunted and tormented, the Hindu leadership has finally decided to act.


But announcement apart, one wonders whether the leaders really realize the challenges that lies ahead. As everyone familiar with Kerala history would know, all attempts to forge even a loose unity among Hindu organizations or communities have been thwarted in the state in the past. From the days of Hindu Mahamandalam to the recent Vellapally- Panicker unity drive, this has been the experience. Unfortunately the so-called Hindu leaders have also played into the hands of these shadowy forces, knowingly or unknowingly.


Hence, other than bringing all community leaders under one umbrella, the real challenge for the organizers of Hindu Parliament would be to face and resist this Minority mafia.


In fact,that should be the first priority. The Hindu Parliament, instead of going after temple reformation owing to the pressure from non-believers, should first concentrate on defeating and neutralizing this Minority mafia and also find ways to end economic and social backwardness of Hindus.


P/s: Does anyone wonder what connects G Sudhakaran with Minority mafia???  Well… that is another story…the more curious ones can dig into his past and family ties.


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