HAINDAVA KERALAM: Embracing the world for peace and harmony

published on November 1, 2013

Few concerned Hindus have started HAINDAVA KERALAM eight Years ago as a BLOG. We have been trying to awaken people about the HINDU spirit of love, peace, harmony and spirituality within us.

How do we find meaning, love, harmony, peace in today’s unstable, ever-changing world? Jihadi terrorists and evangelist Christians promote their desert dogmas and their closed system of thought throughout the world. We know, that these closed system of thought do not work in bringing harmony, peace and love. The Editors of HAINDAVA KERALAM revisits the milestones of our world thoughts in search of a good, durable, truthful philosophical system for the benefit of the entire humanity.

Haindva Keralam has found that our ancestors from the Verdic period to SRI Narendra Modi used the belief system in an eternal dharma without fear and favor. Haindava Keralam traces the paradigm throughout the literary and philosophical land marks of our sacred culture— from the earliest beginnings to the dramatic demise of our thought system and culture. Yet, Haindva Keralam does not stop there. Gathering evidence from recent Jihadi terrorism, conversion techniques, science and society, we have shown how, after, three thousand years of oppression, subjugation, colonization, and continuous discrimination we have survived as a Nation. Hindus are finally learning how to cope with the idea of “impermanence”.

Haindava Keralam has been in the forefront revealing the architects of our future. This was possible because of the readers and writers of Haindava Keralam. We know that Hiandava Keralam is read by policy experts, thinkers, and philosophers of world. It is a must-read for any one with the an interest in the future of our survival. Haindava Keralam thanks all our readers, well-wishers and writers. We are trying to capture the core of something very important at the broadest level of philosophical understanding. One Philosophy Professor from Chennai, India wrote to us “its advocacy of hope and action is richly supported and inspiring’. We welcome your comments, criticism, and support. The current climate of human responsibility and social reconstruction, HAINDAVA KERALAM will encourage our readers to be active in Politics. Let all Hindus work together for a vibrant Hindu society, a strong Hindu Rashtra for all citizens who are grieving and show them a new light of power, love, peace, prosperity and harmony.

On this occasion, a special mention of gratitude to those who have been frequently sending us news, photographs and reports from the Sangh Parivar, which have been engaged in conveying reports and pieces of information that has taken HaindavaKeralam to its targeted goal. We look forward towards receiving genuine support, positive contributions and valuable comments till date.

HK takes this opportunity to thank all our readers and well wishers who have worked tirelessly for the revival and building of our morale as a society. As a pledge to our committed readers, HK has resolved the forging ahead of its mission with renewed zeal to inform, awaken and carry the treasures of our bountiful heritage as Hindutva provides, with your blessings.

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