Guruvayur Devaswom Diverting Devotees Money to Promote Christianity

via HK published on June 12, 2008

Thiruvananthapuram: The temples under the Devaswom in Kerala have crores of rupees in income. Instead of using it for the welfare and upliftment of Hindus, the Devaswom officials are using it indirectly to benefit other religions.


Speaking at the “Bhagawath dhwajam” installation festival at Kunnathukal Sivan temple, attended by many dignitaries, RSS Saha Pranth Pracharak J Nandakumar spoke about these issues.


He cited the recent incident in which the Guruvayur Devaswom board officials had decided to place an advertisement at the cost of several lakhs in a Christian souvernir. What is the need for placing a Guruvayur devaswom advertisement in Missionary publications?


There are many Publications highlighting the issues of Hindu Soceity in Kerala, Never ever these Devaswom authorities thought of placing an advertisement in them! The dirty deals are going on ever since the Marxist Nominees took charge of Devaswom Boards in Kerala, All at the expense of Hindu devotees Money!


He asserted that temples should be the venues and temple festivals the occasion to stage age-old Hindu temple art forms. He further pointed out Devaswom officials, under the pretext of temple reform, are promoting the use of the symbols of other religions and an alien culture in temple practises. This shows their utter disrespect of Hindus and the Hindu religious faith. Such practices would only alienate Hindus from their temples.

Temples are the medium to get closer to God. In this respect, temples fulfil a divine duty. Temples have and will remain the place of worship for Hindus. Hindus go to pray there, members of the Hindu community are the priests and Hindus contribute from their income for templepujas and upkeep. Why then, surplus temple income be not used for the betterment of Hindu society?Why does the government take away all the temple income and use it to indirectly and secretly support their religions.This is crime on Hindus. These days the Devaswom minister is busy setting the scene for the take over of those temples which have good income. He would be wise to spend some time thinking about how best to use the income too.

The challenges for Hinduism today come from many quarters – Islamic terrorism, conversions using fraud, monetary incentives and even force, inimical politicians, indifferent mass media etc are the external threats; the internal threats are fraudulent god men, lack of awareness of among Hindus, low levels of education in many sections and lack of funds to promote Hindu causes.


This is where temple has an active role to play. A portion of the temple income will be sufficient to build state of the art engineering, medical and other educational institutions for Hindus.


In the midst of all this, the government that controls temple income is exploiting Hindus to the maximum and promoting other religions using Hindu money. While the government should take stringent action against people like Santhosh Madhavan and Bhadranandan, it is unleashing its cadre to initiate violent attacks against all Hindu leaders and Hindu institutions.


Politicians who incite such hatred against Hindus would do well to remember that it is not possible to deceive and exploit Hindus endlessly. At some stage, the patience of Hindus will run out and there will be a strong reaction.

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