From Ram Simhan to Vishal: A Poser to All Who Slept

published on August 1, 2012

More than anything else, the creation of martyrs is a matter of extreme fanaticism.  This narrow and fanatical mind set has been prevailing from ancient times till now, even though society boasts democracy and freedom.

Not only is it being sustained, there is an undercurrent that is making the cause and devotion to the cause greater impetus. Many of them are part of a religious group or ideological groups. However, for the newer generation, they happen to be mere mannequins of a bygone era, and adorn walls and geographical locales along with garlands and slogans cast in their favour. Earlier, a group that boasted of sacrificing its own members as martyrs of society is now at a spree of running around, making martyrs for other groups.

But among those who willingly gave up their lives, without the backing of any kind of group or ideology happen to wilt and fade away into sheer oblivion. But aren’t hey the real heroes whose names should echo out loud and clear till eternity? Undoubtedly yes, for they are the souls, who, without even a minute’s pause about their physical existence, plunged forward just because they were dedicated to a cause. They are the real martyrs.

Let us scan the history of Kerala. The first person who fell prey to the sword, for the sheer reason that he converted to another reason is still being revered for a whole lot of reasons. Ram Singh is a symbol now- a representative of two distinct aspects of society. On one side is a person who displayed nothing less than sheer courage, and made it clear that he will not stoop even a segment. This person fought tooth and nail for a cause he had complete faith in. The other face depicts a social milieu that failed to support someone who was all for resisting the dervish forces. This face shows a cowardly society that did not even pause to think before pledging its self respect or social conscience.

When you look back at this social scenario and make a survey of the current situation, is there any difference you can gauge? The section of Hindus who wish to stand straight with pride glowing in their eyes, without stooping low to an insane or evil cause is now a minority! More than them now stands the section that is keen on lending support to those who beguile others. Their main interest is to hit square, those whose heads are held high. Just a thought: small, but intensely profound: can some human being point out a society, other than the Hindu society that faces the same fate? Will it ever take place?? Highly unlikely, in the history of humanity!

Now, coming to the real situation, there is something that will sweep us off with    . It is the judgment which two individuals had to accept, and the similarity with which the Hindu society responded to the same. The first is Ram  Singh, who was a valiant figure of the yester years and the other, Vishal, who lay life less before us, just sometime back. The slimy and sinister weapon that put an end to these valiant souls was just one: Islamic terrorism. They had a single agenda then and continue the same now. And the path they chose to attain their nefarious scheme too stands just the same.

When we commemorate the death anniversary of Ram Singh, there is a question that should echo resoundingly all over, “How many of us responded, even remotely, when Vishal, the youth lay mercilessly hacked to death?” Ask the question to your own self. If the answer you get, to your own inner self is, “No! I failed to respond,” remember, it is the same folly done long back, by our forefathers.

Glancing back at those yesteryears, if our forefathers had displayed their solidarity and withstood the enemy with fortitude, we could have saved a million lives, after Ram Singh sacrificed his. Those lives that fell at the sacrificial alter, till the recent instance of Vishal, could have always been averted and avoided. The silence we maintain now, the silence our media maintains, is morbid. This sinister and gruesome silence is singularly responsible for the precious lives that have been plucked away from us. Isn’t it high time that we, each and every one of us asked this question to ourselves?

We are currently living in the shade of a big tree, a tree that stands symbolic of the fact that we are members of a religious group that stands in majority in the country. But as we enjoy this sense of security, it would be beneficial to make a glance here and there. Pakistan and Afghanistan are the best places where you can set your eyes for a few minutes. Kashmir is a place where your thoughts and focus should definitely fall on since it is a state in the same land we live in. Another instance is Nagaland. If possible cast your glance of a few minutes to the state that ha sbeen hogging the limelight now: Assam. The scenario will show us how long we all dwell under the peaceful umbrella we are currently living in. Let us not forget that these places are examples of what we could face tomorrow, judging by the fact that the snare is being set by all means: the sword, love traps, counterfeit notes and black money

Let us not be a set of people who will cry over spilt milk tomorrow. The day that will see the next generation wailing in inescapable chains, over a fortress that existed once, which now stands fallen does not look very far away. No one exhorts you to stand in the fore front or enter the armed arena. But you can always instill strength into those who have surrendered their lives for our safety, those who have plunged into the battlefield, “We stand by you.”

Can’t we not, atleast for a fraction, raise our self respect, for this simple, yet weighty cause? For, if we do so, it would be an inspiring thought, which would shake us all from that fatal slumber, which will shield us from losing yet another Ram Singh or Vishal here after.

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