Four Shattered Lives-Aftermath of a State Sponsored Conspiracy

via HK published on April 22, 2008

As the mystery behind the death of ASI Elias at
Changanacherry NSS Hindu school unfulrs,the bigger question that arises is :


Who will pay for the lifelong damages caused to the four
innocents who were arrested, implicating false charges of Murder as per the
whims and fantasies of Home Minister and his servant Police to protect SFI


The death of ASI Elias caused severe uproar in Kerala’s
social and political scenario. Events that led to the arrest of four innocents
ABVP men happened on October 26,2007,follwoing the death of ASI Elias, who died
of a massive heart attack (As per Postmortem Report) while performing duty at
NSS Hindu College,Perunna.


The colleagues of deceased who were present at the scene, had
claimed that


‘they witnessed
ABVP workers hitting the ASI on head, which led to his death’.


However the same Police witnesses, ASI Androse and ASI
Mathew Kuttanchira has denied their first testimony before the Kottayam
Judicial First Class Magistrate, Shri.Pradeep.


Also,post-mortem reports had confirmed that ASI had died of
heart-attack and not by head injury of any kind. This has certainly exposed the
conspiracy by Home Minister and Police department to show RSS & ABVP in
poor light. It must be remembered that Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan and
DGP Raman Srivastava were quick to declare the culprits as ABVP supporters,
even before setting up an inquiry.


According to the new testimony before court and
investigating officer Dy.S.P Ramachandran Nair, neither Androse, nor Mathew
Kuttanchira has seen anyone hitting ASI Elias , and also admitted that they
were forced to make their initial statement due to “circumstantial
Apparently,the thought for honesty has dawned upon the two
witnesses, though very very late.


The story does not end with the revelations of ASI Mathew
and Androse. The damages done to the accused, four innocent men cannot be
undone by the police or by the Home Minister. Answers to questions like, “Who
will bring justice to these young shattered lives? Who will compensate for the
physical torture they faced in the police custody?” remain unanswered. Although
the script behind the systematic arrest, torture and brutality is unfolding, the
master-mind behind defaming Hindu activists still remains unknown.


One of the accused Biju (24) was on his leave from job in
Gulf for his own marriage. Following the police arrest and torture thereafter, he
lost his job IN Middle East and the marriage was postponed.


Bibin(17) another accused, is yet to recover from the
surgery he had, just before the police arrest. He was brutally tortured in
Juvenile Home and the Police officers forced him to accept the responsibility
of Murder.


Manesh (20) and Jyothish (19), the other two arrested on
false charges, are still in mental trauma following Police torture inside lock-up.


Although, Human Right violations is a daily event happening
in our Police Stations, In this incident Police Officers had shown great
injustice to their passed away colleague Eliyas and his family .Such is the
dedication and Sincerity of our Police !


Even lady Constables took part in the inhumane treatment of these
four young men to please their Masters in AKG Bhavan. Police conducted raids in
RSS offices throughout the district making sure that CPM offices are untouched.
Police even ignored the court orders on providing medical assistance to the arrested,
which were beaten to near death. Finally court again intervened and made sure
of medical assistance which saved their lives.


 The persons who are
responsible for their present plight must apologize to the society. No such
incidents of Police brutality and torture to political opponents shall happen
in the future.


 But these are mere
hopes which one can rely to in Communist ruled Kerala, when people like Sub
Inspector Manoj, Kabeer and others who subjected these innocent men to torture
is still safe under the wings of CPM and Home Ministry. The Human rights
Commission report on the lock-up torture by I.G.Sri.Padmakumar has not seen the
light of the day yet.


In our Nation we have Human Right Organisations to cry from
roof top for Deadly Terrorist like Afzal and to protect the rights of arrested
SIMI Terrorists, But none of them are around to highlight this grave injustice
and Government sponsored brutality by the Communist lords in Kerala.

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