First election for Hindu’s in Kerala : 2011

via Pramod Menon published on April 12, 2011

Kerala is in hot waves of election, I would like remind all my Hindu brothers and sister it is time for a wakeup call. In History we never been united and West have taken all of advantage on India. Hindu should forget cast and creed any more now. Since out of India around the world we called as just Hindus. BJP have more chances in this election to win more seats than they anticipated. We are living in a Hindu Rashtra our trump card should be Hinduism. We should ask the voters in the name of Hindu votes to protect Hinduism and Temples Kerala.

Ever Since the beginning 1930’s of Communist Party’s and Marxist Parties, Kerala Hindus are more believed in other ideology than our Hindu gods. It is time bring Hindus working in communist parties, and Congress should understand the importance of Hinduism to work for BJP.
I agree one point it is not easy to win BJP seats without getting other religion votes. But once minority understands Hindus are united and BJP is in power at Kerala, I am sure other religious members will walk in to join to BJP for Powers. But we should not forget our Hindu agenda and make ensure Hindu growth. In Mumbai you can see many Christian community members working for Shiva Sean. They have no other option because they know Shiva Sena protecting Hindus in Maharashtra.

It is totally irony to understand if UDF comes to power Mrs. Sonia Gandhi will nominate a Christian for the position. Either it will be Ummen Chandi or Half Christian Vayalar Ravi. If UDF in power it will be more dangerous than LDF since UDF have no value for Hindus unless just vote in election. They are more keen to project so called Minorities called Christian and Muslim in Kerala. I am scared UDF growth will further lead in the growth of Terror outfits like “Popular Front” In Kerala. I don’t see any difference with Muslim League and Popular Front. They are the once with different green contrasts.

In Short US, UK and Europe Christian Lobbies and Gulf Muslim Lobbies are controlling UDF in Kerala and their money power will decide UDF rulers in Kerala. On the Other side Sonia Ghandi looking cross wears to give seniors position in her party and parletemenatry position to stay out Hindus as much as possible. Including Ramesh Chennithala and other congress leaders should understand in long run their chairs will be pulled by Christian lobby. Sonia and Mr. Manmohan singh being controlled by Kerala Based Christian lobby including some previous secretary to Mr. Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi.

I feel sad for Mr. Karunakaran and his son Mr. Murali they are been victim for this Religious games and leg pulling inside congress. Murali still didn’t realized Congress Christian lobby behind the scenes. Because every Congress Christian community men using Hindu Names to gamble voter Bank to get elected and to push out a real Hindu from their parties. This is totally cold war against Hinduism. This we should let for further. I would like remind again Hindu brother again in Kerala who have working either with UDF of LDF fronts it is time for change. Opone you third eye and see Hindu led keral in future. Kerala been given by Parasurama to Brahmins. Now Brahmin is out of picture in Kerala politics and history. Let us not to discuss cast and creed in Hinduism. Let us unite and work for Hindu and BJP.

I am being born and brought up in Kerala heard the stories of 1921 communal civil wars with Hindus and Muslim. Still old Hindu ancient Malabar families could recollect the worse Muslim marches in Malabar which been efficiently handles by British police with Gun and lathes’ including appreciated Vagaon Tragedy to control them!!.

I can still feel and smell Hindu leaders in Kerala bit shy away to ask broadly Hindu votes. Finally in short we need to user our Hindu Trump card to win the elections. In Kerala we have great BJP leaders, but still we need some like Mumbai’s Bal Thackeray who controls Maharashtra and India with his Index finger.

I wish at least 14 seats, 10% of Total seats in Kerala should win by BJP this time. I am myself a dedicated Hindu, Counting days and years when BJP will come to power in Kerala. Thanks to BJP leaders like Sushma Swaraj & Rajanadh Singh their full fledged support Kerala BJP.
Unlike north cricket stars and film fraternities have joined with BJP to boost further our chances to win the elections. I wonder in Kerala why no Hindu celebrities have the guts to say I am proud and would work for BJP! If Not Let we work for BJP to become celebrities for the Nation.

Kerala is Gods Own Country and we are gate way of all other religion in India. Possibly Kerala will be last to gain BJP in power but least I am sure once Hindus take command over Kerala. Kerala will be the gate way of Exit for other religions. Let us united and Say we are Hindus.

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